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Thursday, 11/15/2012, 02:20 pm

Freddie Roach Sides With GSP Over Silva If Super Fight Comes To Fruition | UFC NEWS

“If they did fight, I do know the style of Anderson very well. I know how he thinks a little bit. I know how he likes to lay on the ropes and how he likes to counterpunch a lot. We’d have to come up with the perfect game plan and we’d have to fight a perfect fight to win that one. There’s nothing impossible in the world. … Georges is definitely my guy and I’d train him to win that fight. We’d do the best we can, and I’ll you one thing: It would be a war.”

“You’re setting traps up and so forth and you’re trying to walk [opponents] into combinations. Really what I watch is people’s habits and not their mistakes. What they do all the time, the moves they make when you throw a particular punch — he blocks it this way or that way. Once you get the habits down of a fighter, it’s pretty much something they can’t stay away from or they can’t not do it. Once you learn that, it’s very effective of course. I don’t look for mistakes because anyone can make a mistake. I look for their habits. … It’s really a lot of studying of tapes. You have to watch it over and over and over again and watch if he does it with southpaws and right-handed fighters, if he has the same habits.”



4 Responses to “Freddie Roach Sides With GSP Over Silva If Super Fight Comes To Fruition | UFC NEWS”

  1. Silva is my nigga says:

    None of that stuff matters until you get in the octagon. Freddie only taking into account how a boxing match would go – leg kicks, elbows and knees – he don’t know how to deal with those. Silva would win by a 2nd round KO, maybe 3rd. 1st round alot of feeling each other’s timing out….

  2. Xaninho says:

    He forgets that Silva always has a few new tricks up his sleeve with every fight. You can’t prepare for that.

  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I almost wish GSP had never hooked up with Freddy Roach because ever since he taught him that jab thats all he has used in his last 5-6 fights. Yes its perfect for Greg jackson school of safe-point fighting but it made GSP boring. GSP use to be a very exciting well rounded fighter that used all his skills to win. Last time I really saw old GSP was when he laid down the worst viscious 5 round beating on Jon Fitch that I had ever seen. Fitch’s face was f’cked up for 4 months. As much as i want Condit to win I would welcome seeing the old pre- greg jackson/Freddie Roach GSP

  4. TheTude says:

    Georges best bet would be his wrestling, he wouldnt last a round standing up with silva. I think he is smarter than that though. He will work out game plan for the ground but still eventually will get rocked and tkod. I think it would be alot like the 2nd sonnen fight

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