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Tuesday, 05/08/2012, 06:33 am

Frank Mir Wants Everyone To Know He Is Confident Not Arrogant

“I guess they say it because I’m so self-confident. Sometimes I think people rather see a fighter saying ‘oh Jesus, I’m so glad, I can’t believe I won, I’ve never been that good, I’m not that good.’ I’ve never had that kinda thought, especially because I was always so focused in getting into the Octagon to compete. I fought many guys who think like that and due to my self-confidence, I get on their nerves. But those who are arrogant can’t understand themselves, they think their qualities are bigger than they really are. I, on the other hand, am only confident about what I know I can really do.”

These words came from the former UFC heavyweight champion and now number one contender in the heavyweight division, Frank Mir, when speaking with Mir’s confidence is often misconstrued among other heavyweight fighters as arrogance or cockiness, he states it is mere belief in himself. As he is set to take on the current champion Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146 in Las Vegas, May 26th, Mir is feeling more and more confident in what he “knows he can do.” The submission specialist is looking to shock the world and out fight the heavy handed boxer Dos Santos.

What do you all think? Can he shock the world and pull of the upset??


18 Responses to “Frank Mir Wants Everyone To Know He Is Confident Not Arrogant”

  1. Xaninho says:

    That’s alright, but unfortunately for Mir it’s missplaced confidence.

  2. Clay says:

    Big nog should have kept standing with him. He’s gonna get knocked out in the first

  3. Mike Diaz says:

    This will solidify Frank Mir as the elite HW to reckon with, this fight will go to the ground! Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  4. Casey says:

    man sorry to say hes gonna get fucking wrecked……his jaw is pathetic and weak now after carwin and lesnar destroyed it big nog showed it doesnt take a big shot to get him stunned… jds is a far better striker than carwin. Goodnight mr .mir

    • Tom says:

      The thing that people fail to realize and give Frank credit for is the fact that while he was nearly knocked out by big nog, he managed to submit him, one of the best heavyweight grapplers in the world, while dazed and confused.
      So what if his chin is suspect? That doesn’t make it any less likely that he’ll submit any fighter, as proven against big nog.

      • MMARPG says:

        well what alot of other people dont talk about is the only reason he was able to tap big nog was because (and ive seen the fight) big nog actually knockd him out pretty much then said well nevermind i wanna tap him cuz he knocked me out! and frank mir was able to grab sumthin luckily but you better believe that JDS isnt gonna make the same mistake once that right hand lands 5 more punches on the way down lol but it will be a good fight just think franks ahead of himself a lil bit! so what you tappd nog out JDS is 20 years younger and a BEAST!!

  5. Ugh. The first thing I read from Frank Mir after the announcement of his promotion to the title fight was this: “I hit as hard as Junior Dos Santos” (paraphrased). Let’s assume that’s actually true (which I doubt). Why would it matter? Is he planning to throw leather with JDS? Why? JDS has no significant ground game, but he does have a striking game. So, why would you choose to strike with him even if you’re better at it? When you’re as good as Mir is on the ground, and you’re faced with an unproven ground fighter, you take it to the ground because it’s the smart thing to do. Again, I ask why Mir is so caught up over his striking. The only reasonable answer is arrogance. If Mir would fight with an intelligent strategy, this would be one hell of a fight. Instead, it’s going to be a boxing match, and JDS is going to get the KO. That’s a shame. I love watching Mir’s BJJ.

    • Shanghai Bob says:

      If you had bothered to read that article in full you would know this was a comment he had made a long time ago when JDS first came on the scene…not recently

    • mike d. says:

      It mind games. I believe this is an attempt to throw jds off and make him think this will be a stand up war and thus giving jds a false sense of security. Mir will close the distance with a flurry of jabs and then shoot in for a takedown. That’s just my opinion.

  6. Ian says:

    Junior subs Frank in the first

  7. The Godfather says:

    Guys. If Mir didn’t have a chance he wouldn’t be fighting JDS. I’m backing Mir 100% in this.

  8. Jb says:

    Granted jds has sick hands and take down defense. But you guys slam Mir way more than he deserves.

  9. stephen Riddle says:

    I like mir but i dont know about this one good luck mir!

  10. Dre says:

    Frank mir is very good.junior dos santos is very good.will be a war.i dont beleive it will go the distance.gonna be great fight

  11. Anderson Silva's rib says:

    Im pretty sure that was a temple shot that rocked him..

  12. Sheyne says:

    Mir has a legit shot he isn’t a slouch on his feet but he doesn’t want to exchange with dos santos. footwork and a solid jab with kicks to keep him at bay then hope for a trip take down or a standing submission, maybe create a scramble. If he can test dos santos ground game no matter how he gets there he has a distinct advantage no matter how good dos santos may or may not be on the ground

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