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Saturday, 06/22/2013, 10:00 am

Free Fight Video: Sergio Pettis Delivers With 51-Second KO Last Night

The younger Pettis brother returned to action last night with an emphatic, 51-second knock out to earn the RFA flyweight title.

Keeping his unbeaten streak alive, he is one of the most highly sought after up-and-coming fighters in the world.


One Response to “Free Fight Video: Sergio Pettis Delivers With 51-Second KO Last Night”

  1. KIDD433 says:

    they gotta get this kid in the UFC.The flyweight division is in need of talent and this kid brings it everytime he fights

  2. Thom1 says:

    he’s 19 and already had 12 fights which he all won most of which were finishes.. pretty damn impressive.

  3. Dddddddd says:

    This kid is as impressive as I hoped for. He took a couple of heavy shots to set up that counter and then nuked ol boy.
    I’m excited to see him defend his belt and follow his career.
    What a great gameplan to stand strong in the pocket with a guy you know has first round finishes and use his momentum against him.

  4. Slim Charles says:

    this kid is on his way to the ufc… shouldn’t be too long before we see him in the octagon.

  5. doc says:

    Good fight. I give the other guy his props too. He went in looking for a fight, brought a fight, and went out like a man.

    Be good to see Pettis get his chance in the UFC.

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