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Wednesday, 03/27/2013, 10:24 am

Georges St-Pierre Not Injured, Back to Training | UFC News


It would appear that a rumored achilles injury to UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, isn’t as bad as once thought and that the champ is already back to intermediate training.

St-Pierre last defended his title on March 16th with a unanimous decision victory over Nick Diaz and barring some bizarre legal issues with the fight, St-Pierre will likely welcome Johny Hendricks in to his next title defense. had the official statement:

“GSP has done some sprint training while on holiday and is fine, despite the injury report,” the official said. “Georges told [his manager Rodolphe Beaulieu] everything is OK.”

Longtime trainer for St-Pierre, Firas Zahabi, had stated that St-Pierre had sustained a notable injury after his UFC 158 outing and must be sidelined for six months. It would appear now, however, that Zahabi meant worse-case scenario as ‘Rush’ may get a second fight in the same year since 2010 when he beat both Josh Koscheck and Dan Hardy in the same year.

This is good news from the camp of St-Pierre, as he was sidelined one year and seven months prior to a November title defense against Carlos Condit in which St-Pierre was also victorious.


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31 Responses to “Georges St-Pierre Not Injured, Back to Training | UFC News”

  1. Of course GSP isn't injured! says:

    Well, first point is that Diaz didn’t do much to GSP.
    But, secondly, GSP’s camp began shouting “Georges is injured, and he is sick” after hearing criticism about GSP fading from the 3rd round on. And he did fade, it was very apparent. But he wasn’t injured and he definitely wasn’t sick. So, why is Georges fading after 3 rounds of fighting?
    Is he on the decline of his career at 32 years old??? Oh ohhh.

  2. GET RID OF NATE "THE Cheat" (forever) says:

    All those years of massive PED usuage has left GSP frail and his body is worn out. He talks and acts like he is in his early 40’s. I see him retiring after the Hendricks fight (if he even fights Hendricks)

  3. Hugo says:

    I live in Montreal and here are some facts for you ignorant folks.

    1- 6 hours before the weight ins there were several local reports saying that GSP was feeling sick and would have a hard time making weight
    2- on fight day there were also local reports saying that GSP was injured going into the fight
    3- athletic commission fucked up with the rules at the weight in
    4- After GSP win against condit he did a local interview saying he would probably do diaz-hendricks-silva then retire
    5- GSP hates to do interviews in english but LOVES to do interviews in french and trust me he is very different person and is more willing to awnsers questions/leak information in french. This is probably why I know all these things and you don’t

  4. Dan Jenkins says:

    Regardless if GSP is sick or injured he has an obligation to make weight for a title fight I know Diaz didn’t rock up for the open workouts but honestly only one of those mattered in the actual fight you can’t tell me that cutting weight leading up to weigh ins wasn’t taking a toll on St Pierre if he was “sick”. I’m not saying Diaz would’ve won (but who knows if he was too weak to cut .9 of a pound then…) I’m not talking of the outcome anyway it’s irrelevant to me. The fact that GSP and the Quebec commission pulled strings to allow their hometown fighter to even weigh in just think of the ****storm it would’ve been if GSP couldn’t make weight. GSP took the shortcut a loophole basically he cheated the rules of the sport. I know it’s not a great loss the UFC but I definitely won’t be buying another GSP PPV until he sacks up and fights Anderson. I refuse to buy into a tainted championship there’s too much inconsistency when it comes to St Pierre

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