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Friday, 02/24/2012, 02:14 pm

Frankie Edgars Wife Is a Mess During Fight Week

“He was a cutie so he always had a girlfriend. We just both were never single at the same time, but we had the same high school friends and we remained close. But I was about 19 and we were both starting our freshman year at college and just starting liking each other… I am a train wreck on fight night, a mess. I mean, keep in mind we are two kids later into this, it can be nerve-racking. I mean he’s broken his nose a ton of times, so that’s no big deal anymore, but I don’t want it to be more. But when it’s over, I am really happy for him. He has always been very determined and he deserves everything he gets.”

Taking a different look at a fighters life, did an excellent job at interviewing not only Frankie Edgar, but his family and coaches in more of an in-depth and personal look into a fighters life.

For the ladies out there who support their man’s fighting aspirations, it may be fun at the top, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be a nervous wreck once he makes it their as Edgar’s wife explains.

Head on over to page two to read what Frankie said about his relationship with his wife, Renee Edgar.


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Frankie Edgar on Renee Edgar:

“I truly feel like I’ve never gone through this journey by myself and this can be a lonely sport. It’s all on you when you are in there and you are pushing yourself to the limit,” Edgar said. “I drive all over, I’m here in [Hamilton] or I’m driving to [New York City] or I’m driving to train in Philly and you spend a lot of that time solo. But to have someone to share it all with makes it easier. She’s been with me since college as far as me competing. She knows how to handle me and how much this means to me and it’s great to share this with her.”

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