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Thursday, 08/01/2013, 10:23 am

Georges St-Pierre Hints At A Secret Plan For Super Fight

For years now, fans have clamored for a super fight between UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, and welterweight champion, Anderson Silva.  In recent months, the talk has expanded to include match-ups like Silva v. UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones; or even lightweight champion, Benson Henderson, moving up to challenge GSP.  Now, it seems, St-Pierre may have been hatching a plan all along to make the fans’ dreams come true.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA


UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, spoke with MMA Fighting recently about the ever-popular, and ever-elusive, super fight.


While not fully committing to a super fight in the future, the champion certainly hinted that it was a distinct possibility.  So distinct, in fact, that it seems he and teammate Rory MacDonald have been hatching a plan.


There are things I wanna do in my career and I can’t tell you right now – Rory [MacDonald] as well – and we have plans.  You’ll see in time.  It’s better if I keep it secret, then when it comes, it’s gonna blow up.  We’ll see.  I’m very interested.  ‘Super fight’ doesn’t mean I have to go… it’s 15 pounds between categories.  It’s a lot of options.  We’ll see.”


St-Pierre also hinted at a drop to 155 lbs., hinting that Benson Henderson’s recent offer may not be so farfetched an idea.


Of course, St-Pierre has the challenge of Johny Hendricks lying ahead of him.  The hard-hitting, 4-time All-American and 2-time NCAA D-1 national champion may pose the biggest risk to GSP of all recent challengers.


Hendricks and GSP will fight at UFC 167 on November 16.  By the time of the fight, we will have already seen Anthony Pettis fight Benson Henderson for the lightweight title, and we will be just one month away from seeing Anderson Silva rematch Chris Weidman at UFC 168.  That certainly makes November the perfect time for GSP to make a post-fight announcement that will shock the world.


5 Responses to “Georges St-Pierre Hints At A Secret Plan For Super Fight”

  1. eyecanedit says:

    get a professional editor

  2. no gi bjj says:

    funny how some people still think A.S. is unbeatable but mean while he got knocked out, fans are delusional, that’s why the word fans comes from fanatic lol

    • garreth says:

      Ya he did get knocked out but even the best, greatest fighter whomever that may be will get knocked out if he keeps his hands down and leads with his chin, I’m sure it would be a different story had silva actually tried to fight instead of solely relying on his reflexes and head movement. He’s the only guy I’ve seen since watching ufc from the beginning back in 1994 who is able to slip and move making opponents look slow and untalented. Sadly age catches everyone and Silva got caught, watch what happens if he actually tries to fight serious and not clown, maybe I’m wrong and he’ll get dropped again but I doubt it, see Silva vs Franklin 1&2, what happens when he’s hungry for a win and tries hard.

  3. aintno1special says:

    A super fight between a welterweight Anderson Silva and Middle weight Anderson Silva…that would be an amazing fight! LOL

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