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Sunday, 07/01/2012, 02:39 pm

Free Fight VIDEO | Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort | UFC NEWS

By Jonathan Kirschner

Anderson Silva is preparing himself for the biggest rematch of his life against Chael Sonnen at UFC 148. Everything that could have went wrong for Silva during their first bout at UFC 117 did, but he pulled off a last minute submission to shock the world and retain his belt. It was the first time that Anderson Silva was ever in any real trouble against an opponent in the UFC, so there were fans questioning if he still had what it took to be the dominant champion he proved himself to be.

His very next fight against Vitor Belfort at UFC 126 in Brazil was his chance to show that he was still the best in the world, and he did just that with an unbelievable front-kick knockout.

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20 Responses to “Free Fight VIDEO | Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort | UFC NEWS”

  1. WrestlingRules says:

    Oh Boy..I can’t wait for Sonnen to beat this guy up. Silva was afraid to fight Vitor and Silva was lucky to have gotten that lucky kick. Because Vitor would have killed this guy. Unfortunately for Silva and all his lizard brain zombies, his luck has NOW run out.

    • KIDD433 says:

      I think if Vitor Would have another shot and Anderson he Would win.Perhaps it was a lucky shot,I dont know,if he threw that kick 10 times it may land once or even twice,the fact is it landed.And he won.I knew that fight Would end in the 1st round, given it was the highest level strikers in the business going at it.I was lucky to see that shit live in Vegas.fucken intense,everyone there was on the edge or there seat…
      Vitor should get another shot,Hes had 2 first round finishes since.Let him fight Muñoz or Héctor Lombard for #1 contender.
      Chael Sonnen is gonna get fucken destroyed now that hes not gonna have testerone boosted,and Anderson’s not fighting injured.We’re probably gonna see the first fucken death in the octagon!

      • WrestlingRules says:

        No Way Sonnen is better than both these two. Vitor would have beaten Silva if he didn’t walk into that kick with his head and hands low and out to the side. I give Silva credit for throwing that kick when he saw the opening. But they knew before that fight that Vitor does what he does and is open to that kick by watching film. Shit I knew that. Silva’s camp trained that kick just for Vitor.

        I feel so sorry for you lizard brain Silva zombies when your fake hero is destroyed by Sonnen. It won’t even be close. Silva will get a worse beatdown than the first time. Just think back to Sonnen-Fihlo 2 that is what will happen to Silva…Silva probably won’t come in on weight in this fight like Fihlo did. Fihlo was heads and shoulders better than Silva ever was.

        I actually think that you Silva zombies will be on major anti-depressants for months once your fake hero loses. And if by some miracle again Sonnen GIVES Silva another win, we Sonnen rooters will just smile, and go to bed waking up the next morning feeling as fresh as a daisy. Looking for someone else to beat the shit outta Silva. And you know why, because we ALL know Silva has reigned in the weakest division in the UFC and that he got his ass beat up twice by Sonnen and the coup d’gra is that Silva WILL Always be known as the scared bitch that wouldn’t fight Jones at 05!!! rofl….

        Lastly, for ALL the Americans that actually root for Silva over our great American Sonnen…GTFO of AMERICA because we DON’T want you here you unpatriotic bitches!!!

        • krafty11 says:

          You sir, are an idiot of the highest order. But to each his own. And btw, I’m an American who served in the military (USAF) during Desert Storm, and I cant wait for Silva to beat the crap out of Sonnen. Sonnen is a disrespectful human being and a convicted criminal, he doesn’t deserve to be in the same cage with Anderson Silva. he should be humbled to be in the presence of greatness( Anderson the Spider Silva). have a nice day!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I feel sorry for you. you have become infected by the silva zombie juice. Go rewatch the Sonnen-Silva 1 it will break you from your bewitching. Also, I know people who have been around Silva and every single one of them without exception has said thay Silva is condescending to people and his fans. Sonnen has and is nothing but gracious to me, people and his fans. He’s a good person and Silva is a egotistical narcissist. Yah I feel sorry for you being a vet and all and soo confused still…..Hoo Rah. God Bless America and the USA the Greatest nation the world has ever seen and will ever see!!!

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          I hope Chael lays on Anderson for all 5 rounds and squeaks out a split decision. I hope Chael wins by robbery and all you faggot anderson fans can cry.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          They’ll be on suicide watch if that happens…………

        • Matt says:

          Hey dipshit I think YOU need to go back and watch the vitor vs silva fight and you will see that in no way whatsoever did vitor “walk into” that kick. He thought it was a front kick to the body and therefore did not protect his face. This would be an example of a fighter, making a critical, instinctive move to “win” a fight, which apparently Silva seems to do well. I think your forgetting one simple thing, if you beat up for 4 rounds, and then i put you to sleep in the 5th round, you still lose. Whether you think Chael is better then Anderson doesnt really matter, its who wins. Its sad that this has to be explained to a wrestler or a wrestling enthusiast, you of all people should understand the concept inherently.

        • K.O. says:

          I agree… best comment so far.

    • jones says:

      wrestlingfag…… man you such a clown idiot…you write this shit just hoping for somone to bite and tell you what an idiot you are,well ill bite.. your a fukin moron..anderson was scared to fight vitor? and it was a lucky kick?? i guess every ko punch is lucky in that case?? vitor landed a lucky punch against rich franklin… if you practice a move and perfect it then there is not way its lucky when u land it,its skill moron….and for testosterone boy cheal p sonnen,he is the 1 that got kucky that anderson hurt his ribs there that fight… this fight i think there is a small chance cheal wins..being that anderson wants to hurt him so bad that he might use an illegal move just to end his fukin career.. you must also love gsp an jon fitch and be a total loser wrestling fag…i would say u love tyron woodley but its obvious you dont know shit about mma and only watch ufc,so u probly have no idea who that is..peace fag

      • WrestlingRules says:

        It’s like shooting fish in a barrel!!!! I can also count on you to bite. And your right who is T-Wood? He might have been that guy I wrestled before and some other gutynamed Askren. Not sure though……..Could have been some other random dudes named t-wood and ben?????….Peace……

        • Matt says:

          Hey ‘wrestling rules’ im still waiting for cunt’s response? Wait no, if im actually making you consider shutting your dumb fucking mouth then nevermind, please by all means.

    • D says:

      their are videos before this fight of him practicing that kick, i also saw it during TUF nog/mir when he goes visit you can see him throwing that kick over and over, vitor got laid in his ass. But he was throwing really heavy overhand/haymakers, do I think if he connected Anderson would have gotten rocked? honestly probably not we’ve all seen this mans chin and I still can’t imagine him getting ko’d , but we all got our opinions. but after this fight the middleweight division is done with I would love for Anderson to go up a weight class but we all know it won’t happen and thats okay too.

  2. stephen riddle says:

    I didnt know who would win this fight and then bam it was over!

  3. USA! says:

    Fucking Oli North fcuks

  4. AMERICAN says:


  5. Jay G says:

    fuckin idiots who love GSP come here to talk shit. Sonnen is a peice of shit and was on fuckin meth the last fight. If you watch it closely you can see the guy is on stimulants.

  6. LeonBJJ says:

    Why do you guys call it luck? I would understand if he was throwing like 20 kicks and that happen to land but he threw one and dropped him. It was all pure skills. And silva has a chin bro.. We don’t see it AS much but look at his fight with Jorge , he ate a lot on purpose to prove a point. He also ate hendos punch several times.. Watch it in slow mo and who ever takes a right from Hendo and is not shook has my respect

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    just another reason why Andy is the GOAT…more proof over an over in the octagon. Nevermind mouthing off in the media like an attention hungry housewife trying to get paid.

    He’s got an ass to kick next weekend which will be fairly easy for him and with that a whole nation of delusional WWE rednecks to silence…

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