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Saturday, 03/17/2012, 07:52 pm

Free Fight Video | Rampage vs. Shogun


10 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Rampage vs. Shogun”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    its been a minute since i seen this but rampage was limping before the fight but thats the killer version of shogun i love

  2. Mike McMack says:

    It’s just like the commentator said, some fighters fight to win and others fight to not lose. Both of these guys still fight to win so their fight will be another good one, hopefully not so one sided this time.

  3. Akid says:

    So brutal! I can’t see it being any different in a rematch…

  4. jonsey says:

    fuk i love pride…u see how fast they seperate you when u tie up and try stall//pride was all about fighting and all about finishing,,not abut gameplans and shit….gsp would get beat i pride or go broke…but anways,,,that is the killer shogun.that shogun coud beat jon jones and probly anyone in ufc…i really miss the pride style fightig,,i wish dream was a bigger organization an had all ufc talent…diaz would be ww champ

  5. jonsey says:

    fuk what all u haters gon say

  6. Nicky Francis says:

    Such a great fight, which I’ve probably seen twelve times now. Yeah, Rampage clearly came in injured. Shogun went dumb with his classic Muay Thai attack. I think, ultimately, we all kinda missed Rampage at his peak– injury free, in top condition, not distracted by movie deals and contract drama. Rampage’s career could’ve been so much better…


    Rampage was injured there and wasent quarter of himself there the rematch will be alot different…guaranted

  8. damo666 says:

    this is what will happen again only worse because rampage’s hearts not there this time

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