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Wednesday, 07/24/2013, 11:20 am

FREE FIGHT VIDEO | Rory MacDonald’s MMA Debut At 16 Years Old

Rory MacDonald made his pro MMA debut at the young age of 16-years old.

Want to see what the budding star looked like as a teen fighter? Check out the video above and fight out!


0 Responses to “FREE FIGHT VIDEO | Rory MacDonald’s MMA Debut At 16 Years Old”

  1. stevo the great says:

    His personality is still as stale as a wet napkin. Probably not to many girls are interested in him because he doesn’t have an interesting bone in his whole body. He is more monotone then Keanu Reeves.

  2. jason says:

    First of all “stale as a wet napkin” what the hell does that even mean? Bread goes soggy a napkin gets soiled.


    Then – used to indicate a passage of time for example “We are going to the movies then dinner”.

    Than – used in a comparative manner such as “I am smarter than you”.

    If you want to be judgemental about someone you’ve never met so can I. You don’t come off as particularly intelligent. Rory at 16 was probably smarter THAN you will ever be.

  3. Tike says:

    Jason: you just became a bully, awesome (sarcasm).

  4. G says:

    This was Rory’s SECOND MMA fight, not his first. MMA journalists aren’t held to very high standards, are they.

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