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Wednesday, 03/07/2012, 09:30 am

Frankie Edgar Details How He Got His Rematch With Henderson

“It was a relief, it really was. A weight lifted off my chest, it’s been weighing on me. I definitely made it known that I wanted the rematch, I’m not going to sit there and I don’t want to argue for a title, I want to fight for a title. I’m just happy I get to fight for it now… Dana he was still concerned and I respect him for that. He thinks 145 might be better for the longevity of my career and my health and what not, and I disagree. Being the competitive person I am, feeling that maybe that fight should have went my way, I want another chance at it. That’s when he said ‘alright man, you’re going to get it… That’s always the plan to get better between each fight and now that I kind of got to get in there and mix it up with him, we can only build and get better from there. He can too as well so that’s going to be the chess game. I feel like my track record’s pretty good in rematches so I want to keep it going… I also want to say I want to thank Ben too for taking the rematch, just like you mentioned before with B.J. (Penn), I didn’t have to accept it and I did, and Ben he didn’t have to accept it, and he has, so much respect to him as well.”

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49 Responses to “Frankie Edgar Details How He Got His Rematch With Henderson”

  1. Xaninho says:

    That will be two Losses in a row for Frankie Edgar then. He lost the first fight and will lose the second fight. He had nothing on Henderson.

  2. true mma says:

    Good idea Edgar because Aldo would have fucked you up but you know so is Ben. Your fucked you little crying jersey shore reject. Not only will Ben kick your ass so will pettis, miller,Diaz, aldo, Cruz and benavidez, Ian etc.

  3. m says:

    Very deserving of the rematch. I thought the fight was closer than everyone else scored it….but I did feel like Henderson won the belt outright.

    I’m a big fan of BJPenn, but it’s hard not to root for the smaller guy who doesn’t know how to give up.

  4. true mma says:

    Cry like a little bitch and you shall receive. Fuck earning it just blow Dana until his eyes roll back.

    • JBull99 says:

      Thats what BJ did for his rematch…

      • charlie says:

        no he didn’t. he got the rematch because 99% of the fighters, press, and the UFC felt he won and that the judges were wrong in giving it to frankie. bj never had to say a word.

        • Dude says:

          Bj got dominated. The first fight. frankie won by 9 points. 9!!!!!! bendo won by 3 points, so shut up. Edgar deserves a rematch and its gonna happen noo matter what you have to say.

  5. Landon Oka says:

    He did not deserve a rematch. if anything he should’ve fought Pettis to determine who gets the next shot….

    • Shawn says:

      This I agree with. Both fighters would have to earn their shot at the title. Pettis was slated to face Edgar for the title originally, but Edgar’s injury but this on the back burner, and eventually out the window with Pettis’ loss to Guida. IMO, he still deserves that shot. Although, I don’t think the fight between Edgar and Henderson was THAT close, I’m getting tired of the whining. So common sense would dictate, that the 2 guys who are (arugably) the top 2 contenders for the title (no disrespect to Nate and Jim), should fight each other for the right to be the #1 contender. Pettis beat Henderson, Henderson beat Edgar. So if Edgar can beat Pettis, than he’s definitely earned a shot at a rematch. If Pettis beats Edgar, he also establishes a strong reason for his rematch. Problem solved. And whoever loses between Pettis vs Edgar, works their way back up the ladder. But alas, Edgar got his wish. I just hope he makes it more of a fight this time around, and not so one sided. Yes…after 3 times watching the fight, it was mostly Henderson taking it to Frankie. Moving around, throwing strikes that do no damage (or even wear the other guy out), and takedowns with no follow throughs, don’t make one the winner. Especially when your face looks like it just got mangled by a 600lb gorilla.

  6. Hightimes99 says:

    Raise your hand if you’re still bitter about FE beating BJ………………………………

  7. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    so what’s gonna happen if Frankie wins by decision??? They will have decision to give Ben his rematch and the division will get further jammed!! Dumb decision Dana…grow a pair!!

  8. WTF says:

    I just don’t understand where Frankie’s coming from.. If he stopped point fighting he wouldn’t have to worry about so many rematches. The Bendo fight was not that close, in the first 2 rounds? Sure, but after the 2nd it was pretty clear who was winning.

  9. Michael says:

    This is good news. I’m excited for the rematch. These guys put on a hell of a show last time and they’ll do it again.

    Great fighters, great guys, and both know that they need to finish it this time which makes it better.

    Can’t wait.

  10. true mma says:

    Nobody is bitter about BJ you stupid fuck hightimes. I wanted to see Ben fight pettis or the winner of miller vs Diaz. Lay off the weed pot head.

  11. After coming out of 2 rematches, there is no question that Frankie deserves one with Ben. The fight was pretty close, and even tho i gave it to Ben as well, i definitely wouldnt mind seeing them fight again. Henderson needs to defend a takedown, and Frankie needs to stop gettin hit so much.

    Sidenote, what’s with the Page 1, Page 2 stuff. if its just a video link, can’t you post it on one page???! its not even like it has its own separate comments or anything

    • joshuah says:

      Defend takedowns?

      1 everytime frankie caught the kick he tried to turn it into a TD & got NOTHING …. if frankie can take BJ down & Ben does terrific/possibly better in defending he’s doing fine

      2 why? Frankie has nothing to offer on the ground & Ben beat frankie off his back.

      The only 2 rounds frankie could have won Ben was standing/nealing over him pounding on him.1st time frankie was. Rocked from the upkick. Second frankie was in the fetal position thinking
      “Yes I just locked up this decision” *fist pump*

      Lol used 2 hate frankie, now I respect him, but this rematch I’m not happy with.

  12. charlie says:

    this is such an unnecessary rematch. the only reason he had to rematch bj and gray was because he was gifted those decisions. he should have lost both times. this is ridiculous and unfair to the other top fighters at 155.

    and what happens if he somehow wins this time? will the UFC give Ben an instant rematch? if they don’t, it will be completely unfair to ben who beat his ass the first time. and if they do, they will have put the entire division on hold for a full year. it’s pointless and extremely undeserving.

  13. Junior says:

    He deserves a rematch of course matchups make fights bj is the best 155er in the world FrankieEdgar is just his criptonite

  14. Mike Hawk says:

    I didn’t know getting you body kick caught or getting taken down won fights!

  15. mean170 says:

    I have no problem with Frankie getting a rematch. I know he obviously lost the first fight (I don’t know how it is debatable). However, it was a good fight to watch and i expect the same from the rematch. And in my opinion Frankie is the best option to fight for the title. I think Pettis needs another win over a big name (Miller, Maynard, Diaz) I personally would like to see the winner of Miller/Diaz fight Pettis for the next title shot.

  16. natural born runner says:

    I’m still super salty about FE beating bj but come on now 6 title fights for frankie in a row completely jamming up the division for someone who will never be the 155 champ again

  17. Carlos says:

    Franky edgar’s Pic looks kinda like bj when he was young! LOL

  18. Pichi says:

    As much as I don’t like Frankie’s fighting style, gotta give the boy props for always being respectful. As much as I’d like to hate him for beating BJ, the kid is so damn likeable. Too bad his fighting style sux, cuz he would have that many more fans

  19. chardt says:

    Edgar is tough as nails..he took a TON of shots from Maynard and just kept coming. He has a lot of heart, and not an ounce of quit in him…I’m sure BJ will agree with that too. And ANYONE at anytime can throw a fight ending punch.

  20. T.Daddy says:

    Bendo gonna beat that ass again

  21. Franky Annoying Edgar says:

    I hope it a draw

  22. Hightimes99 says:

    Everyone complaining about FE clogging up the division is wrong, if anything it’s helping for a ladder in a division that is all over the place…this rematch will provide a clear cut champion, Diaz and miller for a true number one contender bc Pettis is def not it. A head kick ko doesn’t give you an immediate shot especially since he lost to guida and had a tough fight against jeremy. Have pettis fight the winner of Dunham vs barbosa, and guys like Louzon, Maynard, guida, guillard, Stephens, and cerrone weed each other out so the division can start making some sense.

  23. true mma says:

    If you really think Edgar can beat pettis, Diaz, or aldo stop watching mma because your a dumb ass that knows nothing about mma. Frankie has heart but pettis and aldo have sick stand up and Diaz has sick bjj.

  24. jkljk says:

    why do ppl hat frankie so much? he gave two back to back rematches so he deserves atleast one

  25. true mma says:

    I just read that nate Diaz wouldn’t fight Edgar because he knows him.

  26. drew says:

    i do believe he is passionate about the 155 belt, but all in all that whole shpeel was saying basicly i dont wanna fight aldo loose and then have to restart at 155

  27. wayuk says:

    frankie is boring & i don’t care what people say, i only watch the bj penn fight obviously because of bj.. frankie will get dominated again by bendo & get his face busted again. just noticed that edgar needs to fight the same guy again to prove himself (sigh)

  28. jc1 says:

    i can see how frankie could think he won the bout, but he definitely did not win the fight. i’d be too shame to ask for a rematch if i looked like that after a scrap. i’m pretty sure he’ll lose again just because ben will change gameplans: take downs and gnp for 25 minutes.

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