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Friday, 02/24/2012, 11:03 am

Frankie Edgar The Modern Day Rocky Balboa (Video)

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar has been called the UFC’s version of Rocky Balboa numerious times. This highlight video examines the possibility of such. Enjoy…


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9 Responses to “Frankie Edgar The Modern Day Rocky Balboa (Video)”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    wen that shit happend live i was going fucking crazy. haha great stuff.

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


  3. Stevo the great says:

    It’s funny how the mod for hates so hard on Nick Diaz. Any chance they get. But yet they post a video like this a Frankie is wearing Bj’s belt. Beat him twice in a row with fashion……BJ had no answer for the answer. Yet the don’t blast him……Penn doesn’t want a rematch cause he knows he will lose again. Now BJ completely left the lightweight division because of Frankie and is fighting at an un-natural weight class. Then complaining when he gets beat by the bigger guy…….You guys are smoking too much of those Hawaiian trees……..get fucking real! Frankie is no Rocky…..and will lose to Bendo. You should stop trying to hate and just report on news……this video is not news.

  4. Hostile Hunter says:

    Stevo the Hater… Take it easy, I think you might need some Hawaiian trees to calm down. This site is pretty much the only site that has a blend of both News and Entertainment. I enjoy it and i think alot of other people do too. As far as the site “Hating on Nick” i dont see anything posted here, that i havent heard on another site. The so called “hate” is just the cloud over him right now dealing with the Failed drug test.

  5. josh says:

    Frankie is the man . No one takes it like him and comes back like that .

  6. Toolman says:

    Why does every bjpenndotcom comment box have to do with Nick Diaz? lol

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