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Saturday, 03/31/2012, 01:15 pm

Free Fight Video | Gilbert Yvel Knocked Out Houston Alexander Last Night


74 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Gilbert Yvel Knocked Out Houston Alexander Last Night”

  1. MMFT says:

    how can your skills degrade so badly? looks like gilbert wasn’t even trying… and houston… well he just was never too good.

    • MMFT says:

      well i’m not saying he’s a bad person, i’m saying he’s a bad fighter. so i don’t really get what your point is.

      • Gank Train says:

        houston looked pretty good that fight, he just got caught lol!

      • MMFT says:

        no, you’re just making a bullshit argument. i don’t care what he does in his personal life, he’s not a good fighter.

      • Joseph PWNY says:

        are your houstons daughter?? this guy sucks. yeah hes won more fights than me hes a professional fighter dumbass but hes far from great or even good

      • MMFT says:

        first of all, i don’t have to be anybody to have an opinion on something. second off, i doubt he can live off of fighting professionally. third off, if he was a good fighter, he could’ve afforded to buy somebody else’s kidney and save his own, but no, that didn’t happen because he’s a d grade fighter. fourth, i am keeping it real. i’m really telling i think he’s a bad fighter, and i really don’t care about his personal life. and finally, even know it’s irrelevant ( just like everything else you’ve said ) i’m not a pro mma fighter, just a boxer. and surely you don’t know my opponents, so,,, did you have a point? or did you just want to know more about me and my opinions?

      • Justin says:

        He’s a good fighter he just doesn’t have a chin anymore.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        The only thing you’re exposing is what a tool you are. You’re on a forum acting tough. Anyone can do that you idiot. Now shut your trap before I put my 60-0 MMA record on the line and bust you in the mouth.

      • McCombski says:

        Jesus Christ Are you his damm boyfriend. I bet you hope he looks on here and see’s you defending his honor in the hopes that he will find you and ask you to have sex with him…. He Fucking sucks get that trew your head .. yes he did look pretty good in this fight but. he was fighting someone else who also sucks… and still lost. What the fuck dose giving a kidney have to do with his fighting abalities…Are you a doctor cause if so lets here your reasoning on why that should affect him … Do you even know what a kidney does? There are all kinds of people who have gave up there kindeys its not like he lost a fucking arm and he is still fighting. GET OVER HIM HE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ... says:

        just so you know.. having one kidney doesnt affect your health in any way… haha. im sure he is a nice guy.. but his fighting skills are lackluster. His stand up is not crisp and fluid. and lacks proper form, and his ground game lacks any technique whatsoever. nice guy. but should think of doing a different career at this point.

      • ... says:

        just so you know.. having one kidney doesnt affect your health in any way… haha. im sure he is a nice guy.. but his fighting skills are lackluster. His stand up is not crisp and fluid. and lacks proper form, and his ground game lacks any technique whatsoever. nice guy. but should think of doing a different career at this point..

      • YUPPPPPPPPPPP says:

        mmft, buddy makes a good point, who are you to judge? i mean your hiding behind a computer screen, buddy if you saw huston in the public you would be sucking his dick… why are you being such a fagget?!!? who are you kidding? buddys a multi millionaire, and you sitting behind a bloody fcking screen crying, go out side and live your life you sad sack of shit…

    • MMFT's mother says:

      rape your mother kidddd

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      Most parents would donate a kidney or even a heart to save their child, although I’m not so sure your parents would do that for you. So I understand your fascination towards Houston.

      What ever he’s doing in his personal life has nothing to do with his fighting skills. He’s definitely a decent fighter but nothing more than that.
      It’s probably more difficult to fight with one kidney but it’s also more difficult for his opponents to get a good kidney shot 😀 haha

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        All decent parents would do anything to keep their child a life. I don’t need any state to back up that claim. Alexander deserves applause for his act but nothing more than that, because this is simply something loving parents would do. If you can’t acknowledge that, then that’s your problem.
        He is not above criticism because of this act.

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        Haha what the fuck are you talking about? The comments that come from you are insanely funny. I may just ask Alexander how your cock feels because he obviously knows. Or maybe he just fucks you in the ass, that’s probably the case.

        You implied that Alexander is doing something more than any other parent would do and I’m simply answering that.

      • Bla DeBla is weak says:

        Blogging wangster. You’re hilarious. Unfortunately your type of existence is what give all combat sports a bad name. You don’t fight. I guarantee it. GUARANTEE IT! So keep watching your DVR PPVs and try chocking it your other 15 year old buddies on a Saturday. Not hating on you bud….just think you need to take your trash out of these forums. Don’t make me make an example out of you.

      • bladeblah the grappler! lmao! says:

        blah blah blah blah blah blah blah ect ect….
        ^^^pretty much sums up every single comment this british fuck has ever posted on this site…
        why you guys even give this clown the time of day is beyond me.
        lol…this doosh wants everyone to think he’s a grappler…lmao! grapplefarts…esqueer uk…lmfao!!!

      • american says:

        i knew it!!!! that little lying little british fuck!!
        esqueer uk…i heard their soccer team has a real tough firm. lol

      • Bla DeBla is weak says:

        Hahahaha now that I where you’re from I reread all of your post with funny accent of yours. I can only imagine that gecko from the Geico commercials. Hahahaha keep going please!!!!!

      • david says:

        did you say you have never seen houston in a dull or embarassing fight? guess you never saw the kimbo houston fight, that was the most pathetic fight in history, and houstons pussy ass circling for 3 rounds is the reason it was so boring so shut the fuck up you retard

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I think Kimbo beat houston on the TUF finale.

  3. out cold says:

    Houston alexander has a weak chin great knock out

  4. Nick says:

    Anyone else realize that Mauro was just repeating what Jens was saying? Pretty good fight.

  5. Yvel at LHW? Damn. says:

    Yvel looked lean (not necessarily improved though). That sucks for Alexander because he does have a ton of kids to provide for, right? Herb Dean does get around, yeah?

  6. James says:

    Gilbert looked like he weighed a lot more than Houston.

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    I think Fred Ettish is the best MMA fighter ever b/c he lost a son…makes sense right?!

  8. Mikerofone says:

    Houston is trash the guy is terrible he lost to kimbo slice just because he have a kidney to his kid doesn’t mean he’s a good fighter

  9. Dav says:

    I doubt it’s any harder to fight with one kidney than two. It probbably takes lts toll in training but to say he’s a good fighter because of only having one kidney is assinine

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      Haha you are very funny Bla DeBla. Always with the macho act and saying people are making a fool of themselves when it’s obvious you are the biggest fool on this site.

      You are one bitter person that’s for sure, you poor little thing. Does Bla DeBla need some love? I feel sorry for you. It pains me to say a person who is clearly so ill and out of love.

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        OK you are not Bla DeBla the macho wannabe who act all tough on the internet but can’t handle real life?

        OK then it’s true you are not my ex, sorry about that.

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        All I know is that you enjoy coming here and make mockery of other peoples opinions. Guys that act like that must be miserable.

        I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine.I hope you like it.

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        Hahaha talk about a one mentally ill person. Do you have computer access at your mental hospital? You obviously do. I would personally just give you tranquilizers and keep you drooling.

  10. Dav says:

    He gave his daughter his kidney in 2000 12 years ago so it’s not any harder for him at this point. In 2011 he was ticketed for child abuse after forcing his son to fight with him in their basement.. Real good fighter right there

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      What an utter idiot and this is Bla DeBla hero. O how he must look and feel like a fool, this Bla DeBla character.

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        Houston is the idiot for his treatment on his son. You are simply a fool.

        Haha Hooter. That’s great name for me, maybe I will change it who knows 😀

        Do you have no love for your long lost son? That’s a great shame because I think you would be a stand up father judging by your comments on upbringing.

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        The more I think of it the more I agree Hooter is the perfect name for me, it would at least compliment my good looks. Thanks for the advice dad. I hope you don’t mind if I call you dad.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Is it gay of me to admit that I’m very good looking? OK maybe it is that’s not fine by me, I’m comfortable enough to act a little guy sometimes :)

          I would love a flying knee from BJ Penn, it would be great to be able to say that he kicked my ass.

          It’s very hard to hear that nobody respects me, especially to hear that from you. I appreciate your honesty though

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          I’m just replying to you in the same ridiculous manner you reply to others.

          Don’t forget you are the one the starts calling people gay, women, your ex’s, your son’s and so on. What the fuck kind of an answer do you expect in turn?

          I would actually love to see you call me a weakling in person.

          There is not a doubt in my mind that you are a pathetic low-life who just can’t handle real life and you take your frustration out on us here on this site.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          I’ll tell you what I will even pay half the price of your plain ticket to Iceland. You only need one way ticket because I will make sure that you will get a proper burial at Iceland, I know you don’t mind being buried here because you obviously don’t have any loved ones.

          I’m posting under my real name by the way so you don’t need that. Bla DeBla that’s your real name isn’t? It sure is appropriate at least.

          How can I give you my information, without posting them here? I can message you through facebook, does that sound about right?

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          How long do I have to wait before they allow you to leave your mental institution? Because I’m a very impatient man and can’t wait to kick your ass.

    • juan diamante says:

      Wow! He must really love the way you ride his nuts all the time…

  11. Bennyboy says:

    shut up u keyboard worrior. why bother agruing over the internet? act like an adult please

  12. Bla DeBla is weak says:

    PS. That last message was me lol!

  13. Xaninho says:

    Wow great entertainment hahahaah!

    Not the fight, but the arguments on here hehehe

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      Thank you kind sir, I take partial credit for that 😀

      But I’ll promise that I won’t be talking trash to anyone except Bla DeBla, who still hasn’t accepted my invitation to Iceland.

      I actually don’t like to disrespect other peoples opinions but Bla DeBla is a very special specimen so I had to make an example.

      • Xaninho says:

        Hahaha no one really cares what he thinks anyway, we’re still trying to educate him so he can actually contribute with some MMA- and general knowledge, but he keeps insisting on spreading nonsense.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Haha yes he’s one persistent SOB you can’t take that away from him. But we haven’t heard from him for a little while now so hopefully it stays like that, but it’s most likely just medicine time at his institution so he’ll be back.

    • Xaninho says:

      Now, now don’t get all mad, I know it’s not nice of us to have laugh about a mentally challenged person like yourself.

      We don’t mind you trolling on here, we just think you should use your mothers computer under the supervision of an adult with an IQ that exceeds the 50 or 60 you’re apparently packing inside that peanutbrain of yours.

  14. baldy says:

    good god blah and hjortur!! take yer little lovers quarrel somewhere less! or kiss and make up…just do it somewhere else!

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      Fair point mate, but you must admit that some of this stuff that went on was funny. You at least smiled once, don’t try to deny it :)

      • baldy says:

        lol…fair enough…i did. he is kind of a dick.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Haha I knew it 😀 But yeah he’s a dick and so was I. I’m not going to deny that, it’s of course idiotic trying to argue with a guy like that, who is just trying to stir up the pot. But he couldn’t stir up me, I remained calm has a Hindu cow :)

          I will try to keep it classy from now on :)

        • baldy says:

          nah…dont do it…your beating him at his own game…and it is funny.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Haha we’ll see, it’s very tempting to say the least :-)

  15. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Jiiibby it’s finally play time at your institution. I see that you are all fresh after medicine time and you’ve arrived here with your cock fully erect.

    Bla…. I always end on top, just ask your mother. O no that’s right you can’t because she already left you because of your obnoxious behavior.

    But really Bla… I feel sorry for you and I’m feeling a little bit guilty right now, because you have enough issues without me coming here and destroying what’s left of your little confidence. So I guess this is goodbye I will not be answering any more of your messages. Unless of course you want to take my offer and come to Iceland because I still want to kick your ass even though I feel sorry for you. That offer is not leaving, not like all the people you have driven away from you.

    Have a nice life my bewildered friend.

    • Bla DeBla is weak says:


      Ah fookin faggot. Fook ah!

      Haha you have got to be the funniest dipshit in real life. Get your 15 year old ass back to your all boy boarding school and shut your trap. Sparring session!?!? Haha the only thing that gets sparred is your a-hole by some dudes nuck sack. You don’t fight. Youre a kid. Now please, turn your daddy’s laptop off before I put a parental lock on your account. Holler at yo boy!!!

  16. m says:

    Jesus. Why would they let Jens Pulver call this fight after he drank a 40 oz.???

    He sounds like a drunk.

  17. david says:

    did jens seriously say gilbert got lucky? lol ok

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