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Friday, 01/03/2014, 05:55 am

FREE FIGHT VIDEO | Girl Fight Ends In Devastating K.O.

The description of this video read Pro Boxer Meets MMA Street Brawler.

I’m not exactly sure that’s accurate, but it’s a good fight right up until it ends.



0 Responses to “FREE FIGHT VIDEO | Girl Fight Ends In Devastating K.O.”

  1. Conradicalsense says:

    Incorrect use of the word, “devastating”.

  2. HollywoodCoe says:

    I’ve taken more devastating shits than this KO..

  3. Ax KIck Jones says:

    the fight should have been stopped

  4. James DaNegro says:

    Horrible horrible ref.

  5. subtlefist says:

    ref made the right call she could continue and obviously wanted too. Women are tougher and then men that’s just a fact.

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