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Sunday, 02/26/2012, 12:26 am

Frankie Edgar Wants Immediate Rematch | I had to give two rematches so what’s right?

“I don’t want to take anything away from Ben, he did a great job but I thought I won that fight. He came hard and I knew it was going to be a tough fight butI thought I did enough to win those rounds.

I’m not trying to shoot anyone out of what they deserve but I had to do two immediate rematches, so what’s right?”

During tonights UFC 144 post-fight press conference, former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar stated his case for a rematch.

Is it deserved?


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148 Responses to “Frankie Edgar Wants Immediate Rematch | I had to give two rematches so what’s right?”

  1. TrigenicKin says:

    The only reason that Ben Henderson did more damage is because he’s bigger and stronger. Edgar got more takedowns and I can 1000% guarantee that when compustrike posts the results, that he outstruck Ben Henderson all 5 rounds.

    • MattD. says:

      Ben Henderson landed more strikes, did more damage, showed greater control of the fight. That being said Edgar is the real life Rocky period. So much heart and talent to be able to not only fight bigger fighters but make it hard. I think Henderson clearly won that fight, a rematch isnt really necessary. The first BJ fight was so close. The second Edgar fight was a draw. I don’t think this fight warrants an immediate rematch.

      • BX81 says:

        Thank you! I’m glad this little pitter patter not going to hurt you strikes and take down for points crap didn’t work. If you come outta of a fight and the other guy looks fresh and you look like a brick kicked you in the face then guess what. You got your ass beat, plain and simple. I will say this about frankie the kid has heart. Not great power but heart.

      • T.DADDY says:

        real life rocky????????? LMAO!!!!!!!

    • lp says:

      Henderson won 3-2, wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch though. Have Pettis win 1 more

    • darren says:

      you must feel terribly dumb for that comment hahhha

    • StopCryingFrankieSucks says:

      Waahh Waahh! Hendo was more aggresive, did more damage and CLEARLY rocked him compared to Edgars WEAK takedowns and GIRLY punches and kicks. If your gonna cry about Hendo being BIGGER and STRONGER than maybe you should tell edgar to go to 145’s so ALDO can soccer kick him in the face so you can cry more lol

      • John Blaze says:

        Frankie doesn’t suck troll, Ben did whip that ass though.

        • StopCryingFrankieSucks says:

          Frankie Sucks look at his record he KO’d/Sub’d some unknown fighters got a two lucky KO’s on maynard and bocek and a bunch of decisons cause he’s and POINT FIGHTER!!! Main point he blows let him stay in LW so he can keep getting HIT HARD in his BIG HEADED HEAD and become slow and retared like ALI .

        • judgessuck says:

          Frankie sucks? are you fucking retarded? He lit up the lightweight devision, took out a legend of the sport twice, and put on some of the best fights in UFC history against maynard, and he did all that while fighting a weight class ABOVE where he should really be fighting. Very few fighters fight up in weightclass because it’s much easier to beat up on smaller fighters so for Frankie to not cut and still compete is pretty damn impressive. Hats off to henderson for a great fight but he’s even admitted he should be at welterweight. Henderson came into this fight with a huge size advantage on Frankie and Edgar still took him the distance. He took down a much larger fighter repeatedly when a lot of people bigger than him couldn’t do it. Last his punches seemed like they were weak tonight because of that size difference. If you think he doesn’t hit hard go watch Edgar Maynard 3 and ask Grey if he hit like a girl that night. gsp is a point fighter, Frankie stands and bangs with the best of them

        • judgessuck says:

          also gotta throw this in there, but anyone else find it ironic that he spelled retarded wrong?

        • judgessuck says:

          gotta throw it out there, anyone else find it ironic that this guy just spelled retarded wrong?

        • krafty11 says:

          Ali isnt retarded.. he has Parkinson’s syndrome. maybe do some research before spouting off nonsense. it might help you from sounding like a total douche.. but not sure if it would help.. Have a nice day!

        • Judge_Dreadz says:

          You must be 12yrs old

      • GMoney$han says:

        i bet frankie edgar would knock u the fuck out dumbass wit his girly punches n takedowns or just choke u the fuck out lmao

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Man the frankie cry baby nuthuggers are out in force tonight. wahhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhh face it your boy got his ass kicked. I undersetand Frankie is use to STEALING EVERY friggen decsion in close fights but this time he wasn’t so lucky because his face was battered adn busted up real bad. it doesn’t take a neuro surg to figure out Frankie has massive brain damage from all the massive blows he’s taken over last 3 fights. Bendo did not even look like he had been in afight where as Edgar was HOSPITAL BOUND AS USUAL. Bendo earned that win and Frankie was saved by bell in like 3 rounds so go cry a river somewhere else. HE LOST GET OVER IT and it wasn’t even close like you idiots are trying to make it out to be. Frankie got pummled by a better, bigger, stronger fighter plain and simple

    • kaika808 says:

      If ur complaint is that vendor is bigger and stronger than Frankie needs to move to 145. When it comes down to it the person who comes the closest to finishing the fight should win not the guy who lands more taps, c’mon ben didn’t even have a scratch when Frankie looked like he got ran over, how u gonna say he came closer to finishing..

    • fuckthisguy says:

      bendo whoooooooped his ass all night if he hit bendo more it doesnt matter they did nothing bendo hit one upkick and changed the whole fight go ask okami how relevant compustrike is hahaha

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      What part of Frankie got his ass whooped don’t you nuthuggers understand. Pitter patter which didn’t even leave a mark on Bendo’s entire body did not steal the decsion tonight. What won the fight was BRUTAL damage Bendo inflicted on edgar the entire fight. I realize to most of you newbies that MMA = if you take a guy down you win the round regardless of the beating that occurred the previous 4:55 seconds of EVERY round. Sorry Edgars face told the story ALONE. Brain DAMAGE yet again for Edgar which is sad. Yes we all know Edgar has made a career out of sustaing horrific BRAIN TRAUMA WHICH IN TURN HAS GAINED Him decsions when he clearly lost. How does a fighter like Edgar get KNOCKED down 5 times in on eround then maybe win 2 later rounds by skin of his teeth and get a draw. Round one Maynard vs Edgar was easily a 10-7 round. Frankie shoul have never been given a third fight with maynard. More people thought BJ won their first fight. Edgar is not a dominate champion as MEDIA-UFC-ROGAN-GOLDIE have portrayed him to be. Edgar got his ass whoped tonight and it happens but he thinks just because his other (GIFTS)- decsions give him a automatic rematch clause is simply WRONG. Bendo dominated this fight and clealy did all the damage. time for Edgar to quit crying about being small and move down to 145 and stay clear of Aldo and wait fro him to move up to 155 then ask fro a title shot. Aldo is a worse matchup fro Edgar than Bendo was. Aldo is faster, stronger, better ground game, and hits 5 times harder than Edgar. So far Edgar has won becasue od his pitter patter and sppeedy gonzales racing around cage running away from engaging.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      A blind man could have seen Bendo won. Edgar was hurt bad and looked like he ran out in front of a oncoming bus. bendo look like he just got done doing a photo shoot for Fight magazine. NO DAMAGE VS BRAIN DAMAGE. Frankie nuthuggers arre so use to him stealing decsions with his pitter patter that they have just become accustomed to Frankie getting handed fights he CLEARLY LOST. Frankie is headed to the brain trauma ward and Bendo is heading to his after party and doesn’t even look like he was in a fight tonight let alone a 25 minute fight againt the supposive best lightweight in world. Dana along with Joe Rogan has hyped up Frankie so far and away better than he actually is that his fans are BRAIN WASHED like an occult that Frankie can’t lose no matter what. OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES AND WATCH FIGHT AGAIN. Frankie got his ass kicked plain an d simple

  2. Dylan says:

    definitely deserved. i think he won that fight too, it’s not scored on damage.

  3. Louis Lane says:

    oh please, so if i land ten punches that don’t do any damage, but your one punch breaks my nose, i should win the fight? because after all i landed more strikes….

    • CD says:

      fight metric shows henderson landed more strikes and they were more effective

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      LOL if you think of a squirrel fighting and Elephant. The Squirrel bites the Elephant many times but does no damage then the Elephant smooshes the squirrel under its foot. I think the Elephant won…

      But I don’t think that is how fights in sports should be graded, but it appears that Bendo landed more strikes and gave more damage.

    • John Blaze says:

      If I beat you down for 5 rounds, and you beat me down for 0 rounds… I’m pretty sure you won the fight so I see your logic.

  4. Louis Bocanegra says:

    all due respect he clearly lost, remember damage and control, and dont forget bj had tha title for 6 yrs or something crazy you aint no bj come on son big difference you lost take and swollow it not even close go to a lighter division your carrer is going to be cut short if you fight this bigger dudes think of yourself your the only fighter that get jaked up that bad not that you suck your a little dude fighting bigger guys do whats rite for your health….

  5. Kyle K. says:

    okay frankie……When you “won” the title…that was a Bullshit fight that you did not win….yeah you did beat bj the second time around….then with grey you guys faught to a draw there had to be a rematch then you fucked grey up and finished the fight. Ben Beat you fuckin ass! no rematch maybe next time you should hit harder……it was a good fight but Benson won and he won without doubt.

    • StopCryingFrankieSucks says:

      No doubt he should try to hit harder than just being a boring arse point fighter! I wouldn’t be suprised if later on in life Frankie Edgar becomes and RETARD because he takes so many BIG SHOTS to his head he should drop down to 145’s imediately and if all else fails send him to MTV so he can be a new room mate for them on JERSEY SHORE lol

    • wayne wheatley says:

      give edgar-pettis, and the winner of diaz-miller gets a shot at the belt, if edgar beats pettis hes next in line

  6. wayne wheatley says:

    completely agree. ben henderson won easily, edgar might have landed more strikes. but henderson landed more effective strikes and did alot of damage, plus submission attempts. and half of edgars takedowns henderson was up in 3 secs.

  7. kaika808 says:

    Well stop winning fights by ur pepper point combos and takedowns wIth no finishes and you wouldn’t have to give immediate rematches. Ben clearly won by pushing the fight, octagon control, aggressiveness, damage, and almost ending the fight twice, and not to mention he didn’t end the fight running away but he ended he still trying to end it by GNP on top even though he felt the he already won.. And if there still was complaints in sure Ben would have gladly went 5 more rounds with his mad conditioning cause I doubt Frankie would have lasted much longer..

    • StopCryingFrankieSucks says:

      Whats funny is everytime the round would come close to ending Frankie shoots for a takedown to score POINTS! frankie blows fat jersey shore vinnys stalkers punani lips

      • judgessuck says:

        its strategy dumbass. Plain and simple he’s not just out there for your entertainment. It’s his career on the line so yes, he wins rounds with takedowns when he gets the chance. If all you want to see is knockouts your in the wrong sport. theres a lot more to MMA than just hitting really hard. i’m gunna take a wild guess and say you were also a Brock Lesnar nuthugger who was probably telling everyone “Overreems gunna get his glass jaw shattered, WAR LESNAR”. Power is actually a pretty small portion of mma. Look at all the champs right now and they aren’t necessarily the guys who hit the hardest, they’re the guys that fight smart and utilize strategy and technique.

        • FrankieRunsLikeAbitch says:

          No Edgar does suck he runs like a bitch, if he was more worried about finishing fights, he might of put on a good show vs. BJ Penn, right up until the point BJ Penn would of KTFO’d him. BUT he doesn’t look to finish fights, he’s a dancing queen, that throws pitter pat bullshit punches, and trys to win on points, that’s not a champ, it’s a chump, and now he’s the Former Lightweight Chump.

  8. just saying says:

    cry me a river. all that talk he is the champ for a reason. he needs to man up. the rematches were warranted. live with it. and get back to work.

  9. Nick says:

    I had it 4 rounds to 1 for Ben. Frankie doesn’t deserve a rematch. The reason there were immediate rematches were because the fist BJ fight was so close, then the Gray fight was a draw. There’s no need for a rematch. Ben won fair and square.

  10. slacker says:

    I had Edgar winning rds. 1, 3 & 5. Anyone else? The thing that fightmetrics doesn’t show is how many of Henderson’s strikes Edgar caught or blocked – that is not effective aggression or striking. Edgar scored the cleaner amount of strikes in that fight IMO. Main reason his eye was so damaged was the upkick, which was the turning point, and a knee. I would have given the win to Edgar or called it a draw. But I don’t think Henderson beat him. Some guys bruise and bleed easier than others – that’s just genetics.

    • StopCryingFrankieSucks says:

      Your right but only thing frankie caught those kicks after the damage was done

      • slacker says:

        What exactly do you mean by that about catching the kicks after the damage was done? I’m curious.

        • Mo says:

          If I kick you and you catch it after it bounces off your body…the damage has been done. Did you not hear Joe ” Mr MMA” Rogan constantly stating this ? Compustrike has it for Bendo…the judges had it for Bendo and Obama had it for Bendo. Where’s the argument ?

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      His eye had nothing to do with the upkick. The upkick cut his nose. His eye was lumped up after the first round. StopCrying said it right. The damage was done before Edgar caught the kicks. And then Henderson was landing strikes while Edgar was holding his leg. I agree with you Henderson won the first round. Ultimately, I gave it to Henderson 3-2 at first: Edgar 1-2, Henderson 3-5. But I watched the replay and gave Henderson the 2nd as well.

      • slacker says:

        Yeah, the mark under the eye was from the first round, but the nose gash and bleeding was from the upkick. Everyone agrees that Frankie won the 1st and the upkick to the nose was in the 2nd. So, I think there is a good chance the ref’s scored too much on visible damage. Edgar was fresh in the fifth, hadn’t slowed down and knocked him down.

        • Mo says:

          Common sense leads people to score fights by damage ! I hate when people constantly try to find something wrong with the judging. It’s over, move on, cry me a river. NEXT !

    • MrGrooveSD says:

      But the fact that he did land that up kick and Edgar was already swelling in that eye before the upkick happen so that means Ben did win. If my memory serves me correct, Ben has bruised up and it was in a fight with Cerrone who is a harder puncher and not a pitty patter puncher. If you think Edgar should have won, maybe he should fight to finish the fight and not do just enough to get the win on points. Can’t leave it in the judges hands.

    • magoo says:

      you are right on the money slacker

  11. Pijan says:

    I say give them a rematch. Pit Pettis and Nate against each other. Stick Miller and Lauzon against each other. Winner of Pettis/Nate will fight Champ and winner of Miller and Lauzon will hold a spot in the next No. 1 Contender fight and maybe fight Maynard, that would be a good match up.

  12. Junior says:

    You can’t score a fight on damage it’s stupides
    Thing some show more sighns of damage
    Then others its genetics

  13. wayne wheatley says:

    edgars punches werent effecting him. edgar won the first round thats it. henderson had the rest.

  14. slacker says:

    For those of you who are looking at fightmetrics, look at the totals in powerstrikes. 58 – 53 Henderson. You do realize that all those shots Edgar caught or the majority of high kicks to the head, were counted as powerstrikes? It’s not painting an accurate picture.

    • slacker says:

      The majority of those high kicks to the head were blocked, I meant to say in my comment above.

      • LOL says:

        k catching a kick after it hits you is still a hit, not a block. Watch it again all those kicks he caught he took 100 percent full damage to the body. Bendo took Frankie to school and now hes whining. What’s this about him complaining about giving BJ a rematch? He pushed so hard to not do the rematch but Dana forced him to, so don’t talk like he was all that honorable.

        • slacker says:

          He caught those kicks on the way up, so they were not power kicks as scored on fightmetrics. Catching kicks on the way up takes something off it.

        • Angel_King says:

          Think you were watching the wrong fight. Every time Frankie caught a kick was after Bendo’s leg was bouncing off his ribs and Frankie’s face showing a lot of pain. Bendo let Frankie hold his leg, at no time was Bendo ever scared of Frankie, even when he slipped in round five he wiped the bottom of his foot before looking at frankie running at him. Priceless

  15. wayne wheatley says:

    yeah and yet didnt do damage like i said it was like a 4 year old hitting at 12 year old. cmon now edgars werent effective. you can judge on effective striking. like i said edgars takedowns werent effective either half of them henderson was up like that. quick as hell.

    • slacker says:

      Edgar hit him with tonnes of clean hard rights. The problem was the upkick. After that, his face was badly marked and then the entire perception of the power shots was changed. Since when does the champ knock a guy down in the final round and get a loss? I think maybe too much weight was put on 1 or 2 strikes that badly marked Edgar’s face.

      • LOL says:

        if i recall his face was already badly marked in round 1 long before that up kick. what fight were you watching?

        • slacker says:

          Badly marked is a beneficial exaggeration on your part. It was not swollen, only slightly marked at the end of round 1, which the judges gave to Frankie, so thats really irrelevant.

        • aGoodJudge says:

          You just sound bias right now man. Look at the hard facts: Henderson outstruck Frankie overall and in relation to powerstikes, Henderson also controlled the octagon effectively, managed to get right back up on all but one takedown, and landed probably 8 of the 10 most significant strikes in the fight. The fucking judges don’t close their eyes the entire fight then open them, check who took more damage and score accordingly. They are obviously trained to judge a fight from multiple perspectives.

  16. learntoread says:

    Frankie definitely has a valid point here.

    I’d like to see the rematch.

    In the meantime, let Pettis face the winner of Diaz/Miller for the true #1 contender spot.

  17. GMoney$han says:

    i think bendos the shit and theres no excuses… but it was a welterweight vs a featherweight. Frankie hung in there better than most

  18. Jwilk says:

    We need to stop hating on Frankie because he beat bj. Love bj but a champ always has the right to ask for a rematch. Without that upkick were all talking about a different fight

    • judgessuck says:

      exactly. everyones saying how frankies face is messed up and Benson is unscratched, but without that upkick frankie is looking at a swollen eye and nothing else. And the bloodied face definitely changes the judges perspective about who’s winning the exchanges.

      • slacker says:

        I tend to agree. I am going to have to watch it again, though I had it 1, 3 & 5 for Edgar.

      • bendo is a champ says:

        and dont forget his fucked up forehead he looked like koscheck after the second gsp fight. bendo beat his ass 2,3,4,5 dont forget bendo almost finishing with the choke, knocking down edgar with the knee, watching edgar catch an already landed kick then standing there with one hand getting punched in the face repeatedly and sorry to say but bendo probs would have either choked out or tkoed edgar if the 5th round went for 15 more seconds, did you even watch the fight?

        • slacker says:

          It’s very simple. If Henderson is a bit less lucky or genetically favoured and gets just one mouse or small cut on his face, then this fight may have had an entirely different outcome. Edgar hit him with lots of stiff rights that straightened him up, but the guy just wouldn’t bleed.

      • Mo says:

        But the upkick did land and was the most damaging strike in the match. You must love point fighting.

  19. slacker says:

    Edgar is going to look back and kick himself, ironically, for walking into that upkick. He would have had rds. 1 & 2 nailed down and no blood dripping from his face.

  20. MOMO says:

    lol that’s cuse you lost your fights and acted like you won so the judges helped you out you got bet in EVERY way possible in that fight.

  21. edgar loss says:

    Edgar got beat by harder punches kicks and out striked he landed 20 less strikes and threw 20 less strikes he got 5 take downs 3 Witch resulted in ben getting right back up 1 he got almost Ko’ed by a upkick and 1 where he fell into a sub his nose was broken his eye was shut due to a constant jab that was landed edgars fighting style is pitter patter with alot of movment and angles witch makes him look alot busyer but that does not mean hes being more EFFECTIVE he threw alot of punches with nothing on them and ben picked his shots with power and made them count everytime he got taken down he threthened with a sub a edgar had to release him edgars a good fighter but ben had his number tonite aimple as that

  22. edgar loss says:

    I think its funny how people say the fight should not be scored on damage its a fight that we all pay to watch as fans and those like me who have watched alot of fights have payed alot of money, i personally am tired of people like gsp,edgar and even bader tonight who turned a somewhat exciting fight into a boring one,condit against nick diaz i know its gameplans to win a fight but mma got popylar because of people like chuck,wandi,belfort. these other guys who are in there just to eek out desicions are hurting the sport and becoming boring i want to see them go for it and get the win id pick the guy who caused more damage and came closer to finishing the fight then the one who hits with no power and has running shoes on IN THIS CASE EDGAR DID NOT LAND MORE PUNCHES AND FOR THISE OF YOU THAT THINK HE DID LOOK AT THE STATS BEFORE YOU COMMENT OR BETTER YET LOOK AT EDGARS FACE THEN LOOK AT BENS

  23. Do my trolls run this mutha fucka says:

    You can always count on some trolls coming out to trash talk a fighter an his lively hood. Some of you trolls need to join an mma gym to see what this shits like before trash talking a guy you don’t even know lol that’s so hateful. People are hating on point fighters now? Lol half of the disciplines in “mixed” martial arts were built off points. I can kind of understand why some judgmental rednecks from the south were mad at Carlos condit in the Diaz fight but how can you hate on Frankie’s style, it’s nowhere close to similar other than the outcomes, it’s called skill. Better footwork than anyone else in the division, yet trolls still hate lol shocking. Congrats to Ben henderson, dudes a beast and a great fighter to watch. I wanna see pettis an Hendersons rematch just as much as the next guy but Frankie’s rematch is deserving. Seems like about 50% of fans AND fighters (and Dana) had Frankie winning 3-2. So unfortunately for the trollers, Ben might have to take that fight. Either way tho, I like Frankie but I feel a drop in weight would level some playing fields, he could make 135 if he wanted too. Bens the man tho, congrats and god bless. Trolls should kill themselves tho and keep that hate off the blogs, and leave it in your miserable everyday lives.

  24. DLo says:

    I don’t like to get into who scored what. I thought the fight was close and could have gone either way, but if you really want to know who won the fight just listen in to the corner between rounds. Henderson was barely breathing and excited, and in Frankie’s corner he was exhausted, grimacing, and worried looking and breathing heavy. His corner was trying to motivate him to finish the fight. They were also telling him to score points, to just touch him and score points. He was hurt in round two and four. What’s funny is that it took him to go to Japan to in order for him to lose. If it was in America, some dumb idiot would have scored it 50 45 to Edgar.

  25. GKI34350 says:

    Edgar got beat on. Just because he is fast enough to run around and pitter patter and do some trips and takedowns but do no damage means he gets a belt? LAME. Hendo had the cardio to chase him and smack him around and do real damage. A rematch would be the same thing or worse for Edgar.

  26. James says:

    I believe if Edgar didn’t get up kicked he would have surely won

  27. E716 says:

    I honestly thought bendo won….i dont even think frankie was landing more shots than bendo…ben henderson blocking most of them but idk got to watch fight again….it is only fair to give him rematch

  28. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Bendo won period still cant believe the fighters had Edgar winning… Bendo was eating Frankies punches for Breakfast and did more damage .

  29. slammin11 says:

    Hey Edgar fans, Bendo clearly won… Fight metric supports it, the judges support it and clearly Eadgar’s face supports it!! Sure he had the takedowns and holding Bendo down and GnPing him… Oh no wait, that’s right he didn’t cause Bendo got up right away. Bendo won get over it you yanks!

  30. DLo says:

    Frankie uses takedowns to steal fights not win them. Ben was also off balance the entire fight which is why he was constantly falling, which is also a typical Ben Henderson fight. I believe Frankie should get a rematch, but not because he deserves one only because it would be an interesting rematch. Ultimately Anthony is going to become the best lightweight in the world, so it doesn’t make sense arguing over who won anyway. Also BJ got a second fight with Edgar because he was clearly ROBBED! I’m tired of people saying Frankie won that fight because he didn’t. To this day who would stand with anyone except BJ. Maynard deserved a rematch because it was a draw, so I don’t know what Frankie is talking about probably just emotions, but his career at 155 is over. These guys are going to kill him.

  31. FrankieRunsLikeAbitch says:

    I didn’t even know Edgar had this many fans, admit it, he’s a dancing queen, running around, trying to be “elusive”, landing pitter pat punches, instead of concentrating on finishing fights like a champ.

    Fight metric said Henderson won, Judges said Henderson won, Frankie Edgar’s face said Henderson won.

    Now, Former Lightweight Champ err I mean Chump, Frankie Edgar can try to decision his way back into title contention.

    • tim says:

      Well said… He also is annoying to watch, like the cast of Jersey shore

    • Sweet game plan says:

      What a Rematch……That wasn’t Controversial…..
      It was a Fuckin Robbery !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ncongo says:

      u sound stupid obviously dont no what the fuck ur tolkin about he finish his last fight by ko hatter

    • shoveyourshitopinionsrightupyourass says:

      fuck off, he’d twat you everywhere u little shit

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      What everyone forgets is Frankie is use to getting the holy shit beat out of him eacvh and every fight and then ROBBING the decsion because of his heart and how much of a beating he can take. Where i come from the guy that goes to hsopital with broken nose and brain damage lost the fight where as Hendersen didn’t even look like he had been in afight and he went to his afterparty. Frankie needs to quit taking such horrific damage and the onlyw ay he is going to be able to do that is drop down to 145 and avoid ALL FIGHTERS FROM BRAZIL espec ially Aldo and keep using hi pitter patter and runningaway style to steal decsions based on point fighting. I am no doctor but i sat and talked to a doctor for over an hour who belive it or not is a huge MMA fan and a bigger Edgar fan. He said Frankie has brain damage and its getting worse and worse. He said Gray maynard literly took 20+ years off Edgars life in Maynard/Edgar 2. He said everyone of those knockdown shots in round one were a major brain trauma-concussion. He also said nothing is worse than receiving a concusion on top of another concsuion back to back to back in less than 2 minutes. Being a Neuro-surgeon he said he could see it in Edgars eyes after fight and he comapred to interviews Edgar had done a few fights before and he said ther eis no doubt in his mind Edgar is going to have some major reprocusions later in life because of this repeated brain trauma. This coming from a huge Edgar fan really was shocking. His other favorite fighters are Aldo, Faber (which i told him sorry not me) and he really like Condit. I think when people compare litle Frankie to Rocky balboa they don’t realize not only how true it is but the brain damage Frankie is going to have just like in Rocky story

      • keyboard warrior says:

        cry me a river frankie is fine go wish all that brain trauma crap on yourself. boxers go through that shit daily. that look in frankies eye your ass buddy was mentioning is just all the pressure of finally not being the underdog.

  32. mj says:

    Two questions for you Edgar lovers. When was Ben ever in trouble and when did Edgar try to finish the fight? I think its funny you talk about his takedown that ends with him getting scared, standing up and getting kicked in the face. Then again he almost get choked and my favorite… where were the fighters when the bell rang in the 5th. Ben was pounding a balled up Edgar. Rematch my ass, move down to 145 and be the number two guy. Edgars game plan of point fighting to a decision is over. Good Job Ben, glad to see the whole rocky story over.

  33. The King says:


  34. Stevo the great says:

    Yo BJ PENN MOD…..What happened to Frankie being…”Modern day Rocky balboa”? LOLOLOLOLOLOL That’s what you get for posting that stupid shit! I told you Frankie would lose……you should have BJ’s back more, Frankie’s title was robbed from BJ in the first place. Edgar is a pitter patter pussy. Don’t ever compare him to Rocky again fool……yeah you Pedro.

  35. nexxround21 says:

    Stop CRYING!! all you did was taking him down u didnt do much damage.

  36. Ruben says:

    Im glad Edgar lost, his style is so lame, I dont want to watch a guy score points, i want to see fighting. His little cheap takedowns and weak punches dont do anything. The only reason some people like him is cuz he can get the bullshit beaten out of him for 5 rounds and keep bouncing around the ring.all the talk about him being one of the best p4p is ridiculous, he may be p4p best point scored but he isn’t on the p4p best fighters list

  37. banks says:

    Wow so much hate on edger.. kids tough as nails n all these people say hes a pussy must have already forgot he gave bj a rematch after he “robbed” him and then beat him properly and then avenged his only loss by knocking out grey after bein rocked.. cant believe how ignorant mma fans can be

  38. banks says:

    Not to mention he should fight at 145 but hes not scared of being the underdog.. if i was ben id want the rematch jus to silence edger and all doubt but to talk trash on frankie for any reason is jus plain dumb.. but it jus goes to show for every smart respectful person theres about 10 dumb ignorant mofos n this wont change.. kinda sad really

    • P Diddy says:

      This is true. Stevo the great has no clue what he’s talking about. He’s calling Edgar a pussy, but he had a close match with bj, then the second time beat him fair and square. Then he has a draw with grey and comes back and then knocks him out. If edgar was a pussy I just dont see how this is possible for him to beat those guys. To knock someone out after four rounds takes a little bit of skill last time I checked. And to go 5 rounds with a lightweight who looks a whole weight class bigger then him and have it be controversial is something, so to say Edgar isn’t legit just makes you sound down right like a fool.

  39. David says:

    This article isnt talking about the fight you idiots, its about the sex he and bendo had after the fight, hes just using the “rematch” as a euphamism for sex some other night, you can see frankie clearly states bendo ” came hard” in his quote above

  40. Dev_NY says:

    Rematch is not warranted. He lost the fight, fightmetrics shows it, his face showed it, and the refs finally scored it right. People seem to forget what counts in a fight…it’s about SIGNIFICANT strikes, etc… His takedowns were weak, his strikes were weak and point fighting is just weak. Anyone who thinks Edgar won that fight should review the facts.

  41. E says:

    okay just for a second, fuck the fightmetrics, fuck the points and technicalities, who got their ass kicked in that fight? leave the bullshit behind and lets be real here.

  42. edgar fan says:

    well Frakie didn’t throw much kicks. im not sure who got their ass kicked, but I know who go their balls kicked. Frankie may have lost this fight. but as champion or not he is a warrior forever. i know people hate his style. but you know what. he was the champion of the world for a time.

    • Angel_King says:

      he was so scared of the kick he tried to turn and run, only to turn straight into a nut shot. Don’t blame Bendo for the nut kick.

    • BX81 says:

      Frankie got his ass kicked since you didn’t watch the fight. You can land all the take downs and do nothing with the majority of them. You can try to pepper your opponent to out score and try to win a 5rnd match. Henderson put that man on him and made his face look like a mushed sandwhich. I give props for edgar still fighting on but he did nothing after that round that said hey I really won this fight. Henderson looked fresh and ready to go another round and we all saw what frankie looked like. He said after the fight he thought he did enough to win the fight! That says it all. He knew what he was doing. Trying to win by points but hendo has a tank and frankie couldn’t gas him so it is what it is.

  43. joegun says:

    bendo is gonna beat pettis in the rematch coming up and frankie edgar is very annoying to watch and only runs around trying to look pretty but doesnt do much damage. henderson will be a solid champion for awhile.

  44. banks says:

    Ya i agree frankie lost but i think he deserves a rematch since hes dominated the division.. jus like gsp vs matt serra an instant rematch is warrented becuase he deserves a chance at redemption if he loses again then o well move on

    • casual fan says:

      Hate to break to you buddy, but GSP didn’t get an instant rematch. He fought Koscheck and Hughes before he had his chance at Serra, again. Serra was inactive with the belt, though.

  45. ben henderson sucks says:

    haha all you fools that think ben gunna keep the title are in for a suprise..if him and pettis face each other again pettis will beat his ass bens striking aint that great at all and for a bigger guy that he was frankie was sure throwin him around like a rag doll..henderson is one of the most overated fighters and I cant wait till his first title defense to prove it

    • david says:

      actually pettis is the one whos overrated, do you remember him losing to clay guida you dipshit? oh yeah thats right henderson beat guida as well. you must be so drunk on pettis’s cum you dont know whats real and whats not. OHHHHHHH shit you got served *dances on his head*

    • Seemsalittleheavy,no? says:

      the fact that pettis is even in the title picture right now is a joke. you gotta beat someone else other than lauzon to get a title shot plain and simple. pettis got his ass handed to him by guida; since pettis benson has done nothing but destroy everyone in front of him, including the carpenter. love pettis’ striking ability, but no. 1 contender…get fucked buddy.

  46. John Conforti says:

    Ok look at them at the end of the fight. Ben didn’t even look like he was in a fight and Frankie was busted up. Forget the points, forget the computer fight metrics, who won the fight which is after all what the point of this is anyway. All credit to Frankie but he is too small for the weight division and even when he wins he is getting busted up. Move down and fight Aldo

  47. Smh says:

    It was a close fight to call. Could have gone either way.

    For all you shit talkers, this is mixed martial arts. It’s not always about brawling, it’s about strategy. Sure it’s nice to see someone finish a fight. Edgar uses his footwork n moves in and out is a great boxing technique. You guys are complaining that he didn’t beat bj the first time. WHO CARES WGAT THE FUCK YOU THINK? He won the second time. And put all doubts aside. Henderson did more damage, but Edgar still stayed in the fight and made it close.

    I would like to see all you shit talkers try to get in there and do what these fighters do. Appreciate the art of MMA, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you think Edgar is whining, you’re wrong, in his eyes he won. So who cares if you think he deserves an immediate rematch or not. At the end of the day the UFC makes that decision. So quit your bitching and moaning about how Edgar sucks and etc. kid fought his heart out. And Henderson won a controversial decision, it is what it is. Move on and we’ll see what happens.

    And yes Edgar is the real life rocky. If you don’t think so, watch his last 2 Maynard fight.

  48. T.Daddy says:

    I swear this dude is a lil biznitch!

  49. edgar loss says:

    Everyone keeps bringing up the bj fight if you look at bjs face he didnt want to be there he wanted to be at the beach threw the fights and bet against himself as for gray maynard the guy who won all his fights with takedowns all of a sudden thought he was mike tyson swinging for the fence tired out his arms to fast and was done ben henderson is a different dude great strikes great wreastling and good bjj he won that fight in all areas edgars fights are like watching gsp point fight GAY AS SHIT ON A CUCUMBER

  50. edgar loss says:

    Maybe its the fans that like joe rogan that think that edgar won cauae rogan was sucking that cock even while edgar was getting his ass kicked its great they think edgar has alot of heart but i guess that makes up for a lack of power

  51. donkeyballs says:

    I watched it twice, and benson won both times. He hit frankie harder seem to have better energy more precise. The 2nd time i gave frankie two rounds (for heart) instead of one but still a handsome ass-whooping received. even those caught leg kicks, landed hard before being caught. Still hurts and still scored. Frankie seemed to have more “questions” than “answers”. Edgar vs Melendez anyone? Smooth vs Pettis 2 cant wait!!

  52. Dana trolling says:

    Dana said he thought Mizugaki won the decision despite the fact the judges thought otherwise and still gave him his win bonus. He thought Edgar won, but didn’t give him his win bonus [ FOTN bonus was given though]. And kept saying he should go down in weight.

    Henderson took risks, got no damage.
    Edgar took risks, got damaged.

    Edgar as champion, buyrates couldn’t even pass Penn’s buyrates when he doesn’t have a belt.

    Quantity over quality on strikes? The faces show the story.

    Takedowns? The judges obviously know the difference to score what is and what isn’t.

    You complain? You try fighting and stop keyboard bitching.

  53. mma says:

    There was no answer on Saturday. Only Ben Henderson. People saying that frankie got robbed are fucking idiots. I swear some people amaze me with the stupid shit, be real people. Calling this a robbery is just plan fucking stupid.

  54. Kev says:

    As much as I would like to see a re-match, it looked like a Featherweight vs. Lightweight or Welterweight. I think he’s best suited to fight Aldo and that should be immediate. Bendo vs. Pettis should happen and Aldo vs. Edgar should happen and immediately because both would be matchups people want to see. If Edgar got robbed, Diaz got robbed, too.

  55. Fu says:

    Can anyone see BJ coming back now? I don’t think BJ would have any problem with Ben. Cardio maybe, but hopefully he’ll train in a better camp and his cardio is better in lightweight also.

  56. Well…he lost. We watched that fight twice and Bendo had him. I will give him props though. He was tough as hell and was active.

    He never really got the respect as a belt holder that the other champs get. He should get a rematch, why not? BJ Penn and Maynard got their shot back to back.

    He is humble and does not have a big mouth like a lot of the other UFC fighters. Those other guys are very marketable and they get what they want because they whine to Dana or they talk crazy s*** on you tube.

  57. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Besides the damage done to Frankie’s face, I had him winning at least 3 rounds. Bendo definitely won the 4th but the 5th could go either way.

    Bottom line is he deserves an immediate rematch because it’s only fair. Edgar landed more strikes and had more takedowns. He also knocked Bendo on his ass in the later rounds.

  58. abvalbvab says:

    To be honest im sick of all these rematches. It seems that if a fighter loses a decision these days they have a great chance of getting themselves a rematch if they complain enough about the outcome. If they let the fight go to a decision then they should have to deal with who the judges deem the winner. Everyone knows that there is a fair chance that the judges will get it wrong but thats the chance you take if you let the fight go all the way. And if you want that rematch i think you should work your way back up, beat 2 or 3 top fighters to prove you deserve it.

  59. Dick Dias says:

    eh… he only had to give one rematch (BJ Penn II) cuz the gray maynard 2 was a draw… he doesn’t deserve a rematch in my opinion.

  60. Seemsalittleheavy,no? says:

    Everyone pull a rampage and just watch the fight without mike and joe talking. You notice way more and you would be able to score it properly. Benson won rounds 2,3, and 4 cleanly. That already gives him the title, and he could have won round 5 as well (decided to give it to the champ, you dont beat him in the round, gotta give it to the champ; another reason im pissed BJ lost that fight at 112, only in one round could you say frankie for sure won that round); so for ppl to say they can’t see him winning 4-1 in rounds, watch it again sans rogan.

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