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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 02:50 pm

FULL AUDIO | Dana White Announces UFC 151 Cancellation, Bashes Jones and Greg Jackson | UFC NEWS

For the first time in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, a UFC champion has refused to face an alternative challenger after an injury to his original opponent, forcing the organization to cancel an event.

After challenger Dan Henderson suffered a torn medial collateral ligament in his right knee, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones refused an alternative opponent, forcing UFC president Dana White to cancel the entire UFC 151 card at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas next Saturday.

On a conference call today, White said Jones refused to fight two-time middleweight title challenger Chael Sonnen, whom he proposed as a replacement for Henderson for the September 1 event.

“This is probably one of my all-time lows as being president of UFC,” White said. “Dan Henderson tried to train, he continued to work out and saw a doctor, but there was nothing we could do to save that fight.

“But Chael Sonnen stepped up accepted the fight with Jon Jones last night. As of 8pm last night, we thought we had a fight fans would love to see. Then at about 9pm the one thing I never thought would happen in a million years happened. Jon Jones said, “I won’t fight Chael Sonnen on eight days notice’. That has never happened in the history of the UFC, a guy who is a champion, and a guy who is supposed to be one of the best fighters in the world, pound-for-pound, refuses to fight.

“Chael is just coming up from 185pounds. He said that not only would he face Jones in eight days, he’d jump in a plane to Vegas and fight him that night if he was asked to. Jon Jones said ‘I’m not fighting Chael Sonnen with eight days’ notice. Jones’s trainer, Greg Jackson, told Jon that taking the fight with Chael would be the biggest mistake of his life. That’s what he told Jon Jones. Let me tell you, this guy (Greg Jackson) is a sport killer.

“When you are a champion, much less one of the guys who is supposed to be one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, you are supposed to step up. Jon Jones is a guy a lot of fans don’t like, and I don’t think this is going to make him any more popular. Lorenzo Fertitta (UFC chairman and CEO) and I are disgusted with Jon Jones and Greg Jackson.”

Ticket refunds are available at the point of purchase. Jones will now rematch with karate expert Lyoto Machida in the new main event of UFC 152 in Toronto, Canada.

White explained: “UFC 151 will be remembered as the event Jon Jones and Greg Jackson murdered.”

White said the fall-out for the UFC, its partners, fans and fighters was ‘huge’.

“It’s major, major deal,” said White. “We lose a lot of money, money that’s already been spent. We’re eight days out. We’ve spent tons of money on this fight. How long and how far it goes and how bad it hurts I don’t know because it’s the first time we’ve done it.

“One thing that you really have to think about are the fighters on the undercard. Sure, Jon Jones is rich what does he care if he cancels the fight? But 20 other fighters on the card added up to almost a half a million dollars in purse money that Jones and Greg Jackson’s decision stole from them. No champion or headliner in UFC history has ever done that. As difficult as Tito Ortiz could be… even Tito never bailed on a fight.”

“Many people, from fans to PPV distributors, TV networks, sponsors, and more importantly fighters who are working hard to support their families and build their careers are hurt badly by this selfish decision.”

Henderson said: “This is the first time that the champion wouldn’t step up and fight, and I was pretty shocked to hear that. It’s not like he’s injured. It’s unbelievable to me that he wouldn’t take that ‘the show must go on’ attitude. If there was any way I could have gone, and any way that I thought I could give myself a chance to compete, I would have done that.”

Sonnen said: “I was shocked that he refused to fight me. I had already gone to the gym to train. He had a chance look prove himself a champion, an ultimate fighter, and he didn’t take that chance.”

To check out the full audio of the call go to page 2.


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170 Responses to “FULL AUDIO | Dana White Announces UFC 151 Cancellation, Bashes Jones and Greg Jackson | UFC NEWS”

  1. Phantom weight says:

    Hahahahahaha champs a straight chump.

      • Poor Planning by the fucking UFC says:

        Don’t blame Jones you fucking idiots! Dana has got all of you lining up to suck his dick! And you guys are happy to do so!

        The UFC is the one that cancelled the card. Jones HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Bottom Line, you fricken assholes! Why not have the card anyway WITHOUT JONES. ASK THE UFC THAT, YOU FUCKING DUMBSHITS. Then the UFC can pay all the fighters on the lame ass undercard and PPV. BUT NO, DANA DOESN’T WANT TO DO THAT.


        So many other options, but they pulled the card.


        • Chris says:

          I understand that Jon wasn’t prepared for the fight. Fighters watch and study there opponant, like you would study for a test,cause it is one. And by Jon taking fight does risk lossing his belt. But on the other be a big mouth like he is and not take the fight after guy said he would take his belt like taking candy for a kid and Jin you don’t deffend that…you are a chump! Your pathetic and should be stripped of belt cause you fight for a living so do juat that..stop being a papperd lil bitch and pick and choose fights…fight the fights that your told too and offerd win and then call yorself a champ…till then you just keeping the belt warm for a real one you pathetic big mouth! All bitch with no pitch…a waste man and champ,taking space on a list of rankings you shouldn’t even be considerd for and a sport you shouldn’t be in you fake and phoney so next time you walk out to the cage you should be spat on!!

        • Dude if you're right says:

          umm the last time i checked, Jon Jones has pretty much ran through every single opponent in the light heavyweight division. The reason he didnt give sonnen a shot, was because he didnt deserve it. Sonnen Just got Knocked out in the second round lol. Why should he get a shot? cause he talks alot of shit? lol, this is a joke, Jones is by far a better fighter than anyone in the light heavyweight division. including hendo, who only has a big right hand. Quit hating on jones because he didnt waist your money fighting a scrub like sonnen…

        • CombatRusse says:

          I Agree. This is Dana White’s fault. And he (with the help of his communication experts) is bullying Jon Jones.
          Jones has the right to refuse this fight that is simply a freak show!!!
          Jones didn’t cancel the show, Dana did because he doesn’t want to renew the UFC 149 experience.
          The Fertitas need to get rid of this bully Dana White

        • This Sucks says:

          This is not Dana’s fault. What he is saying makes absolutely sense. They could not continue this card without at least Jones or Dan in the main event. When people payed a lot of money for their tickets most of them payed to see one of these guys fight. You can’t just scrap both of them off the card and expect people that already payed for their tickets to be okay with it. It is better to give people their money back. And hope they can get money back for their air fares.

        • Zoeldog27 says:

          u can tell by your comment your a fucking fool how is it danas fault Jones could of fought Sonnnen and he;d probably have won easily its because greg jackson said no Jon Jones can get fucked in my book ill never buy a ppv that has him on it ever again the UFC should sack him from the company see how long Nike sponsor him when he;s fighting for bellator and if you hate dana white and the UFC so much guys stop fucking watching i bet neither of you have ven trained a day in your life or have ever competed profesionally or even at an amatuer level because if you had you would understand how bad this situation really is stop watching or stop whinging @combatrusse & @poor planning by the ufc @dude if your right

        • Hiiipower716 says:

          Lol dont b mad because “the best fighter in world” is a pussy

        • GREAT POST DUDE….
          Chael and Dana have found a perfect scapegoat in Jones. Fans are not 100% into him and they are banking on that to save their reputation.

          Chael has videos of himself doing that same crap he did with Anderson Silva. “I have the belt”….blah blah. I can;t stand that guy and was STOKED when Silva destroyed him with that knee;)

    • Mo says:

      People are f******* stupid on this site ! How the hell does Chael even deserve a title fight as a light heavy weight to begin with ??? He Just lost badly to Anderson Silva as a Middleweight !!! This isn’t WWE, just because it sounds good he still has to work up the Light Heavy Weight division ! Jones never backed out of fighting Henderson, that’s the contract he signed not to fight some chump that wouldn’t even get past Machida, Evans or Shogun ! Get your heads out of your asses. Dana White is just trying to deflect all of the negative attention on to Bones ! Idiots !

      • the original steve says:

        he doesn’t deserve it. just like the other fighters on the card don’t deserve to be screwed over just because jones didn’t want to fight him. but chael is willing to save the card only one willing to save the card. save many fighters paychecks. so chael deserves the fight more than all these fighters all the fans deserve to get screwed over

        • Mo says:

          That’s not Bones Fault ! The UFC shouldve never had such a weak ppv card to begin with. Besides the main event nobody gave 2 fu*ks about that ppv. It shouldve been on Fox. Jones already went thru pretty much the whole division anyways, Hendo was last on the list…Blame the UFC, not Jones.

        • SinCe 2004 says:

          The problem my friend is that Bones the LHW champ who should be a HW pussyd out of a fight with a MW who just made the jump to LHW. Thats the bottom line.


        • xhoochiex says:

          I didn’t know champs got to pick who they fight? I was under the impression that when you’re the champ you defend it against anyone who challenges you. worthy or not?

          maybe I’m just old fashion

        • Andrew Brown says:

          no Jons should be such a bitch and be a man!! A Champ steps up ..A Chump backs down !! Jons for whatever reason backed out!! He is a bitch and a disgrace to the sport !!! He says he is in it for money not honor!! Well than Chael Sonna is the biggest draw the uFC has ever seen like him or hate him the guy can build fights! His Achilles heel was Anderson period! We know your a Sonna hater buit jesus do you have to make it so obvious you would drop down and suck JOnes left nut just to hang out with him ? Jon wasn’t fighting anyone put in front of him !! Chael at least stepped up !! I could go on and on but there is no convincing a guy like you that would deep throat Jon in 8 secs notice let alone 8 days!

        • JEC says:

          No Brock is the biggest UFC draw, maybe he should fight him instead ?

        • the original steve says:

          it is bones fault. as dana stated he knew what would happen when he denied the fight. see your one of those hipster mma fans. i remember when fighters were fighters and fought anyone anytime. i am 0-1 in amateur mma opponent pulled out 4 days notice and i accepted a short notice opponent and lost. because i have a fighting spirit. jones has stated hes in it for the money. win or lose for him this would be a HUUUUGGEEE draw. and sonnen said he would give him his purse(idk if thats sonnen bs or legit take it for what it is) bottome line is jones and jackson are selfish.

      • What? says:

        You’re an idiot. Dana even said that the title fight didn’t really make sense but Chael was the only one to step up and not only that jones had been talking shit back and forth with Chael so why wouldn’t he want to prove he could put him away? Jones and Greg Jackson are idiots for not wanting a fight that they most likely could have won seeing as how jones had already been training and Chael was taking the fight short notice AND moving up in weight for the first time. I mean c’mon!!!

        • wdayton says:

          I doubt anyone else could make weight in 8 days. Those guys are walking around at 240+. Jones had little to gain and Chael had nothing to lose. No way Chael deserved that fight, and I don’t blame Jones a bit. UFC shoulda had a back-up plan.

        • MikeyT says:

          Why does everyone think these guys walk at 240+? Jones is pretty big for a light heavy and he probably walks at 225 tops. …an actual LH contender should have stepped up…even if it was a fight we’ve seen before. That being said, Jones should have taken the Chael fight; it would have been like fighting a smaller Rashad without knockout power. One win closer to Tito’s title defense record and respect from Dana and the fans alike. Now he has to spend all the time leading to the next fight explaining himself.

        • jones just lost a lot fans & chael just became a national hero. jones wasted the fights that the undercard were waiting for. there might not be another chance for them. are you too narrow minded to undestand that?

      • Sam says:

        Doesn’t matter he’s the champ they found the most profitable new main event and this bitch turned it down. Straight up pussy.

      • matalotz says:

        Hey Mo, you the F****** stupid one. It’s not the point if Sonnen deserves the shot or not. He’s the only one to step up to the plate to make the show go on. If he’s such a bum like you say, why wouldn’t Jon just fight and destroy him? He’s a weight class smaller, only has 8 days to train and just got destroyed as you say. Jon Jones screwed a lot of fans and fighters by being a selfish prick. Many fans bought non refundable plane tickets for that event and all the fighters on the under card have to pay for their training and not get a pay check now. Not only do they lose a pay check but they’re in debt now close to 20k. He’s a POS and should striped of his title.

      • Cordell B. says:

        I totally agree with everything you stated! For one Chael does not deserve another title fight especially after getting embarrassed by Silva! Plus for Jones why fight Machida again after choking him completely unconscious? I totally agree with everything Jones is doing, this is a real low for Dana to call out Greg and Jones like he did just because Jones wants someone worth his time to fight!

        • silva didnt embarass chael. it chael who embarassed himself. chael just made stupid by letting silva hold his hand for 20 seconds that led to his submission & then he made another one by throwing a spinning that led to stoppage. did you watch both fights or were you just commenting based on a hunch?

      • Mike b says:

        U must be a selfish prick ur self…..

    • brandon says:

      he needs to change his name to “jon no back bone jones”

  2. Ray says:

    So Dana White blames Jon Jones for not fighting but…Dana White cancelled the PPV..should White let the show go on without Jones Sept 1st?

    • Michael says:

      This card was made by the Jones fight. Without it, the amount of refunds he’d have to give would be unheard of. The card would make no money, and it’d be cheaper to cancel than to run as is. Understandable business decision. Dana cancelled the card because it would’ve been a waste of money, a legitimate excuse. Give me an excuse that Jones can use. He fights for money. Got offered Chael’s purse as well as his own. Obviously he’d be payed enough. Chael doesn’t deserve shot? Ok so screw 20 other fighters, most of which have to LIVE(not comfortably for most) on the money they get from their fights. All because you’re throwing a hissy fit about fighting a guy who’s 2-2 in last 4 fights and is moving up a weight class(one Jones is huge for). Obviously it’s Dana who is unreasonable.

      • Fp says:

        if jones takes this fight and somehow loses his career as it is now is over the reason he makes so much and is so demanded is because he hasn’t lost a fight legit in his career now i dont think what he did was right but to him the fight isnt worth the risk how about you all hop off his ball sack because hes by far better than your favorite fighter

      • The basis of your statement is wrong says:

        Fans are not entitled to a refund because of injury to any of the fighters! Any part of the card is “subject to change,” a disclaimer the UFC puts on all their tickets. The UFC could’ve still had the event happen and deal with all the refund requests. But if people are already committed to airline tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars, how many would’ve actually requested refunds?

        Dana is emotional and he has no qualms about showing it. The UFC cancelled the card to save their bottom line when they could’ve saved the rest of the fights (and fighters). But yet Dana chose to use Jones/Jackson/Winklejohn as scapegoats to the debacle that the UFC failed miserably to plan for.

        We need some fighters to come out in support of Jones. But I don’t think it’ll happen because the UFC has its fighters all on a tight leash. But I wouldn’t be surprised if BJ himself came out in support of Jones.

    • matalotz says:

      Dana had to cancel the card you idiot. They’ve been selling Jon Jones to fight the main event. W/O him in the main event the public is going to want a refund anyway for their tickets.

  3. magoo says:

    Your such a fukcn homo Dana always pointing the finger at someone else to make yourself look good, you should be shot with a ball of your own shit…:: greedy muthafukca!

    • kimo says:

      Ohh I get it, Walmart must have had a sale on the haterade again. Jones must have knocked out one of your favorite fighters, thats why you hating on him so hard. Id much rather watch UFC 152 Jones vs Machida 3 weeks later, then to to see some scrub who is undeserving of a title shot get a chance. Didnt Sonnen say he would leave the UFC if he lost to Silva? On a different note, Sept 22 will be the 7th time Jones has fought on the last 2 years, How many times has GSP fought? Twice..maybe Dana should’ve put him on the card.

      • nemo says:

        GSP had torn ACL. The guy is still recovering. Secondly I think dana has every right to be pissed, but I think that Jones has every right to pull out of a fight 8 days before because he hasn’t trained for the same opponent. The gameplan is very different and his camp is coming to a close anyway. But we see now how being a champ changes Bones. He was humble before, never say no. Now he’s all about his swag. I don’t think people wanna see Machida again, but I really rather see a proper build up for the fight with sonnen. Feel sorry for the other fighters on the card coz I thought it was actually pretty good to watch

      • What? says:

        You should learn to read. Dude is ripping on Dana, not Jones.

  4. bob johnson says:

    I think Jones turning down the fight too was dumb and I HATE Chael but if Dana is so pissed make it a FREE card

    • jaedr says:

      the UFC itself should suspend his ass or strip him of the belt, you can’t call yourself the champ if you won’t fight any given name. He’s bitch made just doesn’t want to fight chael out of spite because he hasn’t “earned” a shot. It doesn’t matter if you really are the champ YOU WONT LOSE.

  5. Macheetah says:

    it was a dick move by Jon Jones and team, but why is the blame soley on them?! It’s Dana’s fault for not putting a good co-main event! This situation reminds me of ufc 137 where GSP vs Condit had to be removed, had that event not had Penn vs Diaz, that card would have sucked and might have been cancelled too.

  6. Dee says:

    I think he should have tried to rescheduled at the same venue. Boxing goes through the same thing all the time. This isn’t something new. Maybe put together a better co main event.

    I still feel like the guys are going way to hard in training. The UFC has a huge problem with injuries way more than normal.

  7. Simon Carter says:

    And what do you want magoo? People to pay $50 for a PPV with no main event. It is Jones fault, fuck Jones

  8. jesus korean says:

    was never a chael fan but i give him respect because he is a real fighter. down to fight whoever whenever. lost all respect for jones.

  9. Xaninho says:

    You can’t blame Jones for not wanting to take the fight with Sonnen. He’s been training excessively with his knockout power, but now he’s supposed to face Chael who has less than stellar stand-up? I believe Chael has known about Hendo’s injury and that’s why he’s been pestering Jones. It’s not that Jones wouldn’t fight Sonnen, it’s that he feels he doesn’t deserve it. Sonnen would have two back to back title losses on his record. The only reason why nobody else wanted to fight Jones on 8 days notice is because if they were to fight Jones they would want to win. Obviously, Chael doesn’t care if he wins or not as he just wants the paycheck. Chael doesn’t deserve the fight, and all the blame can’t fall onto Jones as he is the only champion who isn’t given a strong undercard. This has been proven consistently and that’s one of the reasons why Jones’ PPV numbers have been low. Remember when 148 was scheduled to have Silva-Sonnen, Faber-Cruz, and Tito-Forrest all on the same card? So, how is that fair? Fact is, Dana and the UFC share the blame with Jones as they are trying to force an undeserving challenger onto him on 8 days notice.

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing, didn’t see your comment until I had posted mine.

    • Majestyk says:

      Not sure where you came up with the ridiculous notion that all fighters, other than Chael would want to win…As opposed to Chael, whose interest is not in winning, but in simply collecting a paycheck. Like him or not, Sonnen is the only fighter that showed no fear against Anderson Silva. The guy backs down from no one. Paycheck or not, stepping up a weight class to fight Jones takes balls. Balls that Jones obviously doesn’t have. His refusal to fight had NOTHING to do with Sonnen’s worthiness to receive a title shot. If it did, the issue of eight days being insufficient wouldn’t have been mentioned.

    • jonesisabich says:

      Dude just shit the fuck up! You always make the most stupid comments so please just quit posting,you will do us a favor,just shit the fuck up.

    • Fred says:

      ..Sonnen said he would give Bones the purse if they fought. So, what were you saying about Sonnen just wanting the paycheck?

    • matalotz says:

      You my friend are a complete idiot and should go play in traffic

    • Yeahrightman says:

      Still tho, this entire sport is what it is, and why everyone loves it because of the characters in it. Past champions like Vanderlei, Shogun, BJ Penn, current ones like JDS. A champion can’t just hide and pick their own fights, if you hold the belt you must be willing to put it on the line (provided you are fit and healthy.) Guys like Vanderlei used to fight 2-3 times in a night. Jones had signed to put the belt on the line in 8 days time. Shouldn’t matter who it is. Jones and Greg Jackson are trying to change how the sport is run, for the worse. You ok with that?

  10. bdizz says:

    What a punk! was a fan but was losing respect for this kid… to cocky, and now this… what a f*cktard. I hope to God Machida knocks this punk out.

  11. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    I have a CRAZY theory:
    Hendo is Sonnen’s friend and mentor, so Sonnen has most definitely heard about Hendo’s knee problem way before us. As soon as Sonnen realized that it might be possible that Hendo would have to call in sick for the fight, he started preparing for Jon Jones and started trash talking Jon Jones. Mind you that Sonnen, until recently, has always said positive tings about Jones. Sonnen realized that very few would be open to face Jones on such a short notice so he was prepare for the call. But I guess he never thought that Jones would say no to the fight.

    Of course this is a long shot but I just think it’s too much of a coincident that Sonnen recently started talking crap about Jones and then all of a sudden he’s offered a fight against Jones.

    Whether this theory is right or wrong, Jones is a pussy and Sonnen is the man!!!

    • ctyn says:

      no, you’re right.

    • BJ is KING says:

      i thought the same thing, a few weeks ago he comes out of the blue and starts attacking jones, I would be pretty quiet after getting smashed by Silva. So I think Hendo knew he had a blown out knee for a month or so. I bet JBJ knew too he was probably ready to just attack that knee, nothing Jones does surprises me, I knew he wouldn’t accept this fight. Fair enough to him.

    • Dude if you're right says:

      Why is Sonnen “the man?” It all goes back to his real estate conviction and overuse of TRT so soon to a fight. He thinks people (his fans, his clients) are stupid, so he tries what he can think of to get one over on others.

      This theory is not that far-fetched. Others have brought it up.

  12. B_lum says:

    I have lost so much respect for bones.. He’s an awesome fighter, but proving to be one of the biggest douches of all time.. This event getting cancelled is also heavily on Dana’s hands. This card looked absolutely terrible, besides bones being on it. Who was the co-main event? Jay Heiron vs ellenberger, the fuck is that?

  13. ragarcia05 says:

    is it surprising that this is coming from a jackson fighter?? this is ridiculous. even with a full camp i wouldn’t give chael much a shot to win, but to have the supposed lebron james of mma decline a fight is laughable. talk crap on the diaz bros all you want, this would never happen with them. DONT BE SCARED HOMIE!!

    • sonnen is a hero. a true american. you dont to be a champ, you dont need to be the best to be a hero. you just need to be there when your needed the most. jones is nothing. he may be the champ but he looked the other way when his undercards needed him to fight. sonnen doesnt deserve a ufc, he deserves a medal of valor.

  14. Noah says:

    Dana was bitching so hard on Greg too…lol

  15. Wsheets says:

    Jesus, I’ve never seen people so critical as everyone on this site.

    1. Chael Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title fight, no matter what the circumstance is. It makes sense for Jones to decline the fight, as he won’t make much money on the fight. Let’s face it, no one really wants to see Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Jones. On the other end, it makes sense for Chael to accept the fight. Not only does he get to say, “Jones ducked me,” and ride that train for the rest of his career, he also gets his name out there for a possible future bout and feud with Jones.

    2. Jon Jones is cocky, although I like to call it confidence. People jump on this, “he’s fake train,” so easily because they hear a couple bad things about him. Really guys? He’s the cocky one after we’ve seen belt holding, arrogant idiots like Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva and GSP? Jon Jones is the least cocky out of all of those.

    3. Some of you are getting on Jon Jones case for not taking a fight on 8 days notice. Well as a fighter, I wouldn’t ever take a fight on 8 days notice. Sonnen is great to watch because of the talk leading up to his fight, but could he really talk this fight up enough in 8 days to make it a classis Chael Sonnen talks a lot of shit and makes it an exciting event? No.

    • Wsheets says:

      And I guarantee that if in the next 24 hours something changes and Jones were to agree with fighting Sonnen, half of you talking shit about the situation would be back on his dick saying, “Chael Sonnen is fucked.”

      • Majestyk says:

        @Wsheets….Dude you are clueless. Do you actually believe that Jones “wouldn’t make much money” if he fought Sonnen? No one is more polarizing (and consequently revenue -generating) than Sonnen. Secondly, predicting that Jones would win, were the fight to happen, has nothing to do with being back “on his dick”. Acknowledging that Jones would win, and calling him a pussy for refusing to fight are 2 separate assertions. And both happen to be true.

  16. Ryan Bradley says:

    Jones claims to be a business man.

    1. A fight with Chael Sonnen would earn far more money.

    2. Now everybody hates him.

    Sounds like he’s a crappy businessman.

  17. Unanimous221 says:

    For those queers who sucks Jones’ dick. Up yours! Cubicle queers

  18. Marco says:

    Oh Jon… Would have been an easy win to match titos record, now going back on your word to fight machida whom you had no interest a week ago.

  19. *281* says:

    Wow ……. Jones is a straight punk ! period !

  20. GSK says:

    The whole fight game became too much marketing, money, strategy.We have to appreciate the REAL fighters these days.

  21. Bjj BB says:

    Im a 100% jbj fan!! But i think greg is a fucking dumb fuck str8 up!! Why would you not fight a guy who did not train the way dan did and not to mention dan is a wayyyy better fighter then chael. So hmmmmmm? Fight 100% dan who got ground and boxing skills or fight an out of shape chael who aint 100% and really only has a ground game that cant beat you jbj? Not to mention you get2 shut his big ass disrespecting mouth!! At least do it for the people who do like you and pay to watch you fight and do it for the ufc who made you who you are, i understand chael dont deserve the shot but s

  22. Ryan says:

    This is the first step to mma becoming like boxing more fighters like Jon jones and the sport is over he’s all about the money and doesn’t care about anyone but himself makes me sick seeing this sport already coming to this

  23. Bjj BB says:

    @ryan, i agree 100% and im a hard core jbj fan from the 1st time i seen him fight in the ufc, and why did my comment above get cut short? Lol

  24. Tan Liu says:

    Greg Jackson, “Sports Killer”. Well said.

  25. MARV3L0US says:


    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      He’s not a “formatable” opponent? Is he a goddamn computer program or something??? Are you saying that Jones has to download him and make sure he’s Windows compatible for this fight to happen??? The word you’re looking for is “formidable.” The American educational system can hang its head in shame once again.

  26. John Fonseca says:

    “UFC 151 will be remembered as the event Jon Jones and Greg Jackson murdered.”

  27. pc says:

    Chael sucks. Giving him a title shot would be complete bullshit. Find the champ a worthy opponent or make better cards that dont depend on one fight.

  28. Da Cocoa Kid says:

    As big as the UFC is, you mean to tell me that Dana couldn’t have found 2 fighters who were ready and willing to fight and he wouldn’t have to cancel the PPV? 2 fighters ain’t want to jump in the main event? Better to lose a lil’ bit of $$ than cancel the whole damn thing!

  29. Clintoris says:

    Jon Jones is no business man, he’d make a hell of a lot more money fighting Chael than fighting Machida. Also a much easier fight considering Chael has got to be out of shape. What a bitch and Fuck Greg Jackson!

  30. Greedydanawhite says:

    Dana is greedy!!! He has already made hundreds of millions of dollars with the ufc. If wanted ufc 151 to continue or “care” about the sport, fighters, or fighters family, he shouldve have paid jon jones more money to fight or paid the fighters on the undercard regardless if cancelled or not. Bottom line dana is greedy and he “murdered” ufc 151 not jj or greg jackson.

    • Matt S says:

      It’s hard to make a claim that Dana cares so much about fighters when guys on the under card of the biggest MMA promotion on the planet are paid 5-10,000 dollars to get in a cage and try and murder each other.

  31. Ahren H says:

    Everyone saying Chael didn’t deserve a shot, you are absolutely right. Still “Bones” could have fought Chael non-title. I don’t think I heard Chael mention the title once, he only mentioned fighting Jones

  32. Jones is a chump says:

    Jon jones is a piece of shit charl doesn’t deserve a title shot but when no one else will step up hes the man!!

  33. drew says:

    jon “the brat” jones

  34. dana white (don king) ,chael sonnen =fraud ….yes these two clowns are going to ruin UFC….of course their white guys…lol

  35. Michael Singer says:

    Why do you have to cancel the whole event? Just charge less money. It’s better than losing our on everything.

  36. jdog says:

    Why is it that ONLY Jones didn’t follow “The show must go on?”

    WTF Dana!!! If you already spent TONS of money then why the F@CK do you cancel the event, put it on WITHOUT a main event, offer refunds to those that want them and if they don’t then let them watch the show. I am sure with all the money that they LOST they could have lost LESS with the show continuing as planned minus the main event of course…

  37. jdog says:

    WTF, quit blaming Jones and Jackson, put the show on without a main event, and you can’t tell me that there isn’t 1 fighter that HAS fought at 205 that WOULDN”T take the fight???? Its your own fault Dana lay in the bed you made!!

  38. bobby says:

    fuck jon jones wat a spoiled piece of shit…he had 3 months of training and sonnen was gunna have 8 days and he didnt want the fight REALLY…..

  39. TigerUppercut says:

    People blaming Bones for the card being cancelled are not being rational. Yes I am pissed he didn’t take the fight, he’d have a huge advantage being one of the bigger LHW and Chael only having 8 days notice. He’d get paid better than he would have for fighting Machida (after he said “nobody is interested in THAT fight, I wanna fight guys that the fans wanna see, fights that will draw HUGE PPV buys…”). He should have taking the fight, period. Making it a non-title fight would stain it as not as exciting, and I doubt that is why he won’t take it, it’s because Greg Jackson would need more time to come up with a “game plan”. Bones is more worried about his record and image than the belt itself.

    But it is not Bones fault the card is being cancelled, that’s on the UFC. All the other fighters can be disappointed/surprised that Jones said no to a fight, but he didn’t personally say “Cancel the whole thing”. They could still put the show on, take the losses that would come from a card without a real main event, and pay the fighters that showed up per their contracts. I wonder what recourse they all have considering every single one of them agreed to fight each other on said date for said amount of money, and they are not the ones not fulfilling their contracts… I could go on and on, but if you are irrational enough to blame all of this on Jon Jones, than you aren’t rational enough to understand most of this comment. One more point, WHY can’t Machida fight Jones on THIS card??? It’s like a 2 week difference and surely he’s in fight shape still and already knows what he wants to do in the rematch…

  40. RufusvsMacdonald says:

    Mini McMahon may never eclipse WWE, can’t remember when an event was ever cancelled like this, better he try to be a mini king, don king, can’t remember a boxing event being cancelled either.

  41. Tom says:

    i wasn’t really a chael sonnen fan but im starting to like the guy and would of loved to see him fuck up jones. jones is a fake ass bitch.

  42. Damnu says:

    Jon “no balls” jones! F**king can’t stand this kid an all of you d**k riding just started watching mma a couple of years ago band wagon riding pieces of shit!

  43. Not You says:

    Strip him of the belt, cut him from the UFC, and his sponsors SHOULD drop him.

  44. amarob says:

    he shouldnt have gotten the main event for 152… he shouldnt be rewarded in that way… co main event at best…

  45. Furby8704 says:

    if you guys hear the actual audio Dana confirms that not just Chael but any fighter they put in front of him he wouldnt want to fight in 8 day notice; therefore he is a chump!

  46. Sting says:

    Fighters fight!..great as jon jones is, i just lost respect for him. And greg jackson is suppused to be a trainer not a business manager. This was purely a business decision by the jones camp. Now they turned mma into boxing, all about the god damn money. Let nate diaz and chael fight! Screw all these ducking beltholders!

  47. Bull sh#t says:

    Any one defending Jones is a fan boy how u going to back a guy who just screwed over about a dozen fighters from feeding ther family and it don’t matter if sonnen new or not ur the champion of the world who got that belt by stepping In on short notice sho gun should of refused to give him a title shot but he did the right thing Jones don’t deserve the crown if he ain’t going to be a fighting champ

  48. Sting says:

    I wanna hear what nike has to say. I loved bones, Man, i’ve been sticking up for him the whole time and now he’s like mayweather. “bones knows”?! to kill this sport!!!!

    • Matt S says:

      If one guy can kill this sport it’s not much of a sport than is it? Contrary to that thinking, MMA is a hell of a sport and saying something like that, especially as president of the UFC is just unprofessional. He’s denigrating the sport, himself and the UFC just to go trash a guy who’s he’s not going to be able to make sick money off of… well, not for another 3 weeks anyway.

  49. wdayton says:

    The UFC screwed the pooch on this one. They should’ve had a back-up fighter in the wings. They KNOW fighters get injured training. And Jones would’ve been fucking stupid to take that fight on 8 days notice. Chael had nothing to lose in this deal, so of course he took the fight! If Jones had known all along that Chael was the backup, he would’ve trained for both at least a little and would’ve had no excuses. I don’t blame him a bit for this decision. And the reason everyone else turned it down is most likely because they can’t make weight in that time frame. I love Dana, but he fucked up on this event. I hope they learn from this.

  50. fresh2death says:

    What makes dana and cheal think cheal deserves to fight jon jones? He hasn’t even been in a 205 fight and he expects to just jump right in and fight the champ? Get out of here! Cheal is a chump and just needs to go to wwe. Jon made the right choice by not even lettin a p.o.s. like cheal fight.

  51. T.J. says:

    I’ve always disliked JJ. He’s a champion yes but he has no class. The only reason I watch JJ fights is to see him get beaten and humbled, and I’m still waiting unfortunately.

  52. laiserg says:

    I totally understand that this is a risk for Jones to take this fight. But this is the guy who wants to be remembered as the greatest of all time. What a chump. If anything this is a chance to show just how great you are Jon. But you act like a bitch instead. Mind you this exact reason is why Floyd Mayweather, as talented as he is, will never be the greatest. Sugar Ray Robinson fought a guy TEN days after his first K.O. Loss just to get the chance to prove he was the best on the planet…

  53. ASDF says:

    “Hey Jon! Jon! Go see Machida! Go check on Machida! Jon Jones! Jon! God Dammit! Jon Jones! Go see Machida Get some Fans!”

  54. Bjj BB says:

    Im on the fence with this one!! I feel he should beat the living crap out of chael!! And another part thinks that chael did not work his way up to fight him and understand why he dont want to fight him but also on some level think chael would be so much of an easyer fight cuz he has 8 days!! Are you seriously not got fight sum1 who has 8 days to get ready when you had at least 8 weeks!! I cant stand cheal but he would bring alot of money for you jbj and at the same time fans love sum1 that steps up to the plate cause your a real fighter at heart! But we as fans/haters are only looking at it from our point of view, jbj signed a contract to fight dan so he does have that right to say no if hes not fighting dan, and all these other fighters talking shit on tweeter can say what they want about how they took fights and blah blah blah, But!! Were they champion at the time? Any1 who aint champ thinks differently cause them taking fights on short notice will step them in the right direction as in fans, money and a tittle shot and thats the only reason y chael is pumping this whole thing up, if jbj was not champ chael could give two fucks about fighting him. Period!!

  55. Matt S says:

    Dana White is coming off especially classless here and I’m saying that as a big fan of his and the UFC.

    Greg Jackson is a well respected trainer bordering on legendary status and to just go after the guy and Jon Jones in this manner is disgraceful. Jackson is looking after his fighter the same way Dana White is looking after his company.

    Say what you want about Chael Sonnen and his two losses to Silva, but that man is dangerous and it doesn’t matter at what weight.

    I feel Jones has everything to lose and very little to gain. It’s not Jon Jones’ responsibility to make sure the UFC makes money. If the card was at all stacked, a co-main event or strong under card fight could’ve replaced the main event. How about this: quit compiling 3 mediocre cards a month and charging us 60 bucks a PPV and add some more depth to your shows and maybe you wouldn’t have to cancel an event outright.

    And as for referencing Tito Ortiz as a guy who always takes a fight no matter what… well, we know. We’ve had to watch him slog through the most boring rounds that I can remember in modern MMA history (not counting the Bader fight) when he should have been retired about 7 matches ago.

    Good on Chael for stepping up. That’s manly as all get out, but let’s be honest, what does Chael have to lose by saying yes? If he gets his ass kicked he blames it on the short notice and still gets props for being courageous and also gets a fat pay check. And if the stars align just right and he wins, he gets the belt, the cash and a brand new career, not to mention solid ground to stand on to once again talk himself up. (And I love how he self promotes – awesome and usually hilarious)

    All in all though I’ve lost a little bit of respect for Dana White.

  56. samuraii02 says:

    Nobody seems to get the fact that it wasn’t going to be a title fight. Chael was just a replacement. Jones is a disgrace. If Chael was willing to take the fight on 8 days notice without any training and jones was training this whole time then wouldn’t jones have the advantage being in better shape? Jones and Silva are becoming prima donna’s. I was a Jones fan but this selfish act lost me.

  57. Matt S says:

    Everyone’s seen Rocky, right? Jon Jones doesn’t need to act like Apollo Creed and put himself in a bad situation with a guy like Chael Sonnen.

  58. jones likes men says:

    Shogun accepted jones on 2 weeks notice. Jones turns down an easy win against sonnen like a coward. This isn’t a matter of “sonnen didn’t deserve a title shot” this is about jones being a pussy and not being a true fighter willing to put it on the line to prove he deserves that belt. Oh and fuck you Greg Jackson. that is all.

  59. KIDD433 says:

    I’ve known that Jon Jones is a fraud chicken shit for a long time.For one fighting at a division he has no business fighting at.He’s a fucken Heavyweight,and walks around weighing more than the current HW champion.He fancys himself some “great” for beating top competition,like he’s beaten them based on skill,when really he’s only beaten them based on his physical advantages.strength and reach advantage.He’s fighting 5′-11″ and 6′ footers, with an average 74-75″ reach.He’s 6′-4″ with 84″reach and cuts 30-35 lbs usually.It’s not rocket science people.They’re mismatched Fights against much smaller opponents.Hence his bullshit Rogan hype is false,just like him…I’m glad his covers been pulled,and has been exposed for what he is.Knew it was a matter of time.

  60. don won says:

    jon bitch jones everybody

  61. ZC says:

    I keep seeing this whole “Chael isn’t deserving” thing that seems to be trending. Name another fighter that would step up to fight Jon Jones on 8 days notice. Go ahead, I’ll wait. That’s right, no one else stepped up. If there’s anyone who’s down to bang it out, it’s chael. Stop saying he’s not deserving. He’s a fighter. He fights. Jon Jones is a quitter. And a pussy, to say the least. He probably would’ve crushed Chael, but at least Chael isn’t scared to risk his LHW chance.

    He hurt the other fighters on the card, badly. And machida doesn’t even get a whole camp to train so that won’t be entertaining at all. I’m tired of antics. If the fighters wanna be drama queens let then go be drama queens like Rampage. I want to see good fights, and they get paid to put on good fights. I think the Chael fight would’ve been extremely interesting. And that would have made it good. Machida can’t bring what Chael could’ve, and that’s why bones is scared.

  62. Zack says:

    All u people trying to defend jones saying Chael doesn’t deserve the fight…. What champion in the UFC would turn down a fight with a guy a weight class below them.(besides gsp)not only that but a huge draw. Jones only fights for the money. This is his fight right here. Big money, small, untrained opponent. Jones is a selfish coward. Karma is a bitch. Jones will get his one way or the other.

  63. GRT 3000 says:

    I dunno man – wtf has Chael done to deserve a shot at JBJ?! & if Dana is so concerned about the undercard, why didn’t he 1) plan an event that didn’t rest entirely on JBJ fighting. 2) replace the fighters in the main event, like Chael and some other worthless sideshow clown. 3) compensate the fighters for preparing to fight at an event that HE cancelled?

    & I’m no real JBJ fan either and I think Greg Jackson is a bitch, but this shouldn’t all be on Jones man. Dana White and the UFC fucked up too. & who cares about JBJ versus Chael?!! gimme a break man, it would be a fuckin’ slaughter JBJ would destroy him easily. & of course dickwad Chael would want to take the fight! he gets paid big bux to attract a crowd and then get beat up. Jones just has enough brains to realize that he’s taking a WWE style matchup – Chael hasn’t earned shit at 205. Now Chael gets to talk smack like he’ was the savior of 151 & fool morons into believing that the other fighters is actually what he cared about. pfft…

  64. Female UFC fan says:

    Reading through the comments I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t even listened to the Dana White phone call announcement and press conference. Dana says he didn’t think Chael necessarily deserved the fight but that Chael was willing to take it and he was crazy. For those of you that think Chael isn’t much of a draw card or a worthy enough opponent for JBJ, what planet are you on? The Sonnen Silva 2 fight was the biggest in UFC history, my local pub was the most packed its been and Sonnen knows how to sell a fight. Jones is an aboslute F…wit and a disgrace to the sport. Yeah he may only have had 8 days…but who gives a crap if you are the supposed world champion. I think the contracts should state you fight who they give you…if you are healthy enough to fight. I for one think JBJ is an arrogant over rated prick who has been given way to much, way to quick. If he was still crawling his way to the top of the UFC he would’ve taken that fight. All I can say is go Chael you are a true fighter.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      meh – another Chael moron fooled again. It’s all abt the draw right? Doens’t matter that this dickwad couldn’t beat anyone at 205 – but hey let’s give em’ JBJ (205 phenom) cuz it’s abt fighting right?! no it’s abt money dum-dum. Give JBJ a real opponent so we can see a REAL fight. not some WWE wannabe circus clown mouthing off for millions…who might I add would getting fucking slaughtered in mere seconds by this guy.

      • Female UFC Fan says:

        GRT 3000, so dum dum am I…WTF. Your post makes no sense. Call me a dum dum…gee’s you completely contradict yourself on so may levels. For one you critiscise me saying I think its all about the draw, right? you say its about money. Isn’t that what a f…ing draw gives??? two do you remember the ass whooping Chael Sonnen gave to Silva for 5 rounds in their first fight???yeah admittedly second time around Chael was an idoiot taking the risk of a friggin spinning back first….but apparently I’m such a moron I can’t give a realistic comment about a fighter I repsect far more than JBJ. Start watching UFC and get out of JBJ’s arse.

        • You're rallying around Chael? says:

          Why? Because he stepped up on late notice? Why does that make him the man? He definitely isn’t doing this for the fans. Chael does things for Chael! It was win-win for Chael: if he wins the fight, OMG he beat one of the best fighters ever! If Chael loses, well, he wasn’t supposed to win anyway, and he is looked upon as being the UFC/MMA savior.

          Jones wins: he was supposed to win. Jone loses? We don’t wanna go there on the possible ramifications. Jones is protecting his future earnings like how the UFC is preventing its future losses. The UFC loses whether the card is held or not, but the “losses” are greater if the hold a substandard card. They messed up putting this card together and this was THE way for them to get out of it.

          Jones wasn’t “given” anything on his rise in the UFC. He and his camp worked their way to the top. To say otherwise is retarded. And a “disgrace” to the sport? Jones beat EVERYBODY the UFC put in front of him. Yes, he beat the living crap out of Hamill too. No one in the history of MMA has accomplished what Jones has accomplished in jus the past three years. Jon Jones is the man.

        • Female UFC Fan says:

          So out of all the Chael Sonnen support comments you decided to respind to mine like Im the only one who supports him, why cos I’m female??
          As fas as Chael Sonnen goes who knows why he stepped up and wanted to fight, maybe its for money (but he did offer his purse to Jones), maybe its to look like a saviour, at the end of the day who cares, I don’t. Yeah I like Chael, like his antics, like his fighting style and determination to fight anyone. Whether you like him or not, theres heaps of people out there that would want to see this fight.
          I personally don’t like alot of the fighters at the top, like Silva but will I pay to see them fight, hell yeah. For me Jones got way to much way to quick, like his Nike deal off the back of him being picked up for drink driving. Not necessarily a credit to the sport or himself. Do I think hes a great figher, well I would be retarded to think he wasn’t.
          I think hes a disgrace for not stepping up thats it.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          I seen him lay on Anderson for 5 rounds and get subbed on the absolute highest levels of TRT that anyone has EVER been caught with in their system…then I seen him fight at normal levels and get his ass kicked in 2 rounds…fack, why I am I even wasting my time with you.

          You’re the one that needs to get oughta Chael’s chode, but based on your comments I can see that your not even bright enough to know why…?!

          & to clarify…for the REAL fans, the UFC is about FIGHTING not putting on circus side shows starring an unworthy Chael Sonnen to make big bux. I could give 2 shits what the UFC makes, I pay to see real competition. If you like a the dramatics and b/s that Chael brings, follow him over to WWE where you idiots belong. JBJ made the right choice…& it sux that the UFC placed the ENTIRE card on him being there. maybe they should I dunno…not fuckin do that to someone…?! whaddya think genius.

        • Female UFC Fan says:

          So I’m not a real fan huh??? Just cos I think Chael is a decent fighter and I like his style? Your a f…wit honestly. As far as UFC goes I have watched every fight since the first event UFC 1 to now. I own practically everything UFC related and love the sport.
          As far as Silva Chael 1 if you saw him lay on Silva I don’t know what fight you were watching. And if he did lay on him so f..cking what. Yeah I hate lay n pray but at the end of the day if I fighter can’t get up then they don’t deserve to win. I appreciate every fight style in the UFC and as far as being up Chael ass and not knowing why… all I can say is get a life you know sh..

  65. Bjj BB says:

    @KIDD433, when jones started in the ufc he was alot skinnier then every1, he only had reach and hight, that was it, he got bigger by training. Gsp, silva and jbj as well as all the other smaller champs have to cut alot of weight, thats how it is so for you to say hes a fraud just cuz of his hight, reach and now his size is bullshit!! Only jds can get away with this toppic, and the more i hear hate on jbj for not taking this fight is starting to change my mind. Chael stepped up yea he did but ask any1 else in the 205 that been waiting for a shot and they might say yes to and im sure jbj my say no as well, jones is a champion, not a fighter trying to be one, he has a legacy to think about, thats something none of us will understand untill we had our own legacy to worry about, evey1 is getting there money back and jbj is fighting on the next card so every1 can relax, jbj has nothing to gain as a champion if he is not fighting the best who have trained the best so im thinking its a great call now for jbj to not fight chael, and it is about who deserves to fight the champ cause thats how its always been so on that note dana can suck a fight one for even letting it happen and the bj penn fight vs nick diaz was the co main event but the main event did not happen so thats when bj and nick went to the main event slot and that was fine, so dana next time put together a great card instead of this piece of shit one you did with only the main event worth watching and you wont have to blame the champion who has every right to turn down any fighter that he did not train for!!!

  66. King Hippo says:

    Jon Jones just went from fighting Dan Henderson to Chael Sonnen to Loyoto Machida to Vitor Belfort in less than 24 hours.

  67. MMAFan1 says:

    Such bull****! Give the belt straight to Chael, and ignore Jones. That is really a cowards move. When you get an opponent step in to take the fight with only 8 days to the fight, u should really take it. It would also be nice to see how Jones can handle it under pressure vs Sonnen.

  68. slacker says:

    This is what happens when athletes get huge sponsorship deals. They see themselves as bigger than the organization and what they used to be thankful for, now becomes something they can exploit for their own personal benefit. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Jones. Just watch.

  69. Sting says:

    Dana, wanna save 151? Call the next big thing, put rondo rousey in there with chael. She’ll scrap with sonnen. And bones, i think ronda got more balls than you and greg jackson combined!

  70. sExmacHine says:

    Hahaha! They are just the same Floyd “the gay” Mayweather and Jon “back bone” Jones…It sOo obvious they are just scared! what can you ask for.. run chicken run! ~_^

  71. Johan says:

    I think Im beginning to understand why jones said no. Dana recently said sonnen would not talk his way into a title shot, right? Now all of a sudden he just throws sonnen at him along with a 8 day notice and then disrespects Jon in front of the whole world for saying no. Jon has too much to loose to just do what slave master Dana demands. Dana is so hypocritical. He needs to learn a little professional courtesy

  72. First, we all know as well as Jones and Sonnen know that–Jones will disentegrate Sonnen. No matter how his antics have mesmerized the masses. What Jones is doing might hurt today but ultimately is a reflection of how professional this sport has become. Jones is bring the prestige to the belt and as mentioned above–its unfair to put the pressure on him.
    He held off and was able to gain Nike as a sponsor. this has a good chance of opening opportunities to others ambitious in the industry.
    UFC doesnt suck and Dana isnt a dirtbag. A lot of decisions are probably being made out of haste. But like Rickson said–Flow with the Go. If thepowersthatbe really placed everything theyve learned int he martial arts to this equation–they could still achieve a win scenario. Also mentioned above. make show for free..carry the already purchased payperviews to the next event. Maybe a few million dollars lost but the respect of the fans is further cemented. The road to fight the champion is still hard-achieved. And corporate sponsors around the world further understand that our fighters are not only fierce and prepared. they are smart and professional.

    Jones defintiely isnt my favorite fighter—but respect for sure. His course of action reflects a great respect for others seasoned in the division and greatly reflects the shine of the belt far brighter than the gold. As much as i’d like to see Jones “Just do it” and fight Chael–this really shows that MMA is much more than just professional fighting.

  73. Bjj BB says:

    So let me get this shit str8!! Jbj says no to sonnen, then machida says no to fight jbj cause he needs more time, anderson silva offers to fight a lhw to save ufc 150 and dana says no to anderson? But every1 is only talking shit about jones? Thats some bullshit!! Now i know you jones haters will hate no matter what so its not about jones saying no, you guys just hate him cause he spanked you favorite fighter/fighters witch is fine but dont let your hate go ahead of that! Fucking cry babys get over it already and get used to jones being champ for a loooooooonnnnnnnnng time BITCHES!!!! HAHA

  74. Yeahrightman says:

    Dana is going a bit too far I reckon. If he doesn’t like Jones and Jackson great, but to use openly derogatory comments about a work client on the world wide web, is a little extreme. Jones not taking the fight was selfish, but Dana’s words were unprofessional.

    Would have loved to see that fight for the pre hype trash talk alone. Damn you Jones!!!

  75. KIDD433 says:

    @BJJ BB…jeeze man stop deep throating Jones.Hes a chicken shit and a troll,and your a even bigger troll for defending that chump

  76. drac says:

    Y did it need to be for the title anyway atleast save the card

  77. stonerman says:

    Jon ‘no balls’ Jones

  78. realness says:

    bottom line, jones is the man. he’s beatin everybody he’s ever faced. every lil contender they give him. Henderson was the last of the line. And if i remember right, the ufc tried to get rid of henderson to strikeforce, til he became the champ and proved that he never should have left the UFC to begin with. Thats how the ufc works, if you dont do what they say, when they say, then they sit there and dawg on you. funny how dana is in commercials with jon, and loves jon jones soooo much, then when DAN HENDERSON gets hurt, and chael sonnen (who just got knocked out, and doesnt deserve a title shot, that would be disrespectful to the people that have actually put together some wins to earn a shot) gets a shot because he can run his fucken mouth. Dana should be mad at himself for not creating a good preliminary, and co-main event. maybe he should be mad at henderson for getting hurt. but, he shouldnt be mad at Jones. why Cant jones and Machida fight at 151? oh, because machida is not ready…. get your facts straight people.

  79. Alfadog1 says:


  80. Bjj BB says:

    @KIDD433 & Alfadog1, its funny how any1 is simply a fan of a fighter there a nut hugger, for one that should not even come out your mouth you faggot!! thats the dumbest shit to say when your a fan of the sport as well and have your favorite fighter, STUPID AS SHIT I TELL YOU!! & Alfadog how can you cancel a fight you never signed a contract for? AGAIN!! STUPID AS SHIT!! its simple people, in this sport you train for a persons style, if that person there fighting gets hurt you have a choice to wait till that person gets better or you may fight the next person in line, chael is not even in the fucking line to begin with! let the man be a champ and fight the best fighters, not the best trash talker, in that case you guys should go watch the fucking wwe or some shit! to us fans its just a sport that we watch but for them its there life, NOT YOURS!!

  81. Bjj BB says:

    And no1 is bitchin about machida saying no, and dana saying no to silva to save ufc 151, but yet you want to say jones is selfish? WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!

  82. Nick says:

    I just don’t think a champ denying a fights is a good message from the sport. I understand that Sonnen was KO’ed in the second round, but it’s not about Sonnen, It’s about saving the fight card. By denying a fight Jones has only showed that he’s just another fighter. He has respect for the sport but no respect for the culture of it. You guys also have to understand White’s position here. Imagine bustin’ out shitloads of cash to promote the great prodigy that is JJ against a legend killer in Hendo then suddenly getting Hendo pulled out. Then Chael comes in to save the day (fuck Chael but that was an awesome thing to do) but then the champ himself denies it. It’s like fuckin up a hail mary TD by tripping. Machida is also acting like a kid refusing to fight JJ, but then again he IS going to get fucked up if he fights JJ in a few weeks notice. Too bad Dana was too “by the book” not allowing Silva to fight some LHW to save the day. To wrap it all up, FUCK JONES, WHITE AND MACHIDA. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Sonnen is the only one who deserves respect in THIS situation.

  83. Disappointed says:

    Its funny how the people defending Jones forgets that this is how he won the belt…

    The worst part about this fight isnt Jones saying no, its that a dozen other fighters who actually fight and need the money wont be able too…

  84. Bob'O says:

    Jones doesn’t care about the UFC or the other fighters, he’s got his Nike deal. Chael is the man. ~Bob’O

  85. K2 says:

    Just lost all respect for JBJ. A Champ will fight anyone anywhere and prove he’s the greatest ever. A Chump picks and chooses his fights and calls himself the greatest ever…

  86. chickenbonesjones says:

    what a CHUMP! I was a big fan of Jones til now. I have purchased every ppv for the last 5 years and will continue as long as Jones is not on it.

  87. Bjj BB says:

    @ the end of the day, white could of saved ufc 151 with letting silva fight, that right there gets jbj off the hook, and its a champion fight, its not just another fight to get closer to a tittle shot, its dan or nothing. and i understand that theres other people fighting on the card but jbj is only there to fight a guy he signed and contract for, jbj is not a part owner of the ufc so its not his job to hold any1’s hand when it comes to doing his job and doing what he feels is best for his legacy. you got dana, and all his staff, its bullshit to say its all on jbj when the ufc had options, now if it was all on jbj then id understand but the ufc needs to put better under cards so if shit like this happens again they can bump up the co main event and not blame a fighter for doing whats right for his career, its like any of us who work, you work for a company and at the end of the day your gonna make sure you wake up still having that job regardless of if the guys you work with don’t!

  88. KIDD433 says:

    @BJJ BB…MAN U MAKE ME SICK.your in such denial about Jones being a coward piece of shit its sickening.I question about your Black belt,cause no real fighter or fight fan would defend a chump like that!

  89. Mike Cannon jr. says:

    This is like a soap opera…

  90. Bjj BB says:

    It is what it is!! Im not defending him, im respecting his call as a fighter. It dont make sence to fight chael at 205 stupid!! That does nothing for him!!

  91. Bjj BB says:

    Answer this dumbshit!! Every1 that has the belt earned it!! Fought there way up and won the belt, so its not that he’s scared, but why out of the whole ufc, chael does not have to climb up that latter? It would be disrespectful to all the 205 pounders that did what they needed to do, as in hard work with blood sweat and tears for jones to except the chael fight instead of taking machida or belfort, now i do understand y ppl are mad cause i was at 1st too. But chael?!! C’mon!! And jones is off the hook the moment silva offered to fight, im other words dana had options to keep ufc 151. But at the end of the day as a man and champion u just have to respect y he chose not to fight chael, if it was your favorite fighter that did this i bet you would not feel the same way. And i do feel for the under card fighters but is jones gonna fight sum1 he did not train for just to please every1? Only a stupid dummy would do that as a champion, its good to do that as a fighter trying to make a name but not a champ!!

  92. KIDD433 says:

    Here’s your answer he was already expected to Fkn fight that day,and coming off a full Fkn training camp against another Greco roman wrestler.It’s not like he wasn’t expected to fight at all like Machida wasnt

  93. Vale Tudo 101 says:

    Hey BJJ BB, You must really love purple C0CK in your ass.cuz your really obsessed with Jon Jones’s

  94. Bjj BB says:

    @ KIDD433 & Vale- 1st off he signed a contract to fight dan not chael, and the reason im not mad about him not fighting is cause its chael and chael did nothing to get a fucking tittle shot you fucking pussy ass bitch!! Id fucking bitch slap you you fucking faggot!! And vale!! Wtf is that bullshit?!! Ohhhh you really got me on that thrid grade cut down of yours. When you stop using gay words like cock then respond, other then that stay in yo lane homo!

  95. El lobo says:


    Just Scrap

  96. Shane says:

    What are they doing? This is easy to avoid. You have a back up fighter for both fighters. Alternates that are asked to train and are on call should this happen again. Why aren’t they doing this?

  97. all i can say is” dana.. u are are a moron and are wasting your time dealing with this bs. u say its never happened before right?? because u and the ufc did no let it happen. if this was your belt and this was your future and legacy on the line u would do the exact thing for yourself and your family. especially this day in age, nothing is certain. ” DANA CANCELED THE FIGHT, DANA GOT MAD,DANA DIDNT WANT HIS REP RUINED AS HE HAS CLEARLY STATED IN THE PAST, DANA NEED TO KICK THE FUCK BACK EXCEPT JON JONES WONT BE BEAT BY SOME LOOSER AND HAVE HES “AMAZING” LEGACY POSSIBLY TARNISHED BY SOME RANDOM HAPPENING THAT WOULD PUT THE FIGHT, NOT ONLY IN SONNENS FAVOR BUT LIKE JON JONS TOLD DANA INTO ANYBODYS FAVOR. HE WOULDNT HAVE FOUGHT ANYBODY WITH “3” DAYS NOTICE” Its mma and we all know random shit can happen in a fight.. do your guys fucking job find fighters to fill the cards, im sure Sonnen isnt the only guty that would have fought that night… lets be real people dana even says it himsef.. ….Except Jon Jones as possibly the best fighter off all time and watch what he does to everybody else!!!

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