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Monday, 01/14/2013, 12:45 pm

Frank Mir Reflects On Cain’s Win Over JDS | UFC NEWS

“I actually had it 50/50 going in, I still felt that Velasquez, I’ve always said one of the most well rounded heavyweights. I think that he was potentially the most dangerous guy, but obviously Junior’s takedown defense and his hands always make it something to always pay attention to. Even as dominating as Velasquez was, some of the body punches Junior started throwing and moving around, he’s some body that’s never really out of the fight, so that’s why I put it as a 50/50. Do I think that Velasquez is the better martial artist? Absolutely. He’s more well rounded. He can do takedown, he can avoid takedowns, he can box, obviously he landed more punches and threw more punches in the match when it did box. And on the ground he at least went for a submission attempt. Everybody says Junior has submissions on the ground, I think after now we can go close the book on that, after 25-minutes he went for zero attempts, so.”


9 Responses to “Frank Mir Reflects On Cain’s Win Over JDS | UFC NEWS”

  1. Frank should retire says:

    Not sure about anyone else but I would have liked to see Cain going for a few more chokes during that fight. I know he likes to finish by striking but Juniors neck was out there for the taking on a few of those take downs.. Then again that’s easy for me to say from my couch.

    I say Cain should work w/Frank on some on BJJ

  2. seanoliva says:

    after the nelson fight mir stated he wont train with any other heavyweigths anymore.

  3. Jade says:

    Am I the only person that still likes Mir?

  4. Whaaaaaa?? says:

    I don’t think Mir understood the questions..whaaaaa????

  5. Aza says:

    Sack that interviewer…

  6. Calvin says:

    mir started respectful but towards the end he kinda starts to bash on jds i guess he needs to get knocked out again this time without trt but it doesnt matter cormier is gonna smash him into retirement

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