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Wednesday, 10/10/2012, 11:15 am

Free Fight Video | 62 Year-Old Man KO's Younger Opponent Via Spinning Backfist | MMA NEWS

AK Beat Down Wayne Smallwood Vs Weeg Hewson.

AK Beatdown funds the Juneau Combat Sports Academy (JCSA), a non-profit that is starting a fight gym in Juneau. 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales go to JCSA! The mission of JCSA is to provide youth in the capital city with a place to learn combat sports skills while at the same time learning goal setting, how to work hard, and self-esteem.

In this amazing video this promotion booked a 62 year-old man against a much younger and more fit opponent and much to the surprise of many, the elder earned a spinning backfist KO victory in the first round!

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