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Monday, 06/10/2013, 10:33 am

Free Fight Video | Kron Gracie vs. Shinya Aoki

Last night in Los Angeles, Metamoris II went down.

The Pro Jiu Jitsu event was capped off with a main event between two legends in the grappling world, Kron Gracie and Shinya Aoki.


7 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Kron Gracie vs. Shinya Aoki”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Kron’s no joke and all, but Aoki really gets unfair advantage (specifically friction) with those stupid tights he likes to wear.

    Aoki’s no joke, he’s a world class grappler but he’s not playing with level playing field.

  2. Tincat says:

    Ok look…this is a MEDIA OUTLET…. Do you even understand what that means?

    In this case, it means you aren’t meant to re-post or link to illegally ripped videos on youtube…

    In fact, anything that is copyright that you don’t have express permission to show, you shouldn’t link to it unless it’s to a source with said permission.

    I wish this site had a shred of ethics.. I love B.J Penn and his fan culture, you website ‘reporters’ drag his name into disrepute.

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