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Sunday, 06/17/2012, 01:11 pm

Free Fight Video | Tim Sylvia Crushes A Man In 12 Seconds | MMA NEWS

At NEW 3 in Lewiston Main on June 16 former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia scored another victory, this time a 12 second KO!

Props to for the find.


10 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Tim Sylvia Crushes A Man In 12 Seconds | MMA NEWS”

  1. Come at me bro says:

    Just let him fight on a heavyweight tuf that is needed soon like now soon I hope tuf is done with lightweight seasons after this next one for a long time

  2. Baldness says:

    Yeah I agree. Let him do a HW TUF. I bet he would put a hurting on a lot of guys there. Maybe win it due to experience. Just let him back in the UFC and give him a chance. You know he will come with desperationand fight hard FTW instead of that shit fight we saw against the Snowman Monson…

  3. SmoothAssNigga says:

    Crushes a can in 12 seconds? Seems like thats what he wanted to type.

    • danielrchargers says:

      what is this crap its not even the fight. more like watch an out of shape, out of his prime, looking for a quick buck guy celebrating a victory over said “can”.

  4. Sylvia Fan says:

    The guy he fought was coming off a 40 second loss. Before that he beat a guy who was 4-7, before that a guy who was 0-0, before that a guy who was like 7-2….he had lost 5 times before that….keep giving Sylvia easy fights, because that’s what the UFC wants to see right?

  5. stemm says:

    Heavyweight or light heavyweight tuf would be sweet notice all light heavyweights and heavyweight tuf winners have all had good careers and fan bases im tired of all the lighter weight tuf shows

  6. Chris says:

    if Dana really doesn’t like him or want him around just sign him and fuck him like how they signed Trigg gave him Serra and Koscheck then cut him after losing those fights(not that I care about Trigg lol)

  7. B-rad says:

    this video was filmed with a toaster oven

  8. Shit Skids says:

    Cool I guess?

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