Wednesday, 07/10/2013, 08:48 am

Friend of Maiquel Falcao Still in Hospital After Brawl Outside Gas Station

By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

Undefeated MMA fighter Kaue Mena remains in the Hospital do Coracao in Santa Catarina, Brazil after being severely beaten by several men in violent altercation outside a convenience store.

The fight began when Mena’s friend, current Bellator and former UFC fighter Maiquel Falcao, got in an argument with two women in a gas station.  Several friends of these women later approached and began fighting the two MMA fighters, and the violence soon moved outside.  Surveillance video shows a man using a piece of wood to attack Falcao and Mena, the latter being knocked unconscious and then repeatedly hit and kicked while lying defenseless on the ground.

Mena was taken to a local hospital and placed in an intensive care unit, where he remains.
Falcao’s wife, Danielle, wrote on Facebook that Mena’s condition has improved after surgery.  In Portuguese she stated, “Great news, our brother Kaue has shown improvements.  We are following his recovery.  Glory be to God.  We will continue praying in earnest.”

Falcao has a history of violent behavior, including an arrest for aggression in 2010 for a street fight some years prior.


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  1. squid says:

    it should’ve been falcao in a coma

    • doc says:

      Yep^ This guy is a trained pro fighter and he gets into all these altercations. Gets his “brother” beaten nearly to death and his bullshit wife sits there and gives glory to god and blah blah blah. This Falcao should have been the one to get smashed in the head with the board and knocked into a wheelchair. He does not deserve to walk.

  2. Tai says:

    WHY haven’t we received an update on the condition of Kaue Mena? Please BJ please give us an update!

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