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Friday, 07/19/2013, 11:05 am

Gegard Mousasi Calls Out Vitor Belfort; Wants Fight at UFC 168

While Vitor Belfort has been calling for title rematches across two divisions for several months, it seems as though the list of potential challengers for “The Phenom” continues to expand.

Gegard Mousasi, the former DREAM Middleweight & Light Heavyweight Champion and former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, has taken to calling out Belfort recently noting that the former UFC Middleweight-and-Light-Heavyweight title challenger has to wait for the result of Silva’s rematch with newly crowned middleweight king Chris Weidman before getting another title opportunity.

Here’s what Mousasi had to say earlier this week to Tatame, as translated by MMA.TV:

“The reality is this – Silva vs Weidman II is going to have to happen first on December 28th,” said Mousasi. “Vitor has to wait for a title shot no matter what. I know the UFC wants to see this fight happen as they offered it to me for UFC Belo Horizonte in September. I could not take the fight because I just had surgery. So, it is inevitable that Vitor and I are going to have to meet first to determine who the #1 contender is. So my opinion is that we should also fight on December 28th on the same card as Anderson v. Weidman II to determine the #1 contender spot for the UFC middleweight title.

“It is as simple as this. Vitor and I were supposed to fight in the past for both Affliction and now the UFC. Vitor knows that it is inevitable that we are going to have to meet in the Octagon.”

Fellow middleweight Costa Philippou also vied for a fight with Belfort nearly a week ago, taking jabs at Belfort’s TRT use in the process. Philippou said that he wants no part of fighting in Brazil, where Belfort was exempt from punishment for using the controversial treatment.

With Mousasi’s absence from the 185-pound division since 2008, it seems unlikely that he would be thrust into a middleweight title eliminator in his return fight to the division; although, stranger things have happened.

What are your thoughts on Mousasi vs. Belfort, Penn Nation? Should this fight happen and if so, will it determine the number one contender for the UFC Middleweight Championship?


0 Responses to “Gegard Mousasi Calls Out Vitor Belfort; Wants Fight at UFC 168”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I’d love to see this fight. Belfort has seen some resurgence since his new ‘nutrition” and mental program. I think Mous would fukc him up, but he better be healthy cuz the Mous that fought last time will get destroyed by the “new” Belfort. Would like to see Mous retire Vitor though, or at least send him to the Wanderlie Legend division.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      Don’t worry Mousasi went in that fight with a bum knee and didn’t want to drop out since Gustafsson already did, he couldn’t kick that’s why he chose to outbox the wrestler Latifi. The surgery he received was a knee repair.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        I thought he had a bad shoulder too. We need to realize that Latifi is not Belfort or really any top UFC fighter. A wrestler from Norway is kind of an oxymoron as well isn’t it?

        • Sigh says:

          You know nothing on MMA Latifi was from Malmo, Sweden and his ethnicity is Albanian. He took the fight on 2 days notice, and Mousasi still couldn’t finish the fight. Injury or not Latifi only had 9 fights at the time, Mousasi should of finished it. He’s washed up Vitor would destroy him.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          Should have finished it? How? He could barely walk. And the amount of fights doesn’t say much about how dangerous a fighter is. Considering the circumstances, a late replacement from a tall stand-up fighter to a short stocky wrestler and a damaged knee he could barely walk on, he did really well.

        • Sigh says:


          Barely walk? Idk what fight you saw, it seemed to me he could walk, and then again all he did was throw jabs. No crisp combinations nothing. Even though the replacement was the complete opposite Latifi still took it on 2 days, notice. He had no training camp, nothing. Mousasi on the other hand has been training for a fight. Even with a bum knee he should have preformed better.

  2. JON "BONED" JONES says:

    ^^^ You are a complete moron for talking about 2 legends that helped to build this sport… yes Vitor took roids or whatever he did… it doesnt change what he has done for this sport… and Wanderlei??? How can anybody talk bad about this guy? Everyone has their prime… It’s funny, in Pride and before Pride every talk was about Wanderlei… now these young bloods talk so much Sh** about him and give no respect.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      It’s just that Pride was the time of the dinosaurs. I don’t care about the past dudes only the current and soon to be’s. Not the has been’s.

    • Again.. says:

      Mousasi is a has been though Gargoyle. You obviously never watched pride to be able to down talk their fighters. You are a wanna be MMA fan who knows nothing!

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Maybe you are right. Maybe I am more of knowing how to fight than being an mma fan. I suppose those two are completely different.

        • Again.. says:

          You know nothing about fighting either. Tell me how Mousasi would beat Belfort? With stand up? Belfort’s stand up is on a different level, than Mousasi’s. Maybe with grappling, hoping to pull off a submission, I wish Mousasi good luck on taking Vitor down.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Now I know you are delusional and don’t know shit. You actually typed this out and never thought to take it back; “Tell me how Mousasi would beat Belfort? With stand up? Belfort’s stand up is on a different level, than Mousasi’s” WTF??? Mousasi is a K-1 Champion bitch. Belfort is a rock’m sock’m Brazilian bitch-slapping brawler. So you just lost kid. Mousasi, healthy, can do whatever he wants to Belfort and Belfort’s only hope is to get one of his lucky strikes in the first 2 rounds otherwise that Low-T peanut nuts will gas out and get KO’d by Mousasi.

        • Again.. says:

          K1 doesn’t say shit about how good their stand up is are you fucken serious? Mark Hunt was K1 and got put to sleep by JDS, Alistair Overeem was K1 and Big foot put his lights out, Crocop got put to sleep by everyone in the UFC. JDS, and Big Foot are both Brazilians, are you saying they are rock em sock em slapping brawlers too? When they KTFO’d 2 K1 fighters. You know shit your a fucken retard. Lucky strikes arent fucken timed like Belforts are dipshit. BTW the first thing they tell you in any combat sport is that there is no such thing as a lucky shot. Your a pure cock sucker fuck you and fuck wrestling that why its out of the olympics cuz its a gay ass sport!

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Again!!!! Listen Up you little dick pimple. You are stupid and ignorant and a disgrace to your family. I should put you in time out junior. Dufus. Kickboxing is nothing!! What a Fukcin Tool AAAgain..

        • Again.. says:

          You continue to make me laugh… You had no legitimate response, as everything you said was proven wrong. Please grow up and stop sucking dick..

  3. Big Daddy says:

    First of all @ gargoyle wrestling be sure to get your parents permission if you’re going to be playing on the Internet. This fight makes no sense! Mousasi is a has been and hasn’t beaten any top level guy to make him the no 1 contender. Maybe Souza vs mousasi

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      First of all old man, I need to ask you one thing? Do you have Big Titties? Cuz you seem pretty hormonal. Now, Mousasi is a beast but has been hurt. If he can’t comeback from that then he is a has been. BUT what we KNOW FOR SURE is that Belfort has had 2 chances to win at MW and LHW championship and has choked BOTH times. So if anybody is a has been, it is Vitor. Belfort needs to beat another 3-5 top guys before he is ever given another chance. His time has come and gone. Good Riddance. Now grandpa, take some Metamusil and come back after you have worked out a little bit. I hear crossword puzzles are a real treat.

      • HAHA says:

        Gargoyle that was a pathetic excuse of a reply. 3-5 more top contenders? Like who? The guys that Bisping and Rockhold beat when Belfort already beat them two? What happened to Mousasi against King Mo? King Mo is no where near Vitor’s level you know nothing on MMA stop talking.

  4. 757 says:

    Gargoyle lately I have shared some of your opinions. With respect however I must disagree here. Vitor tooks roid in 2006. TRT is currently legal. Everyone keeps saying he is on roids…it needs to be put to rest. He is a legend and has accomplished things in his career that are spectacular. Mous is getting a little carried away. He isn’t close to being the #1 contender. Vitor would be going backwards by fighting him and I believe he would bust him up anyway. Vitor is a beast even at his age and definitely to much for Mous who needs to prove himself in the UFC a bit.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Hey 757 = Yah I respect your opinion very much and your ability to analyze is at a high level on this site. I have to disagree here, of course, I could be wrong though. Vitor KO’s people but then when he gets his chance he gets kicked in the face by Silva. He should have mauled Silva in that fight. Then he gets Jones and chokes there. I just don’t see him relevant. Whereas Mousasi is a beast and if he can fight after the injury I see him being a top contender. He has a much better recent resume outside the UFC then Vitor has had. I do have to agree that Mous is looking to leap frog but why not Vitor did!!. UFC will do what it thinks makes for a big PPV and this matchup just might be the ticket. Anyways, I love the way you pick up and slams these tools on here. Awesome…

      • OMG says:

        Vitor didn’t leap frog anything! He saved a card by fighting Jones, and his fight with Silva was well deserved. He lost to Jones, because for one he took the fight on 7 days notice, had a damaged wrist and fractured ribs, that’s why he kept pulling guard. Mousasi got beat by King Mo, King Mo is trash! Vitor would destroy them both.

  5. Ddddddddd says:

    This is a great match. This is a very mentally strong person vs. a very physically strong person. This match is interesting for different reasons. If Vitor is pumped up on TRT then Gegard is in control with alprazolam. I think this is interesting and hope it happens. Gegard can be just as impressive as Vitor but recently has been run through the mud starting with his fight against Jardine. Vitors had bad showings too. I hate to compare records but V 22/10 and G 34/3/2.
    Come on guys give this match a chance.

  6. 757 says:

    Alright man I appreciate the opinion. I guess we will wait and see. Thanks

  7. Ollie says:

    Gargoyle what are you on about? Vitor came closer to beating Jones than anyone else has. And he absolutely messed up Bisping and Rockhold in his last 2 fights. he has to beat 3-5 more top guys in your opinion. Bisping was ranked #2 at the time and Rockhold #5. And before the Jones fight he beat Anthony Johnson and Akiyama in the first round. His only loss in the past 3 years was to Jones at 205. At 185 he’s won 4 straight and won them all in the first round. Vitor lost to Silva, guess what, most people lose to Silva. By your logic, Machida shouldn’t get another shot at Jones because he’s already lost to him.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Look Ollie – Good Points but this is how I see it. Yes Vitor beats a few of these loser level guys and he does by TKO, BIT when he acrually gets a chance at the belt, he chokes BOTH TIMES and loses. How many chances is thios guy going to get???? IMO he leaped frog alot of people to even fight Silva and also Jones. Well now he needs to beat everybody before he gets an 85 belt. I just think that he has had his chance and he needs to move over. His time is Up, He is the last person I want to see be a champ. Now as far as taking Jones the farthest, WHAT? Jones threw him around and for 3.5 rounds then finally finished him Vitor NEVER won a round and was pretty much bully-ed the whole fight. He did catch a lucky arm bar but couldn’t finish it. Done!! Don’t get me started with Machida, that herky jerky avoid a fight is the boringest fighter in the UFC. So no, I don’t think he deserves another shot. Let’s hope Davis sends this guy packing for good. (I would actually love to see Rua beat the crap out of him for a third time!!) These karteee dodo’s suk.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        You’re talking shit about avoiding fights but yet you love wrestling? that is an oxymoron. If anyone avoids fights it’s a lay n pray wrestler.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          WHAT?? Now I know you are FOS. Since when have you seen a wrestler back-up?? That’s right NEVER. They engage a fight and press the action. That fukcin Machida does everything he can to avoid a fight. The UFC needs to Cut that fukcer. Let’s just hope Phil puts this guy out.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          They can’t back up cause they need to hump their way to a victory. So they take punches and go for takedowns and then just keep the opponent down.

        • Again.. says:

          Wrestlers have made the UFC unwatchable at times. Greg Jackson keeps making the sport boring. I use to love watching GSP fight not all he does is lay and hump like the rest of Wrestlers like Bader, Rashad, etc.

  8. KIDD433 says:

    Gaygoyle,there u go again.Your hating on Vitor saying he’s beating losers,Your calling Rockhold a loser? Before he fought Vitor, u couldn’t take Rockholds nuts out of your mouth, but now he’s a loser? And Bisping was a top contender too,but now he’s a loser too huh?He didn’t TKO them either, he KTFO out of both of ’em in a highlight reel fashion. He fought Jones with a broken hand by the way, but of course you refuse to acknowledge that.
    And of course you hate on Machida too, because besides Jones, he smashed the shit out of all the wrestlers that you beat off too.Dumb lil prick.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      @KUNT433 – Yah he got a lucky kick on Bisping and he did pretty much take care of Rockhold, but neither of those 2 are at top level. He needs to fight every other top mw before he ever gets a chance. Machida now I know you are a really little kunt, he completely avoided fighting Hendo and we saw how Jones strangled him and dropped him like a sack of potatoes. Rua kicked his ass twice. So yah Machida needs to go, just like you will be in December. Little KUNT.

      • Again.. says:

        Lucky kick on Bisping? Shows how you know nothing about fighting, or MMA. That kick was timed perfectly Bisping even flinched expecting a punch. Belfort was slipping Bispings punches and completely out classing him. He has no one left to beat in the Division besides the champion since the people he already beat, beat everyone else in the division! How are those 2 not top level then u jackass. Does it piss u off how Machida put your precious wrestler Bader to sleep?

        • KIDD433 says:

          He put a few wrestlers to sleep, Rashad, Couture, Bader, and beat Hendo. Phil Davis is up for his nap time next

      • KIDD433 says:

        We’ll be seeing Machida put another one of your fag wrestlers to sleep real soon. Another KO win to his resume, and of course your gay ass will hate him even more, hilarious

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          He avoided fighting Hendo that scared little bitch, That’s what he does, he avoids fighting just like you avoid intelligence. Jones choked him out and dropped him like a sack of potatoes JUST like Phil is going to do with the Wonderbar. Machida is boring and sucks and needs to be cut.

        • Again.. says:

          I totally forgot about them, he had Rashad’s leg dangling he was out cold. Couture got hit with a nasty head kick haha. The Hendo fight was boring but he still won. Hes definitely beating Phil Davis and then this Wrestling fag is gonna say Phil Davis was a nobody not top level. I’m starting to think hes a child.

  9. Sasquatch says:

    Vitor needs to man-up and accept this challenge! This match up makes perfect sense.. Vitor knows he’s sitting pretty right inline for a title shot but also knows the threat Gegard poses so he’ll try hard to avoid this fight.

  10. KIDD433 says:

    Since the title fight is tied up for a rematch, Maybe Vitor should just take it. He’s already beat the highest competition at MW, but needs to stay frosty.I wasn’t for it before the Silva/Weidman fight because Vitor was #1 contender and campaigning for his title shot, Now, FCK IT let’s make it happen.

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