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Tuesday, 01/22/2013, 01:05 pm

Frankie Edgar on Weight Cut, Jose Aldo, and Chance of Becoming Two-Division UFC Champion

With UFC 156 just a couple of weeks away (February 2nd) the pressure and anxiety is starting to creep into every fighter’s mind. This is usually about the time that the fighters stop pushing their bodies over the limit each day in training and instead start focusing on tightening up their tools, perfecting their game plans, and begin dropping weight for the weigh-ins.

The big question buzzing around UFC 156 right now seems to be how the drop in weight of former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar is affecting him. Edgar will be making his first appearance as a featherweight (145 lbs.) as he will attempt to dethrone the current UFC featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo and become only the third fighter in company history to be a multi-division champion.

Edgar is coming off of two consecutive losses to current Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson, the first of which he lost his title to Henderson. Many members of the media and the UFC president himself called for Edgar to drop to a more suitable weight class to better his chances of regaining his dominance. Edgar at first refused saying he wanted to stay where he felt healthy and didn’t have to cut weight but he eventually took the bait when he was offered another title fight, this time at featherweight against the man many consider the pound-for-pound best in the world, Jose Aldo. This fight, in many people’s eyes, is being considered a “Superfight” and Edgar has never been one to back down from a big fight like this one.

Edgar’s drop in weight has been a hot topic for the past few weeks and the media finally had the chance to ask him some questions at yesterday’s UFC 156 conference call. Here is a breakdown of the questions Edgar fielded and answered;

On the weight cut for his first fight at 145 pound:

It’s been pretty much just positive. When I was at 155, I was forcing myself to eat more and lift a little heavy to try to put on size. Now it’s more natural. I feel like my conditioning’s better. I’m actually a little quicker. It’s just a little less stressful. I don’t have to worry about eating like every 2 hours.

Edgar was also asked about what problems Aldo will present and how he’s prepared and game planned for such an explosive fighter:

He’s one of the most dynamic strikers we have. He’s very athletic and explosive compared to some of the guys I fought at 155. He has a lot of tools. Especially in his striking. We’ve seen he’s got great takedowns and takedown defense. I can’t point out just one thing that would definitely win it for me because I definitely think he’s well rounded. He executes the leg kick very well. We’ve addressed that in this camp and I’m as ready as I can be for him. I’m ready to stand with him. I’m ready to test the waters for the takedown. I come from a wrestling background. There hasn’t been anybody I haven’t been able to takedown yet, so I’m gonna go out there and go for some takedowns.

Edgar was also asked about how adding Edson Barboza to his training camp has helped him prepare for Aldo:

Edson’s been a big piece of this camp and a great new teammate. His Muay Thai, it doesn’t get any better than that. He’s a little bigger, too, he’s got great takedown defense as well. Him, along with one of his old training partners Marlon Moraes (I’ve been) doing round robins with them on a daily basis. They’ve got me more than ready.

And finally Edgar touched on what it would mean to be a two-division UFC Champion:

It’s never really been done except by Randy Couture and B.J. Penn and they’re legends in our sport. So to be mentioned with guys like that, it kinda speaks for itself. I’m not trying to look for it just by itself. I’m just focused on my next fight. If I win my next fight it takes care of everything.

Edgar seems ready and determined to get his name back in the win column. With his weight down and his natural abilities at their peak Edgar will likely have a shot to solidify himself as a future hall of famer if he can somehow notch a win over the dangerous Jose Aldo and become a two-division UFC champion. Best of luck to Mr. Edgar and we look forward to seeing a spectacular fight come February 2nd at UFC 156. See you all there, fight fans!


33 Responses to “Frankie Edgar on Weight Cut, Jose Aldo, and Chance of Becoming Two-Division UFC Champion”

  1. part time mma fan says:

    So he losses last two fights and then changes weight classes and gets a title shot immediately? Looks like classic favoritism. That is just disgusting.

    • shhh.. think before you speak says:

      dude, benson could be a welterweight no problem and frankies fights with him couldve gone either way. Like bj is a natural lightweight fighter, Frankie’s a natural featherweight. Jose already cleaned his division out and frankie is not only a sensable opponent but a superfight for the ufc.

    • Bobby says:

      You moron. Frankie has been in wars every title fight he’s had and his last “losses” were close as hell. Favoritism my ass, he has earned this title shot by his actions at LW.

    • some says:

      part time mma fan… i guess the name says it all! look frankie was robbed of both those fights to benson if you ask me, him taking on Aldo is a fight that REAL fans want to see not to mention a fat chunk of change for the big guys at the table of the UFC! if there is anyone in the featherweight division thats going to bring the fight to aldo its our main man frankie! WAR EDGAR

    • Techno Striker says:

      sounds a bit like Chael don’t it?lol

    • GRT 3000 says:

      wrong – he didn’t lose the 2nd fight to Henderson. So rightly he’d still be the LW champ…I’d say that puts him right in line for a title shot at 145…and I’d also say he’s going to win that strap.

  2. Time To Wrestle says:

    Oh Yah I;m looking forward to this. Edgar will expose Aldo as the over-rated fighter that he is just like Cain did to JDS. Next to 85 and Andy, Aldo has reigned in the weakest division in the UFC. With Edgar it just got levels better than Aldo. Yah I want to see Aldo get a beatdown. The referees are aware of these Brazilian fighters favorite takedown defense, fence grabbing. He always grabs the fence everytime he is about to be taken down. I hope this cheating little shit gets his ass beat up.

  3. magoo says:

    That dirty rat bastard Aldo better not grab the cage when Fankie decides to dump em on his Head! The ref better be watching,aware and ready to deduct a point should it happen. Other then that should be an exciting fight but I believe in Frankie’s heart, cardio, and wrestling that he will give Aldo the beating of his life!!!!



  5. Sasquatch says:

    ^^^ what magoo said^^^^ Frankie’s gonna give Aldo a spankin!

  6. Sasquatch says:


  7. Dee says:

    Jose is in trouble. I don’t know if he he’s going to be in shape. Hasn’t fought in a long time. Coming off an injury. He also doesn’t have the boxing needed to fight Frankie. Styles makes fights and Frankie is the style that will give Jose a hard time.

  8. Mike McMack says:

    The trend for UFC title fights as of late has been to put together match ups that would generate the most PPV buys. I think Sonnen and Diaz are both more questionable calls for title shot they recieved. The thing all three of these guys have in common is that they are the biggest potential draws for the division champs to fight (other than possibles rematches). When you look at what Frankie did at 155 I think he does deserve an immediate shot at the 145 champ but we all know the true reason he’s getting the shot is cause of $$$.

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      What you and others keep forgetting about Sonnen fighting Jones is that EVERY f1ckin’ contender in the lhw was given the chance to fight Jones and EVERY single one of them TURNED IT DOWN, except Sonnen!!. Everyone of those scared bitches were unwilling to fight Jones, THEREFORE, Sonnen gets the FIGHT. Any other f1cked up mental reasons that people come up with for why he gets a fight with Jones, is just mental masturbation!!

      • GRT 3000 says:

        pfft – mental masturbation should be your motto. you chase down that weak rational and give Dana’s balls a squeeze while your down there. Joke-ass Sonnen will get his undeserved shot and be ANNIHILATED. that’s the real draw for this fight.

  9. ....I Don't Care says:

    I like how everyone thinks jose is a cheater and is over rated and that the featherweight class is the worst to be in….the feather weight class doesn’t suck he just beat everyone up and made them move out of the weight class all together…..just like silva there isnt any middleweight left cause he beat them all….joses striking is for sure better than edgers….you must forgot who your talking about jose hasnt been the champion since the division opened in the Ufc for nothing…watch and learn…edger is over rated if anything

  10. ERk says:

    im gay just letting it be known

  11. TheDude says:

    I see a lot of “MMA Fans” give Aldo a lot of shit for fence grabbing. I don’t disagree. I understand, it must be tough to watch a Brazilian come into your country, beat up a bunch of your best fighters amd make millions. But if you are a true MMA Fan then you loved to watched his beautiful flying knee on Cub Swanson, or his amazing leg kicks on Uriah, and even his knee on Chad Mendes’ face in UFC Rio. You could also (as an MMA Fan) be excited about his next fight with Edgar, which will certainly be a barn burner. Or, you could just cry about the fence grabbing, if that makes you feel better.

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      You don’t get it do you Dude?? The reason Aldo is given a hard time for grabbing the fence is that he does it all the time!! It cheapens his skill by using a cheating move to keep from getting taken down!! It’s a character thing Dude!! I could care less if this guy makes millions so get off the money thing Dude. It;s about fighting character. If he is so good then why not fight without grabbing the fence??
      Oh and btw: that knee to Mendes’ face was set-up by GRABBING the f1ckin’ fence and using it as leverage when Mendes was about to plant him on his head!!!

      • magoo says:

        Theres no doubt that changed the outcome of the fight,not saying Mendes would have won if he planted Aldo on his head,but he could have done some damage and won the round who knows?,instead he ate a big knee from the cheating champ!

        • Time To Wrestle says:

          You know it was a 5 rounder and you never know how Mendes and Aldo would fair as the fight went on. But I do know that Aldo was about to be taken down and he used the fence grab to stop it and as leverage to hit Mendes. Granted Mendes made some mistakes and Aldo knew how to get him. It wouldn’t be so bad if it happened by accident but he does it often so it is a technique he relies on.

      • ThatGuy says:

        In Forrest Griffin’s first book he talks about fence grabbing and how he (actually) agreed with Tito Ortiz when Tito said, and I paraphrase, “if that’s cheating then if you’re not cheating you’re not trying to win”. It’s more commonplace than what one would think, however referees should definitely get it together and start takin points

    • Yo bro says:

      . Well said. Bunch of sore losers that’s what I see here man. Looks like they just need to let it out.

  12. warrior808 says:

    I can definitely see aldo ko’ing frankie but based on his past couple fights i think frankie is gonna wear down aldo. Probably end up in another close decision with aldo taking the 1st two rds then gassing out and edgar taking rds 3,4,5 for the win! Its gonna be a good one!

    Side note, this site sucks now! Too many trolls and the forums, etc are messed up. I know bjs not fight but cmon mods, we still come here for our mma news!

  13. 757 says:

    Time to Wrestle….what you keep forgetting is that you are wrong……Vitor took the fight short notice and nearly broke his arm. Frankie is a bad ass and should get the shot. We met him in Philly and he is a super nice guy too. Chael talks his way in. That said I THINK JBJ SHOULD MOVE UP. Everyone else is moving to make great fights now it’s time for him too. Frankie is going to win. Homanick got beat up for 4 rounds and came out and put Aldo on his back in round 5 and he never got up. Frankie is going to win this one. Your boy Chael is going to lose. Vitor spanked your boy Bisping… up on your facts first

  14. car dee oh says:

    If Aldo couldn’t finish Kenny Florians skeleton (not through lack of trying) he’s not going to finish Edgar. What a fight though.

  15. Dumb losers says:

    Can’t wait to see your dumb stupid comments about how aldo won because Frankie got “robbed”. Again. Sore losers. Before you comment be a little more realistic and reasonable. It really shows how dumb and unexperience you people can be. And whoever says or thinks Jon jones is the greatest is obviously stupid. Jon jones is a good fighter. Physically he’s a monster. But he’s not great. He’s beaten names that you people know. But do u even know why? Because light heavy weight it’s the most popular division in the ufc. All these guys Jon jones fought were great fighters but you can’t say they weren’t passed their prime. Lyoto got choked out. But if you look at the fight again Jon jones was losing. Vitor almost him. In my opinion I give Jon jones 2, 3 max fights before he loses the belt. Don’t think sonnen can’t beat him. But he has a different approach than the other fighters so who knows. If not, i give lyoto the win when they fight again. That’s the way I see it.

  16. part time MMA fan says:

    Now that he lost what do you guys have to say now?

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