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Thursday, 06/28/2012, 10:53 am

Free Fight Video | Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson | UFC NEWS

At UFC 82, Anderson Silva and PRIDE middleweight champion Dan Henderson met in a title unification bout. Anderson secured the victory with a rear naked choke in the secon round. Anderson Silva will have to defend his title again on July 7th as he faces Chael Sonnen in the ultimate rematch at UFC 148

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15 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson | UFC NEWS”

  1. mean170 says:

    Dan Henderson’s delusional fans like to pretend this fight never happened. Keep in mind i said delusional, not the average fan.

    • Mach00man says:

      Right! I’m glad they put this up as a reminder!

    • jones says:

      yeaah,,,but more ignore and embarrasing would have to be the jake sheilds loss at 185 ,,jake a ww who only went to mw cuz his best friend nick was ww champ took the wrestler down at will and lie on him for 5 rounds…not to mention that SF brought dan in to get rid of jake cuz jake was a rating killer and they were planning on letting him go to ufc..hasha but dan choked hard…most sad shit ever..he canmt even take a ww pussy att mw

    • paul Harris says:

      lot of his fans havent been watching that long hahaaa

  2. Zack says:

    The same delusional fans that think hendo can beat jones but silva can’t. Hahahahaha

  3. Thom says:

    Domination in the 2nd round… Silva has the strongest muay thai clinch in MMA, period. And yeah, the Hendo fans (I’m a Hendo fan too, just not delusional) do indeed pretend this fight never happened. IMO this was Anderson in his prime, scary how he’s still as good as he is at 37 years of age. True GOAT!

  4. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen won’t be as lucky. Not a merciful choke for him, but the worst beating ever seen in the UFC.

  5. maurice says:

    i cant wait to see anderson talkin shit to chael as he whips dat ass.

  6. nasher says:

    hendos choke face is quality

  7. jnes says:

    25.17 hendo teling dana and the match maker midget that they know anderson was lucky…he was lulcky hahaha ok dan you got fuct up….if this anderson fought cheal he would have killed him,,look at anderson body here he aint as big ..i bet he only cut down to 185 from about 200 or anderson getss up to 230 between fights..anderson got rich and let himself get real big between fights and it ahs affected him for sure…even after this fight andersons last 3 fights his body was never like this …i hope he trained hard and gopt in goood shape for cheal cuz i hate that cheating loser felon

  8. jbeamazing says:

    Anderson is such a amazing fighter but he cleaned out the division 2 years ago he should have moved up he is lucky people want to see him kill Chael based off of Chael selling the fight

  9. Dee says:

    Silva in his prime was hard to hit. Recently we have seen fighters get clean hits on him like Maia, Okami, Belfort, and Sonnen. He went on to win those fights, but in our minds an impression was left that he can be touch. I remember people going crazy over this fight thinking Hendo posed some sort of threat against Silva because he took him down and possibly won the round, but Silva received very little damage and was able to finish the round in his guard. The secret for beating Sonnen is to put him on his back. Maia did that and ended the fight quickly, I don’t think Silva is capable of doing such a thing.

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