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Saturday, 10/22/2011, 10:44 am

Frank Mir: Lesnar Easily Beats Overeem

“Honestly, I think Brock will win pretty easily. I think we’re going to see the closest thing to a grappler versus striker match you’ll see nowadays. Brock is going to cover up; maybe throw one jab. He’ll rush Overeem to the cage, reach down for a leg and rip him down…. I don’t think he’s going to get off his back. I’d be very shocked — I’d applaud Overeem if he got off his back.”

Scheduled to welcome Alistair Overeem in his long awaited UFC debut is none other than former champion, Brock Lesnar.

Having faced the big man twice holding a record of 1-1 against him, Frank Mir tells that he sees the bout as a one sided affair, all in favor of Lesnar.

We haven’t seen too many chinks in Overeem’s armor in the past several years, but then again, he is always the bigger stronger man in the ring. With Lesnar back to full health he should be able to at least equal the strength and explosive athleticism over the “Reem”.

It’s no secret, Brock need to take the fight to the mat in order to have a prayer of winning, but who out there besides Mir thinks he can actually do it?

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49 Responses to “Frank Mir: Lesnar Easily Beats Overeem”

  1. Dbaxter says:

    Like the Incredible Hulk… “Brock SMASH Reem”

  2. David says:

    What was a chink doing in reems armor

  3. anonymouShea says:

    Not too sure if Frank knows what he’s talking about here.

  4. DrGiles says:

    is Mir high? Reem is actually bigger than brock and he has a legit submission game. I think its going to be reminiscent of brock vs cain

    • rob says:

      I was also going to comment on the whole Cain thing. The last two good strikers he faced punched him and he started to panic. Ubereem has some sick hands, if he lands Brock is done because he doesn’t know how to take a punch.

      • troy says:

        you think he doesn no how to take a punch…the amount of punishment he took from carwin an still managed to shell up…the amount of time he protected against cain before being over run. ur taking his last two fights an making a full judgement on him, look at his other fights taking punches from couture and mir an not going down. i wud like to see u get hit by those two an see if u can take a punch better

      • T.DADDY says:

        um did u not read the article?? He said Brock will take Reem down… Brock knows if he stands wit Reem he will get ko’d… Brock had no choice but to stand with Cain cuz he couldnt hold him down… and he took Carwins best and he took a beating from Cain and he’s never been out cold.. so to say he cant take a punch is BS..


    • aaxantonio says:

      overeem couldnt beat the top lhw in pride what makes you think he is going to hang with the heavyweights? he was in the minor leagues for a reason

    • jersey says:

      how s he bigger than brock, brock will be 285 fight night

  5. dedman89 says:

    i think it could look very much like brock vs frank 2 at ufc 100. thats what i wanna see.

  6. TIkler says:

    Damn dude do some editing before you post your articles. Chinks? Hmmmm…

  7. Cody Schumacher says:

    I don’t know y people think brocks gonna let him hit him I mean look at what happened with Cain brock took him down twice all I’m saying is if brock can get Cain down he can get reem down and reem is not bigger than brock reem doesn’t cut weight lesnar cuts 15lbs I call reem gets tired and turtles up

  8. JPeech says:

    Cain has WAY BETTER wrestling than Overeem and he got taken down i dont see Overeem being able to stuff a take down from Lesner i really dont…that being said Brock could get popped like he did vs Cain and do his little helicopter spin away shit and get KOed lol but i hope Brock wins : )

    • Mike McMack says:

      Overeem has very good takedown defense, but I agree with you he’s not a grappler. If Brock can get top position he’ll win, I don’t think any HW can come back once Brock gets side control. Brock has everything necessary to be a HW version of Chael Sonnen (in the cage I mean), Chael uses his boxing to open up the takedown and once he gets a person down or in the clinch he works his butt off. Thats what Brock needs to do, but I’m just unsure how improved Brock is going to be this time around with the long layoff and months of recovery without training that’s the only reason why I’m picking Overeem in this fight but I want Brock to win.

  9. Eric says:

    Mir and his damn 80’s hairstyle.

  10. Jon says:

    I think Lesnar has this, too. I could see him actually getting the TKO. Overeem was being bloodied up by Werdum because he was so worried about the takedown, and I imagine Brock hits harder.
    If he fights like he did there, I think he’ll get hurt and taken down, if not finished, and I don’t think he’ll be able to get up. It will basically have to happen quickly if Overeem wants to knock him out in my opinion. That being said, I hope he knees Lesnar’s skull to the back of the arena.

  11. dildon says:

    Mir’s fight picks are usually off. I’m taking Reem First round KO.

  12. steve says:

    here are the 2 things that could possibly happen overroid tkos him quick. or brock takes him down and turns his face into mince meat

  13. Mike McMack says:

    Whoever has their way in this fight wins, Overeem wants to keep it standing and Brock wants to take it to the ground. The thing I always keep in mind is that Brock is still very young to the sport of MMA and if he’s smart he’s going to learn from his losses. He thought he would easily be able to get Cain Velasquez down to the ground but we all know how that turned out. Overeem has fantastic takedown defense but as long as Brock is insistent on the clinch and takedown he’ll have a chance.

    I feel like Brock is the underdog since he’s got a problem getting hit in the face, he’s gotta push through the punches and keep pressing for the takedown. Based on Brock’s last 2 fights with a good striker like Carwin then a great striker in Cain he’s in for a bigger test in the striking department with Overeems crisp striking.

    Like I said, Brock is young in the sport and he knows what it takes to be the best. He was NCAA wrestling champ and he’s a former UFC champ. He knows he’s gotta fight smarter, he can’t risk getting his as much as he has his last 2 fights. His striking needs to get to a point so that he can use it to create openings for takedowns, he can’t just bum rush people he’s gotta be more methodical. This is what I love about MMA, style matchups like this fight and the Jones v Machida fight always make it interesting.

    Brock’s game is still too one dimensional IMO, he’s got all the talent in the world but he’s facing guys that have trained in MMA for a decade vs him only 3 to 4 years. Wrestling is great but it’s not all that great when it’s all you have. After watching TUF Brock vs JDS I actually took a liking to Brock but I have to go with my gut and call it like it is…Overeem TKO 1st round.

  14. T.DADDY says:

    dude that wrote this is a Brock hater.. what a bitchh.. kinda reminds me of jukies hating bitchh azz..lmao!

  15. pinoy says:

    overeem will crush brock, and cain both in the ring at the same time bro… u guys need 2 look at overeems past man….do ur homework….overeem will be the most popular fighter in mma history, and the ufc…so will nick diaz, sorry bj…

    • aaxantonio says:

      look at his past? ok, he lost to liddel. shogun twice, little nog twice, all lhw, like i said before there was a reason he was in the minor leagues

    • Arturo Salcedo says:

      i agree whit you on nick diaz,but not whit cain,yes cain is smaller than overeem but he is alot faster, the quality of fighters in strikeforce is not neer as good as the ufc fighters,here some names, JDS,carwin,nugueria,kongo,mir,overeem has hes hands full the ufc before he can be call one of the best

  16. Tod says:

    Mirs not considering that overeem is just gonna train takedown defense and scrambling. Cain did the same thing and defended very successfully even though he’s much smaller and weaker than Overeem. Brock Lesnar can train his standup but he’s not going to match Overeem even close because his ability to strike is already too low. He’s way to slow and one dimensional to handle Overeem, the end…

  17. JPeech says:

    Alistair has not fought anyone with the strength and take down ability of Brock that being said Alistair probably has the most crisp and powerful striking that Brock has seen this far i cant wait for this fight cause it can really go either way But ….. I think ill take Lesner 3rd round TKO

  18. drew says:

    i think frank is playing this angle…indirectly saying the reem cant do to much so if the reem does win he and the reem could fight

  19. drew says:

    frank doesnt like brock ata ll by all of a sudden such a complement…?

  20. arrecife says:

    Brock by 2nd Rnd GNP TKO. Brock’s wrestling will prove too dominant for Reem.

  21. Jon Jones says:

    Overeem trains with some of the best Russian wrestlers in the world. This will be Brock’s career ending fight in MMA. Overeem by 1st round KO.

  22. roundeye says:

    Ching Chang chow muthafucka,,,, what a article im dYing ova here. Fukin comedy. U mean kinks not slant eyes… This is a riot. Dood he got wet backs on the mat and Dago to haha. Reem wins in,2nd.

  23. I see Alistair’s knee caving Brock’s head in on this one.

  24. zack says:

    Bricks gettin ktfo

  25. chon209 says:

    Epic Fail by the writer its kinks not “chinks” and good job to those that were explaining what chinks meant and ripping ppl for being racist.

    If overatedreem was so worried about werdum takedowns that he clamed up whats going to happen when he is standing in front of brock

  26. Lesnars Wrestling could NOT do a thing with CAIN…because CAIN is grade A bad ass and very well rounded…as well as having that killer instinct. Lesnar WILL take reem down and G N P him, get the finish by the end of the 2nd round. I like reem a lot and think he will come around…but brock is a bad match up at this point. Brock with the W.

  27. Xaninho says:

    Overeem is the ONLY fighter EVER being the world champion in both K-1 ánd MMA. That doesn’t say he will win, cause that depends on his stamina and takedown defense.

    But overall I do think Overeem will have his first UFC win behind his name. Either by a KO or submission from off his back, arm bar or triangle choke.

    If Lesnar does take the win, it’ll be by lay ‘n’ pray.

  28. Mach00man says:

    These posts are freakin hilarious!

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