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Tuesday, 10/11/2011, 09:35 am

Frank Mir Looking To Keep It Standing Against Nogueira At UFC 140

“Nogueira is still a very tough guy. A lot of people are on two sides of the extreme. They either think the first fight was a fluke or that he should retire. I see someone who is going to be extremely motivated who wants to get revenge, so I don’t look to overlook him at all. He’s a very legitimate submission specialist, obviously. Even when he’s 80-years old he’s gonna be dangerous on the ground. On our feet I feel I still have a very big advantage due to my athletic ability and I’m a little more fluid. Being on our feet is a great advantage (for me) and less risk of something bad happening there than on the ground.”


17 Responses to “Frank Mir Looking To Keep It Standing Against Nogueira At UFC 140”

  1. bruts says:

    yeee frank mir is gunna get fucked up! so stoked!

  2. Steven says:

    Mir sucks compared to Nogueira and his record shows it

  3. JDMartialArts says:

    Nogueria cleaned up in Brazil and Japan before he joind the UFC. Plus, Frank has the mental advantage of owning a win over Big Nog. I pick Mir by UD, 48-47

  4. TALLI5ON says:

    48-47? Its not the main event, its only gonna be 3 rounds

  5. aaxantonio says:

    nog had a staff infection the last time they fought, hopefully he will be healthy for this one, i dont know if he will beat mir but if he is healthy i know he wont get his assed whooped like the first bout. cant wait for this fight though routin for big nog

  6. jeff says:

    Even if it was a main event, it still does not qualify for 5 rounds, for it’s not a title fight.

  7. b_um refutor says:

    no its not u idiot, eg, ufc 105 nogeria v coture, 3 rounds dumbass

    • HWNSuperman says:

      Have you not been paying attention to the press releases…? All Main Events are going to be 5 rounds going forward, title fight or not. The first 5 round non-title main event will be Leben and Munoz in the UK.

  8. dedman89 says:

    and big nog vs couture was at ufc 102. 105 was couture vs vera… ur very well informed

  9. zack says:

    So mr ju juitsu pro is scared to roll with not? Lol

  10. jjski says:

    Nog had a staph infection and was hurt when he fought Mir the first time. This rematch will be MUCH different. Mir is like Glass Joe in Mike Tysons Punch Out. Hope Nog makes his face look like hamburger, then submits that loud mouth bastahd.

  11. El Charlie says:

    Noguiera 3rd round submission, guillotine, rear naked, or maybe even a peruvian necktie.

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