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Monday, 04/16/2012, 02:57 pm

Frank Trigg Goes In-Depth About Legal Issues And Release From HDNet

By Roberto Mattos:
Frank Trigg was on a recent episode of the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

For those who have not been following, there have been a lot of rumors swirling around about Twinkle-Toes and his recent divorce from both his wife and HDNet as a color commentator.

Trigg touched briefly on the fight world saying, “You gotta have thick skin. People think you’ve got to hate each other. Everything is not about the Diaz brothers where you’ve got to hate the guy to fight him.” The majority of the interview was focused on the tabloid-esque tales that have been swirling around the web. I lost track how many times Trigg responded to a question with, “I can’t talk about any of it.” But he did, however, manage to shed some light on a few things, albeit reluctantly.

The release from HDNet, according to Trigg, was almost a preemptive strike. There was a merger in the works between HDNet and Seacrest Productions and “they were nervous about Seacrest productions deal falling through. They released me December 10th.” But Trigg holds no grudges with HDNet: “You can’t fault HDNet for trying to save their company by letting me go, they were scared about what could happen and it did.”

With regards to his divorce, Trigg said, “My divorce became final a couple days before this hit the website,” and “there is a court order; we’re not allowed to talk about each other privately and publicly. Because of all this stuff it’s really set me back. It’s stopped my advancing career. This whole thing is really difficult. It’s really stopped everything in my livelihood.”

This court order is actually why Trigg was reluctant to give the interview, as it can be difficult to talk about a subject you’re not legally allowed to talk about.
He also had a few choice words for those sites posting the story. “The problem is they got a 1/3 of the story. All these webs that reposted this are hacks. It’s become a disservice to the industry as a whole.” “When it’s said, it can’t be unsaid. You can’t pull it back. The only way that I can make it better is attacking her, and that isn’t good.”

When pushed a bit with regards to an alleged incident back in October between Trigg and his now ex-wife, he reiterated his early sentiment by saying, “I will not discuss anything that happened in my divorce. It will put my ex in a negative position and I’m not going to do that to the mother of my children.”

He also squashed the rumors of an alleged affair with a staff member saying it’s “not true at all.”

While repeating, “I will not answer anything that has to deal with the divorce,” Trigg did give away some information, telling Ariel that, “I’ve never been arrested, picked up or convicted of anything other than a speeding ticket.”

When asked how he’s paying the bills right now, so to speak, Trigg responded with a flat, “I’m not. I’m sitting at home watching my kids. Everyone is running for the hills.”

The interview did a quick turnaround at the end, touching on Trigg’s less-than-active fight career. When asked if he may fight more often since the commentating gigs aren’t exactly flowing at the moment Trigg said, “No, I might fight less. I have to watch my kids.”

Trigg has one fight left on his BAMMA contract.

So what say you, MMA world? Would you like to see Trigg calling shots with Shamrock, Miletich and Mauro, or sitting with Rogan and Goldberg? Or are you still trying to figure out why anyone is talking about Frank Trigg?


10 Responses to “Frank Trigg Goes In-Depth About Legal Issues And Release From HDNet”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Noone gives a rats ass about Frank Trigg. His fighting career has been over for years. I don’t even know why they would ask him about his washed up fighting career. Trigg will never work for UFC and or any respectable MMA organization again. The man is a woman beater and noon ein MMA business wants that kind of baggage

  2. Fett says:

    I don’t know anything about Trigg’s personal life. I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight on Strikeforce against Tyrone Woodley.

  3. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    I dont agree with GET RID OF FITCH as we dont know what happened at all, only what the roumor mill have spread.

    however trig is crap at commentary, hes just better than mayhem miller at giving post fight interviews on stage so he replaced miller on hdnet fights.
    hes shocking though and only ever talks about himself and aparently no one is better than him when he talks about the fighters.

    for that reason, no hes not worthy of ufc work and hes not a great fighter either

  4. AV981 says:

    He should fight in Bellator.

  5. Gomay says:

    Fighting no commentating yes not bad any fighter that has had a decent number of fights under his belt that has been in the past fighting scenarios to the current is valuable. Far as his personal life like the man said everything is not posted so nobody should be jumping conclusions. If he was such a wife beater he WOULDNT BE HAVING HIS KIDS did anyone think of that? Anyway, he’ll be fighting like Ken Shamrock or some shit in 3 months at a local gym in California somewhere.

  6. Wendy Brewer says:

    LIAR!!!!! He’s so full of crap and he KNOWS it! There is NO court order refraining him from talking about ANYTHING. He chooses not to talk about it because he knows that everything that was said is TRUE TRUE TRUE. And he even admitted to the affair in open court. What a PIG. He DISGUSTS me!!!

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