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Monday, 02/20/2012, 02:00 pm

Frankie Edgar | Ben Henderson is a tough guy, but there's a reason I'm the champion

“I’m not in this to play second fiddle to anybody. It’s not so much the belt that holds the significance, it’s what the belt means and how much I worked for it, how much my team’s worked for it and how much my family’s sacrificed for it. So yeah, I’m not gonna give that belt up very easily. When I leave Japan, I’m gonna come home still the champion. I know Ben’s a tough guy, but there’s a reason I’m the champion.”

UFC 144 is set to go down on February 26 live from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. As of current date, the event is expected to be headlined by a lightweight title fight between champion Frankie Edgar and challenger Benson Henderson. The event marks the UFC’s first ever return to Japan since UFC 29 in 2000.


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22 Responses to “Frankie Edgar | Ben Henderson is a tough guy, but there's a reason I'm the champion”

  1. Ricardo says:

    Frankie Edgar is my favorite fighter.
    He inspires me. My hero. tough ass fighter who refuses to lose.
    Great boxing, footwork, wrestling, cardio, heart.
    IDGAF call me nuthugger or whatever but I know Edgar beats Ben saturday!

  2. Dick Diaz says:

    the big reason i’ll be rooting for frankie despite really liking bendo is that i really think a super fight between frankie and jose will be made if frankie wins…

  3. your mother says:

    u got everything right, except that benson will beat edgar’s ass up.

  4. Ricardo says:

    Edgar FTW he is being overlooked AGAIN!
    Edgar is my hero, he inspires me.
    He is always the smaller guy, got all these pussys fighting at lightweight when they walk around fucking 180-200 lbs!!
    Fight at your own weight class!!
    $100 says, “WAR Edgar”!

  5. Robby says:

    @Ricardo, hey if you can make the weight then there shouldnt be a problem. I dont care what a fighter walks around at, as long as they can make the weight limit for that duvision and go in there and fight well then thats all you can ask for. Edgar is a bad ass and will bring it, so will Smooth. Its gonna be a great fight between two tough dudes Saturday.

  6. mma is my religion. says:

    the reason edgar is champ is because he has not fought ben yet, but sat we will have a new 155 champ.

  7. e says:

    cant wait for this shiet!!!!

  8. Kingron84 says:

    Frankie is fast and has alot of heart and great tdd and uses his speed to his advantage. Has anyone ever tried to negate his hand speed with leg kicks? you would think the guys that are bigger than him and cant handle his speed, would utilize the leg kicks to keep his lil rabid punches at bay.

  9. jason says:

    frankys a bitch. notice the new feminine spelling

  10. magoo says:

    Frankies da man, how can you talk shit about the guy?

  11. Ricardo says:

    I bet all you Modern Warfare thugs won’t come to my gym.
    Get a life instead of bashing me for making my opinion about this fight.

  12. T.DADDY says:


  13. Donnybrook says:

    Kick his ass Frankie!!… prove all the hateful doubters wrong again for the 4th or 5th time or whatever it is.

  14. Adrian Williamson says:

    The UFC could throw Bones Jones, Spider Silva, and GSP in the ring against Frankie,a no holds barred match. Frankie would win the fight and people would still say shit like ” I don’t know he just didn’t look that impressive fighting 3 dudes at once and beating them up……all he did was run around and repeatedly punch them in their faces and shit…..”

    Haters gon’ hate?

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