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Wednesday, 08/29/2012, 10:47 am

Frankie Edgar Ready to Fight at Lightweight or Featherweight | UFC News

Following a discouraging second loss to reigning lightweight champ Ben Henderson earlier this month, Edgar tells mmaweekly radio it was the right time to test the waters at 145 pounds.

“I think big fights definitely interest me whatever weight class they’re at, so maybe in the future who knows where else I could go, but it’s just something I want to try for now.”

“There are good guys at 55, good guys at 45; I know fans are definitely interested in some fights. So there’s plenty of match-ups possible.”

Frankie Edgar is ready to test himself with the best featherweights in the UFC, eager to get back in the mix by December.

“Whoever it is they’d like me to fight to get the No. 1 contender’s spot, then let it be that. I’m sure they’re going to throw me in there with a solid name.”

Long term goal for Edgar is to challenge UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo for the title without getting ahead of himself.   He wants to establish himself in the division first, and then gun for another title to add to his resume.

“I always want to challenge myself and push myself to the limit.  Being in the weight classes that I’m in there’s always going to be good guys and good champions.”

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