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Thursday, 02/07/2013, 01:17 pm

Free Fight Video | Chris Weidman KO’s TUF 17’s Uriah Hall | UFC NEWS

Watch one of the UFC’s top middleweight contender take out the top prospect on this season on “The Ultimate Fighter”.


21 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Chris Weidman KO’s TUF 17’s Uriah Hall | UFC NEWS”

  1. ya herd says:

    And the reason for this????? Who is hall? hes got good stand up skills, i have seen alot of scary stand up fighters fail in the ufc, stop trying to hype weidman!!!!!!!!! he needs a big win before he gets silva just like bisping needed a big win give him vitor, or if bisping beats belcher, weidman vs bisping make it happen!!

    • magoo says:

      Fukc that he’s the #1 contender he deserves the next shot!
      This so called no name will be Silvas toughest fight and his camp knows this, his fans don’t!

      • Ainokea says:

        While he does deserve a title shot, I wouldn’t say he’s the hugest threat to Anderson’s “invinciblity” record. We seen fighters with wrestling abilities (Sonnen & Hendo), and with similar striking abilities (Bonnar & once again, Hendo) fall victim to Silva. Still… I would like to see the fight.

      • Jay crew says:

        Weidman isn’t nearly as much of a threat as silva haters are trying to portray him as. Honestly he probably gets finished in round 1 or 2 in highlight reel fashion….

        That said, with Bisping and rashad’s losses there is no more qualified MW contender right now and the handful of dights that are more interesting arent happening. GSP doesn’t want the fight and jones has a long line of contenders, so by default Weidman is the guy.

        I am sick of his “fans” and I think he blatantly ducked Vitor while talking his way into a shot, but with nothing else doin, llet him get his ass kicked. I’ll buy it.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        snicker…again and again, Andy needs to silence you fools. Weidman is going to get stomped by Andy and EVERYONE knows it, but you apparently. What’s sad here is that Andy is not in decline right now; I’d like to see him do a superfight against Jones on GSP before he starts to lose based simply on age. This Weidman stuff just uses him up in training, lasts 5 minutes in the cage, and surprise surprise, another beat down for the GOAT. C’mon UFC get him a real fight before it’s too late!

        • 1ne2wo says:

          n once silva ruins weidmans career they’ll all start crying that wasnt a fair match up weidmans a can a bum put him against Jones n hell lose blah blah blah, I’m over it also.. make it happen tomorrow get it over n done with…

      • GET RID OF GET RID OF FITCH (forever) (forever) says:


  2. danielrchargers says:

    Uriah keeps his hands DOWN.

  3. Jon Renguul says:

    Lol I think some people don’t realize this happen a few years ago.

  4. aaronbaronhill says:

    Worst Camera Skills ever.

  5. Nando says:

    I’d say this is the TUF difference. Uriah gets to fight guys who will never make it to the ufc to get into the ufc. Granted this is old & he has improved, but idk if he’ll ever be a contender.

  6. Nick Mayall says:

    dude.. this footage is raw as hell i LOVE IT.. :D!!!

  7. Dude says:

    *Weidman knocks Hall down and swarms with a flurry of punches of Hall*

    Dude with the camera : CHOKE HIM. CHOKE HIM!!!!!

    ………good job.

  8. Nuitari X says:

    This WILL NOT be the guy to beat Silva.

  9. Not You says:

    That kick by Weidman at 3:40. Better striking than Silva alright.

  10. SimplyPhy says:

    Difficult to tell, but it seems to me that this fight should have been ended much earlier. Uriah may have taken significant damage here.

  11. Nick says:

    Well, I think this happened a few years ago, and both guys seemed to have improved leaps and bounds. Uriah’s movement is so much better and Weidman seems to be more technical.

  12. james says:

    Please someone tell me why weidman deserves a title shot? He hasn’t earned it yet, he needs to fight more top 10 middleweights first before he gets a title shot, if he deserves one Bisping deserved one well before the belfort fight!

  13. 123 says:

    i agree, chris weidman should have 1 more fight to prove hes a threat to anderson silva

  14. snowman says:

    idk but weidman seems like some1 silva would handle pretty quick not hating on him or anything but silva has fought guys that were bigger than him ,longer reach than him ,etc and they all got ended just sayin …..but idc give him his shot at silva

  15. Dee says:

    yeah….This video proves what? That Weidman deserves AS without fighting Belcher, Boetsch, Bisping, Lombard, Vitor, Const. Phil. or any in 185 for that matter?

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