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Wednesday, 02/05/2014, 09:48 am

Freddie Roach: GSP was suffering migraines, wanted to take two years off

Fight Hub TV founder Marco Villegas recently spoke with legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach about his ‘occasional client’ and former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

Coach Roach offered some interesting insight regarding St. Pierre’s recent retirement, which Villegas promptly posted on twitter:

•Had a quick convo with Freddie Roach, told me some interesting stuff about St Pierre

•Says that he advised St Pierre to take a year off as GSP told him he wanted two years off

•GSP agreed with him because Roach said a two year break would be retirement.

•Roach also said that St Pierre was getting a lot of migraines before his fights.

•Roach said he was in the car with St Pierre when he got a call from Dana White to negotiate a Anderson Silva fight

•The plan was for both Silva and St Pierre to fight if they won their fights with Hendricks and Weidman.

•The fight would of been a catch weight. As Roach advised GSP to ask for that.

What is your take on the recent statements made by ‘Coach Roach’ Penn Nation? Do you think GSP will return before the end of 2014? Sound off!

By Chris Taylor





0 Responses to “Freddie Roach: GSP was suffering migraines, wanted to take two years off”

  1. magoo says:

    It would be awesome if GSP returned to the octagon in 2014. As far as fighting Anderson Silva I could give a rats ass, it’s a totally meaningless fight. I’d prefer that if he decides to come back that it would be at WW, so he can take back the title he relinquished or should I say (got stolen)…lol. I also hope Johny bin laden has it soo bad, that way George can solidify,and cement what everyone including his haters know(but will never admit)….. He truly is the best WW in the world!

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Shut Up magoo…you know that’s not true. He may have been once, but after Hendricks schooled him and heat him up, GSP today, IS NOT the best 70er in the world. The guy has always been an OCD mental case and it worked for him for awhile, but he is now too mentally weak to be the best. I don’t hate GSP, I just see him where he is today. He let his mental issues overtake him and needs a rest form his nervous breakdown.

      • magoo says:

        You shut the fuck up windbag, Hendricks didn’t school shit, he coasted into the 5th thinking he had the fight won on points, while GSP on the other hand kept up a pace in the 5th that Johny boy couldn’t handle.Its not what George’s did to win the fight, it’s what Johny didn’t do that lost it for him! It may have been Johnys best fight in your eyes, but it was one of GSPs worst in mine. As far as you calling him an OCD mental case, and being mentally weak that’s just you being a hater! The man fought the best the div had to offer and held the title for 6 years bozo, a mentally weak man could not do that! But on the other hand it wasn’t that long ago Hendricks lost to Story and some think that the dec he and Koscheck had could have went either way, and if his fight with Condit would have been a 5 rounder I believe Carlos would have finished him, that being said I’ll guarantee if Georges and Johny meet again it will be a whole different fight with no doubts who the best is, now go play in traffic you piece of shit know it all!

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Hey little girl, I see you got your panties in wad over this. So take GSP’s dick out of all your orifices and have a seat. Plus, its nice to know that you can type more passionate responses than most of your other smart ass remarks. This has to be the longest post you’ve ever written!! Maybe you are not as much of an idiot that I’ve always thought you were…Maybe….
          GSP HAS always been an OCD case and you know it. He has greased and cheated his whole career with PEDS, just ask Vitor. Now was he the best, yes for awhile, but you Keep living in the past. His last fight and his subsequent crazy behavior has proven that he is not mentally stable right now. For you to not know what he is obviously going through right now mentally, proves one of things. You are either a pud faced fatass 15 year old fantasy boy or you are the dumbest brain dead adult fantasy boy I have ever heard. That rant was classic fan boy rant. You live through these dudes don’t you? So i have a proposition for you kid, how about both you and I go play in traffic together and let;s see who survives? You up for it punk?

        • magoo says:

          Your the king of smartmass remarks on this site, your always putting some one down and acting like a telephone tough guy. Your a fuckin dick plain and simple, read the shit you spew, listen buddy you don’t know shit about me so back off and drop your tough guy bullshit!

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          No I’m just a prick…The problem is you are a smartass prick who thinks he has something to share that is of value. You must not know that you are a prick. Your way too sensitive too. You think anything I say about anybody means anything?? You must because you get all wet when I challenge you. Well it doesn’t UNLESS you think it does. You just don’t like being challenged because you are weak. You get your little feelings hurt because I say mean shit…dude wake up!! My comments are opinions just like yours. But based on some of your analysis or lack of analysis I know you don’t know shit. You don’t even know that Hendricks in that southpaw stance completely nullified GSP;’s game!! Do you? I never back off and I am tough…so what you gonna do now? Little baby.

        • magoo says:

          Lmao….. He obviously didn’t nullify all of his game…..”he lost” you self proclaimed tough prick…smh what a fuckin nut bar!

        • allmightysandman says:

          let’s all agree that gargirl is a prick.

        • mad says:

          lol you two are such gay fan boys its unbelievable. you hold yourself very highly on the internet, you must be very insecure FAGGOT

        • Hacknslasher says:

          Hahaha your such a fucking gimp,you too should just slap yourselves

        • Christopher Lairdriver says:

          You are full of shit. GSP has never cheated. The grease shit is just a fucking joke. Grease makes you a better puncher and kicker eh? Do you later yourself in vaseline before a street fight?

        • UFC 84 Forever says:

          Haha preach it magoo!! hitting all the nails on the head with this post.

        • magoo says:

          Just my thoughts bro

        • GRT 3000 says:

          Ahahaha – haven’t been on here in awhile, but it’s nice to see that @Faygoyle is still getting schooled…scrawny douche at Grandma’s house, living vicariously as a hero on the Internet. lol

  2. Phlthy Rich says:

    Gsp has beenn coasting with his wrestling ass for years. I dont even know why hes relevant anymore with aldo barrao and silva being active at the same time. I mean fuck gsp hasnt finished guys tha most people have finished. Aldo is a way more dominant champ than gsp ever was. And barrao is a beast. And at least silva finished his opponents. How can you be the best if you cant finish people who “are not” the best.

    • team backfist says:

      You’re right, but in GSP’s defense, his game planning was always built around taking the least amount of chances for the highest % chance of winning… His camp understood that focusing on a finish opened a window to lose, so instead, he mastered his jab, takedown and wrestling combined with explosiveness and pace… the recipe of a defending champ

      • Phlthy Rich says:

        That used to matter. But now that fighters are actually agressively making a run at his records its not impressive anymore. I mean just go box if you cant Fight. The term defense. And defend are being taken too literally. Running from a dude or bullshitting for 5 rounds so you dont get hurt doesnt make you a champion in my opinion. Wnning doesnt make you dominant. I just cant call someone the best fighter if the likelihood of him being able to knock spmeone out or seriously injur them is slim. People forget that gsp hasnt had to try in a lomg time. He hasnt had to prove himself so he usually doesnt try to impress. If your a real champ start submitting people if youre afraid of contact. Just sayin aldo and barao have way more finishes and havnt lost either. And because they actually fight. They dont get henricksed. That was inevitable. Leaving most of the win in your career go to decision you’re gonna bring up some questions.

        • Christopher Lairdriver says:

          Actually winning does make you dominant. GSP lost twice in his career and avenged both losses. That’s what dominance is. How can you be a dominant loser? ‘Oh yeah, I don’t win all the time..but I dominate my fights’. GSP dominated by Wrestling. It’s not his fault that the other opponents couldn’t stop him. It’s their fault. That is how he dominated them. All those heavy handed fighters that people said would knock GSP out like Hendricks and Koscheck – that never happened.

          GSP has finished over 50% of his fights, Thrown the most strikes in the UFC and landed the most. He has been in the ring the longest. What else do you want him to do? Teleport and shoot lightning from his hands?

          If you are just looking for knockouts – watch boxing. Your logic is morbid. Somebody isn’t the best fighter in the World because they may not have the ability to seriously injure someone? Are you aware that guys in the UFC don’t attempt to seriously injure their opponents? And guys like that are tossed aside, Dana White has done it dozens of times.

          Every fighter that GSP has fought since holding the belt has been a great fighter. You don’t get to keep your title by not trying. He may not have knockout power – but his Jab almost cost Josh Koscheck an eye and Jake Shield’s face looked like he had been hit with buckshot at the post fight press conference.

          If GSP was afraid of contact he would have quit after losing to Matt Serra. GSP if anything is all about contact because he goes straight for an opponent and throws them on the ground. He beat Nick Diaz in stand up – he took the best Diaz had to offer.

        • Phlthy Rich says:

          Youre still wrong. Nome of those things make him doinant. All of those stata actually prove my point. Most strikes thrown means least dammage done with strikes. Most ring time means few finishes. And 50% is only impressive when 1) you dont have nearly 30 fights 2) when its not a streak. Meanng, If you hvent finished a guy since 2009 in any way, ( And yes everyone still runs from the fact that i keep saying submissions are finishes too. ) than it shows that you dont have the ABILITY TO FINISH. Meaning youre not that great of a fighter. And honestly if you cant finish your a pretty weak mixed martial artist. If you cant finish a guy on the feet or catch him with a submission than yours not that good. Amd gsp in my opinion hasnt been that good since bj penn. Sorry bro but the champion in a devision should be dangerous i just never saw that from gsp. He hasnt finished a fight since 2009. And his last fight he got the shit beat out of him but still “won” because of his im gonna thros a bunch of weak shit and hope it looks impressive to the judges. I honestly dont care how many times gsp hit hendricks or how many take downs he scored. The bottom like is hebdricks was beating the shit out of gsp and no points or scorecard will change the face that everyone knows that in a FIGHT hendricks would win. I mean same rules same ring justwithout judges. Shit half the fights gsp has are left only wins because a judge says so. Thats just nothing to brag about in my opinion. You cant be a a list fighter without being able to finish. Or inflict serious dammage the entive fight like aldo does.GSPs entire style is built around thw “i dont really wanna fight” mentality.

  3. MixedMartialArts says:

    LOL@ THE GSPUSSY FAN BOYS.. SMH.. WAH WAH.. Most boring champion in UFC history.. All the guy did after Serra knocked him out and made him a boring fighter was tackle all his opponents and hump their legs for 5 rds.. Baby hammer fist his way to a decision.. They say Benson henderson has the 2nd longest fight avg with 18mins 32secs per fight.. I guess that would of made GSPussy number 1 with an easy 20mins per fight… BORING… Johnny Hendricks and Lawler are going to drop bombs on eachother i can’t wait for that fight :-) Go back to your corner and cry magooN… your favorite fighters time is up and thank goodness cause i couldnt stand to be put asleep for another 5 rds..

    • magoo says:

      You call yourself mixedmartialarts lol and then go on to say Henricks and Lawler are gonna stand there and have a boxing match,I don’t doubt they will throw leather but you can bet your ass if Lawlers winning the striking exchanges and Johny bin laden feels his power he will not hesitate to go for the takedown time and time again,then what mr mixedmartialarts smh, is he gonna be boring as well? Everyone loves a KO unfortunately it doesn’t always happen, but a smart well rounded mixed martial artist beats a one dimensional striker 9/10 times. I can’t stand fair weathered fans like you!

      • MixedMartialArts says:

        Ive been a fan a lot longer than you.. Sorry :)

      • Daniel Lostinmymind Kimble says:

        Actually, he didn’t say anything about a boxing match. He said they would drop bombs on each other, as they are both known for their knockout power. Anyone that just looks past that is a blind fool. As a fighter, you play to your strengths. As for GSP, he was a great champion for a long time, but somewhere along the line he stopped fighting to win and started fighting not to lose. Maybe the Serra KO rattled his confidence. . Magoo, I hope you are not insinuating that Hendricks is a one dimensional fighter. He is a standout wrestler with awesome power, and he can take a hell of a shot, too. Just my opinion, and I managed to say it without sounding like a foul mouthed pre schooler. Opinion or fact, you get taken more seriously when you dont have a mouthful of four letter words and grade school insults. Just sayin………

        • magoo says:

          Really! Listen Dudley do right there’s 4 aspects to mma boxing,wrestling, grappling and JJ. Now if there gonna stand and trade bombs,which they will…what aspect would that be? Yea boxing…duh! or what would you call it? As far as me saying Hendricks is one dimensional I suggest you reread what I said, the comment you read was directed at mr mixedmartialarts who’s name is an oxymoron that thinks GSP is one dimensional, and I was simply stating that if Johny was losing the standup or whatever the hell you call it,he would use his wrestling and take it to the mat. Now does that make Hendricks a “boring” fighter. (I don’t think so) Look there’s no doubt this fight with Johny and Robbie isn’t gonna be a war of words, if neither one can ko the other the one with the more we’ll rounded game wins, and everyone knows that’s Johny! As far how I choose to word my opinions or facts,is none of your godamn business!…Just sayin

      • Phlthy Rich says:

        Id like to see some submossions… you call him out about mixed martial arts and then suggest wrestling is necessary? No dude. Learn some jitz. Most of baraos wins are by submission. Dont give me that wrestling bullshit. Gsp isnt a finisher and thats that.

        • magoo says:

          Lol… I was actually replying to mixedmartialarts post, but yea you need juts in your toolbag for sure

  4. saz says:

    it all makes sense now. i’d have migraines too if i had to fight anderson silva.

  5. jsmith says:

    Girls girls youre all pretty. No need to argue over it lol

  6. team backfist says:

    If GSP is having migraines and blackouts, it’s time to retire and be satisfied with the success of less than .1%.. unless, he can completely recover, which is doubtful if they haven’t even announced a complete diagnosis by now.

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