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Tuesday, 10/23/2012, 10:20 am

Free Fight Video | Women Throwdown But Only One Stays Awake | MMA NEWS

This video post features a bout between Kaline Medeiros and Stephanie Eggink At Beatdown 10 this past March.



16 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Women Throwdown But Only One Stays Awake | MMA NEWS”

  1. ovoTrex says:

    so the little mexican guy knocked out the skinny white chick? lol

  2. MooreUSMC says:

    Dude when did MMA become co-Ed. Looked like a cyborg fight except cyborg is more of a chick than that guy.

  3. Papa Bear says:

    I wonder how he was able to keep it tucked back the whole time.

  4. Alrekur says:

    That was a total dude. Seriously. Testosteroned UP

  5. Get MMA Free of steroids says:

    My God…. Who does she think she’s kidding? She’s more man than a woman… Absolute too much steroid usage..

  6. Not You says:

    None of you know what steroids do. Shut up about it. That chick got blasted. Now it’s just going to be, “Oh, a girl won a fight by tko. Must be roids.”

    • MooreUSMC says:

      I’m not saying that girl is on roids…. I’m
      Just saying that dude beat the shit outta that little girl.

    • dogfart says:

      clearly you dont know.
      she looks like she is using steroids. classic signs of pro bodybuilding is there. along with a slight moonface and adams apple.

      everyone thought cyborg was using steroids before she was caught and guess what??? she was caught.

      that girl is more hench than the average dude in mma lol

  7. Jeff says:

    why was that guy wearing a bra?

  8. lionstrangler says:

    Absolutely PED influenced. The fight was a farce. Ridiculous.

  9. Gouldx87 says:

    Nah she isnt on steroids…women are supposed to have shoulders like that haha fuck

  10. Westside Daddy says:

    dear god it just looks like a little yoked mexican dude with a mohawk and sports bra KOing a woman how has this testosterone induced abomination passed drug tests to fight. straight disgust this bitch probably has a fat pair of nuts

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