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Monday, 11/05/2012, 07:01 am

Free Fight Video | Tyrone Spong’s MMA Debut Versus Travis Bartlett

Check out Tyrone Spong’s MMA debut from last weekends’ WSOF event.


5 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Tyrone Spong’s MMA Debut Versus Travis Bartlett”

  1. B-rad says:

    Awsome stuff, i didnt know Bas Rutten was the announcer!! Spong is a killer on the feet, give him some time to learn good TDD and a good guard, and nobody will want to fight him, Nobody at 205 can handle his striking, Bones, Machida, Texiera, Shogun, nobody can compete with Spong on the feet at 205, just got to get the rest of the game down.

  2. Xaninho says:

    Kind of a missmatch. This guy was clearly not a big challenge for Spong. The next one will watch this fight and will try to take Spong to the ground. Every 205-er will get KO’d if he stands with Spong.

    • Will says:

      It was his first MMA fight. He shouldn’t have been fighting a serious test.

      • Xaninho says:

        I know, but there is something inbetween a serious test and a can like this guy. Don’t get me wrong Spong is one of my fav fighters, but I’d like to see better opponents in the future. He hasn’t learned much from this.

  3. Brend0magic says:

    Spong will probably destroy everyone in 205 if he can get his wrestling up to par, but they did feed him a chump in this fight, no doubt about that.

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