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Tuesday, 10/16/2012, 09:54 am

Free Fight Video | Nick Diaz Avenges His First Pro Loss | UFC NEWS

In his third fight of the night at the UA: King of the Mountain welterweight tournament, a 19-year-old and undefeated Nick Diaz would fall to the strikes of Jeremy Jackson in forty-nine seconds. It would mark the only time he would ever be stopped in his career. Ten months later, Diaz would step into the ring in defend his IFC United States welterweight title for the first time against the man who first defeated him. This time, the King of the 209 would get his revenge, and we have the never-before-seen video of this fight from July, 2003. Don’t ask us how we got this footage, because we don’t know. It showed up on our Youtube account watermarked and with a simple message in the notes: ‘this is really rare.’

It’s true, very few people have seen this fight.

Like the movie Prometheus, it’s best to not ask questions and just sit back and enjoy the violence in front of you. Either that or Nick Diaz is an Engineer. I’m behind that hypothesis too. Check out this rarely-seen second fight in the Diaz/Jackson trilogy that concluded at UFC 44. Enjoy.



12 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Nick Diaz Avenges His First Pro Loss | UFC NEWS”

  1. m says:

    best part of the video is the beef thats going on in stands. i’m 59 years old with high blood pressure and im gonna kick your ass.

  2. Team Buffalo says:

    What a difference in fighting styles of today to young nick. Dude threw 2 punches standing and didn’t connect on either. Nowadays you get Stockton slapped 500 times a fight. I can’t wait for this dumbass suspension to ride out. War Diaz!!!

  3. learntoread says:

    Just shows how “old school” MMA Diaz really is. The hard core fans remember him back in the day.

  4. korean jesus says:


  5. BRYANT says:


  6. Cory says:

    Wow. Per his Wiki, Jeremy Jackson is serving 25 to life on multiple counts of aggravated rape charges. He has a 1 million $ bail.

  7. junk says:

    Man i cant remember too many of nicks fights that arent awesome! The guy should get mostARespect from the fans but yet people dislike a guy that throws down every fight.. i wish we had more fighters like him..

    Thx for posting that video!

  8. Josiah says:

    so when did the ‘mean face’ started?

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