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Friday, 01/31/2014, 08:28 pm

George Zimmerman Will Fight in ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match

According to a report from TMZ, some lucky individual is going to have the opportunity to kick George Zimmerman’s ass inside of a boxing ring.

Yes, you ready correctly, and Zimmerman is claiming he will fight anyone, even an individual of African American descent.

After being acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin last July, Zimmerman has apparently taken a liking to the sport of boxing.

This led celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman to offer George money to step in the ring.

Zimmerman has stated that he will donate all of his profits to charity.

Anyone else feel willing to throw their name in the hat to kick this guys ass? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


157 Responses to “George Zimmerman Will Fight in ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match”

  1. Kenny Powers says:

    Zimmerman is a total piece of shit, and whoever is billing this as a ‘celebrity’ boxing match is a piece of shit. That’s basically celebrating the death of Trayvon Martin and giving Zimmerman positive attention which he doesn’t deserve. But whatever, I hope Mike Tyson takes the fight and kills him.

  2. Traviz Birdsong Breisch says:

    roy jones jr.
    mike tyson
    adrian broner
    lol all celebs and all can fight
    id like to see the mike tyson fight he would bring some anger and entertaiment

  3. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Too bad we can’t nab a time machine and have Tyson from his prime just smash this piece of shit into oblivion. Modern Tyson should be more than adequate though, so let’s just do that.

  4. henk speramtank says:

    Zimmerman shouldn’t be there. He got slaughtered by the media because of the media, now they gonna rip him apart once again. Ofcourse he killed him, out of self-defense, but the situation was so overblown by the media, who loves to create a race-war. If I were him, I would’ve moved to Australia or something, but taking place in a event like this, he will only hurt himself more.

    • Joe says:

      “out of self defense”… you moron. How is shooting an unarmed child considered self defense? Only in America. We don’t want that piece of shit in Australia. He wouldn’t like it anyway, we don’t have guns.

      • Head Basher says:

        It is considered self defense to shoot an unarmed child, when that unarmed child is bashing your head in to a concrete sidewalk. That’s how it is considered self defense to shoot an unarmed child. Just exactly the same way it’s considered self defense to shoot anyone of any age, armed or otherwise, who is bashing your head in to a concrete sidewalk. Having your head bashed in to a concrete sidewalk is solid justification to shoot the basher. No person — not even a 6’1″ 170 lb “child” — is allowed to bash another person’s head in to a concrete sidewalk. Any person bashing another person’s head in to a concrete sidewalk should expect to be shot. If there’s a moral to this Zimmerman/Martin story, it would have to be: Do not bash another person’s head in to a concrete sidewalk; that person might not like it, and might just shoot you.

  5. Doc says:

    He killed a piece of shit thug who was doing nothing bu being a piece of shit. Why everybody so mad at him? Zimmerman may be a shit bag himself but at least he was a contributing person in society. That garbage trayvon was only going to abuse our tax dollars and cause problems for good people.

    Now this guy has found a way to try and earn a buck through this bullshit and everybody is gonna drag him through the coals.

    I am sure all you tough guys here would have just stood toe to toe with somebody much larger than you because you are all so rugged, right?

    People have no idea how the world really is. Many of them on this website…

  6. brentinoklahoma says:

    Tyson would be biggest draw ever!

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