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Friday, 08/31/2012, 06:22 am

Frankie Edgar "Answers" The Call– Steps Up To Fight Jose Aldo at UFC 153


Frankie Edgar certainly lived up to his nickname, “The Answer” late last night when he stepped up and agreed to face UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo on just seven weeks notice after Aldo’s original opponent, Erik Koch was forced to withdraw due to an undisclosed injury.

Edgar is coming off his second consecutive, razor-thin decision loss to current UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson at UFC 150 which took place on August 11 in Denver. After that loss Edgar made the decision to drop the additional ten pounds and try his hand in the featherweight division. Aldo has been the only featherweight champion the UFC has had and came into the organization as the last reigning 145lb champion in the WEC. He defeated Mike Brown for the championship in 2009 and has defended the WEC/UFC versions a total of five times.

Edgar’s stepping up to the plate couldn’t have come at a worse time for UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones who has been vilified by fans, the media, fellow fighters and UFC President Dana White for refusing to fight perennial middleweight Chael Sonnen on eight days notice after Dan Henderson injured his knee and was forced to withdraw from the UFC 151 main event. Because the UFC was unable to secure a new main event the entire card was scrapped. That is something that has never happened since Zuffa gained control of the UFC in 2001. You can expect White to use this ammo to his advantage when talking about Jones.

White had been calling for Edgar to make the drop for some time now and after the second loss to Henderson, Edgar decided it was time to take him up on his offer. Edgar has however said that he plans on taking fights at 155, but that will change should he become the first man to defeat Aldo since November of 2005 a span of 14 fights. Aldo was last seen running through the Brazilian crowd after scoring a first round knockout over the previously unbeaten Chad Mendes at UFC 142.

Aldo and Koch were originally scheduled to face off at UFC 149 in Calgary this past July, but it was Aldo who suffered an injury at that time and forced the bout to be moved to the main event of UFC 153. This will be the UFC’s third trip to Brazil since August of last year when they returned to the country for the first time since October 1998.

Edgar is already one of the more popular fighters in the UFC. Known for his tremendous toughness and gritty determination the former lightweight champion defeated BJ Penn for the title at UFC 112 and defended it twice and also retained it when he fought to a draw with Gray Maynard at UFC 125 in January of 2011. He lost the title in Japan at UFC 144 when he and Henderson put on a Fight of the Night performance.


47 Responses to “Frankie Edgar "Answers" The Call– Steps Up To Fight Jose Aldo at UFC 153”

  1. anthony johnson sucks says:

    Edgar will out point him. He will not want to eat leg kicks from aldo. Unless aldo throws some tricky spin kicks or fists to catch Edgar when he tries to side step his typical muay Thai forward moving attacks

    • magoo says:

      Theres nothing Aldo has that Frankie hasn’t faced, whether it’s Bendos leg kicks, BJs boxing, or Maynard’s power. Frankie’s had 5 round wars he’s gonna take Aldo into deep waters and finish him, I can’t wait to hear the excuses Frankie will beat the p4p man!

      • T.DADDY says:

        You guys are crazy.. Aldo will ko frankie in under 3mins… Look wat maynard did to frankie and Aldo is the best striker besides anderson.. aldo by destruction

      • deez nuts says:

        Way to live up to your name Magoo.

        Aldo has all those things, so Frankie can’t just pick one to avoid. His kicks are easily better than Bendos and he has more power than Gray “the decision” Maynard

        Aldo wins easy.

        • magoo says:

          And you live up to yours cause Aldo’s are in your mouth! Surprised you didn’t say his striking was better then BJs he freaking tool!

        • JJ Dynamite says:

          Aldo has more power than Gray Maynard? I understand you’re a huge Aldo fanboy, but let’s not get ridiculous here. Maynard is the biggest/strongest LW in the division. The guy walks around hovering at 200lbs. Do the math son!

        • T.DADDY says:

          I’m gonna go ahead a disagree with you there… Aldo knocks guys out.. maynard is a beast but he don’t ko anybody..

      • domp says:

        theres nothing frankie has that aldo hasnt face, better strikers, better wrestlers (chad and kenny). Simply stated that edgar can not and will not defeat aldo… its impossible

      • What? says:

        Let’s set aside the fact that you have no idea what you’re talking about and look at it this way: Edgar has lost twice in a row by only trying to do enough to get decisions. He doesn’t really deserve a shot at aldo at all and aldo will show him why Frankie shouldn’t be allowed to fight for a title so soon

  2. Kenshiro says:

    Aldo will destroy Edgar… Edgar is in for a whooping!

  3. A.James says:

    Edgar is going to embarrass Aldo. He’s reached the pinnacle in a way tougher division which is probably the toughest division in the UFC. His boxing and wrestling skills are blended better than any other fighter in MMA plus he’s speed is only going to increase going to a lighter weight where his power will play have a better effect on these smaller guys. Plus Edgar is way small for 155 pounds and has out done the top fighters at 155. How can anyone count him out especially American fans?

  4. T.DADDY says:

    Even though I don’t like frankie and his point style ill give him props for takin the fill in fight… Not everyone has balls to do that like bones scared ass

  5. Sully says:

    Can’t see Edgar getting away from the leg kicks. Obviously he will do a camp to anticipate them but I reckon this will be a TKO for Aldo inside the championship rounds.

  6. Xaninho says:

    There are other featherweights more deserving to step in against Aldo. Edgar didn’t take the offer to fight Aldo right away and fought Bendo instead. Now it would be fair to the other featherweights if he earned his shot, but I guess Frankie has been busy sucking off someone in charge to get yet another favor.

    Then again, I can’t wait to see Aldo beat this crybaby up so he can get to the back of the line where he belongs.

  7. 123 says:

    franke edgar is a legend

  8. Cody says:

    Guys y’all have to realize Frankie hasn’t faced any one with Aldo’s speed our jj his best attributes at lw were speed and cardio that won’t translate at fw IMO it’s gonna be a classic Frankie were he try’s to dance and out point and aldos only way to win is to counter and I think also will get the win his counter striking is better than any one Frankie’s faced by far Aldo by dec

  9. Sammysilva says:

    Aldo is going 2
    To eat edgar alive limb by limb

  10. Sammysilva says:

    Aldo is going to rip edgar alive limb by limb RIP MR REMATCH

  11. Sammy bo says:

    Aldo is going 2 kill frankie the rematch edgar …RIP EDGAR

  12. Shadleigh says:

    Both of these guys are capable of beating the other. I wouldn’t be surprised either way who wins. It’s gonna be a bad ass fight!

  13. Tapitout21 says:

    Frankie doesn’t deserve this fight, but when loses that’s 3 straight and by Dana’s standards hopefully we will be rid of this undeserving bum

    • frank says:

      undeserving bum ? what rock have you been living under for the past 3 years ? he has beaten sean sherk, bj penn twice, knocked out gray maynard, and in the rematch should have gotten the win against bendo. undeserving ? with a comment like yours, you are undeserving of watching mma let alone commenting on it.

    • Frank says:

      Frankie most def deserved that fight!! Dude is fearless n thou he lacks one hit knockout power, he always fight his heart out n the majority of the time that’s more than enough for him to win.

  14. lolziez says:

    we all know UFC staged the injury just so Edgar gets the shot and the UFC gets to make more money. its almost pathetic really, BUT a better fight i would rather watch nonetheless and its just silly how the UFC tries to make Edgar look like a hero “stepping up” to take the fight like the fans are to ignorant to know there true intentions

  15. Zack says:

    I bet Koch isn’t even hurt. Dana prolly had this set up. Aldo is gunna beat the shit out of Frankie though.

  16. Take a lesson from their nuts Jon says:

    Two warriors here A fu$$n double
    knockout wouldn’t surprise me
    This matchup is way to unpredictable
    for anyone to call unless your naive or
    just plain stupid Finaly I’m excited
    No matter who w’s or l’s I’m gettin my
    moneys worth

  17. axelj says:

    now how come no one cares about edgar getting a title shot after 2 losses but everyone was on chaels ass when he stepped up

    • magoo says:

      Uh….cause most people that watched Edgar/Bendo II thought Edgar won including Nate Diaz and Anthony Pettis, but what the hell would they know?? Obviously nothing you Henderson fan boys know….lol there’s no one more fitting and deserving of this fight more then the should be LW champ Frankie Edgar.

  18. uhnomuhlee says:

    Frankie will not be able to take Aldo down.
    Frankie can’t get inside without eating leg kicks either. These will be far more devastating than Henderson’s. Frankie’s speed isn’t such the advantage at FW as it was at LW… and Aldo will do him like he did Faber. Chop him down by round 2/3. Frankie will be even slower, and Aldo WILL finish.
    However, I do worry for Aldo’s weight cut and its effect on his cardio. It seems to be getting harder and harder for him, but with the leg kicks he hits Edgar with, by the time he starts getting tired, Frankie shouldn’t be able to move. He’s got big heart though. I won’t count him out completely, but he’s not going to out point Aldo. He’s going to stay far away and try to counter after Aldo kicks him two or three times.
    Aldo by TKO in the 4th.

  19. DJS says:

    7 weeks and 8 days are not anywhere close to the same amount of time. I don’t see how you can make a comparison between the two situations.

  20. BJ is KING says:

    Usually I would side with the boxer in these instances but Aldo is such a devastating and accurate kicker I think he could wound Edgar enough, even go as far as to say that Aldo will finish him. Aldo has some of the most lethal kicks I’ve seen in MMA and Edgar is such a prominent boxer I think his lead leg will be so weak he wont be able to pivot properly by the time Aldo is done with him. Edgar better hope he can neutralize his kicks because he kicks faster than Henderson, and probably with more intent too.

  21. The natural says:

    Has any fighters last six fights been half as tough as Edgars does anybody fight bj Maynard and Henderson twice and walk out lookin the victor wow how can u hate on this guy now he’s taking Aldo fight on short notice inn first fight in a diff weight class. This guys still small for fw Aldos still bigger then him. But everybody knows if anybody has best chance taking Aldo it’s Edgar and always been.

  22. anthony says:

    They only way to predict a winner is if your from the future…
    That’s it stop fucking predicting shit and watch the fucking fight like a regular human bieng…stop with your predicting bullshit and S T F U

    Go ALDO.

  23. spaced says:

    I bet half of u saying frankie doesn’t deserve the fight, weren’t saying the same about chael , at least frankies held a ufc title, the only title chaels held is the plastic one he bought off ebay for 2 dollars.

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