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Saturday, 06/02/2012, 01:40 pm

Frank Mir Latest To Be Approved for TRT | MMA NEWS

It may be an unfair upper-hand, cheating, an advantage but it is legal. Testosterone replacement therapy is almost becoming a staple in the world of MMA. The latest fighter to gain approval for the controversial treatment was Frank Mir. His approval came prior to his heavyweight title bout against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146.

Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer confirmed the approval on Friday.
The exemption from the Commission is only granted if the prescription is given by a liscensed physician. The TRT is given to athletes who suffer from a “medical condition” called low T.

Prior to his fight with Dos Santos, Mir underwent all of the pre-testing required by the commission and his testosterone levels met the prerequisites it takes to compete in the Octagon.

TRT is more than a hot button topic, due to the number of fighters that are participating in the treatment of the therapy.

There have been an abundance of fighters that have recently admitted to using the controversial therapy, including Rampage, Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen.


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  1. Nick says:

    And here comes all the comments about everyone saying TRT is cheating. All I have to say is that it’s not cheating. If you’re slowing down as you get older and need something to get you back to peak performance, why not? Go ahead and call me an idiot and stuff, but that’s the truth and have an open mind about it.

    • exactly people dont realize that its a therapy not a steroid

      • Jonc says:

        I get your point, but testosterone is a steroid. If you put it in your body, you take a steroid. If you need it, I guesss you need it.

        • shaun says:

          if u cant fight without it u dont need 2 be fighting at all

        • Nick says:

          That’s a dumb statement. That’s basically saying, if you get in an accident and become a paraplegic you should get fired.

        • riDICKulous says:

          Dick, I mean Nick, accident’s a mishap. it is not natural to get into accidents. low testosterone level however is normal cause that’s a sign your body is telling you to slow down.

          what a dumb analogy in the first place!

        • Nick says:

          It’s not a dumb analogy. This is the way these guys make a living and need it for financial stability. That’s a perfect analogy for the situation, you’re just to closed minded to understand it. You just see black and white. There is a grey area for this.

        • Starr816 says:

          This guy gets it. Plain and simple. Aging is not a disease or disorder. It’s natural. Such a complicated notion huh?

        • Pdub says:

          Nick- worst analogy ever

        • jersey says:

          they take it when they come off a cycle to get there test running naturally again.

        • Buka says:

          Bingo!! You said it bro. These fuckers are using every trick to get an advantage.
          All these dumb asses who think these guys suffer from low T they are ignorant fools. The only guys probably do suffer from this would be fighters over 40 but they too should not be given the approval to use this shit. If you want to compete in a young mans game then that’s the chance you take.

      • Anthony says:

        Actually it is a steroid.

      • Avon barksdale says:

        Nick and brad are clearly clueless. It’s not rehab therapy or physical therapy. They inject testosterone into ur system. Not dissimilar from steroids or hgh. And what qualifies someone to NEED it? Injury? Few losses in a row? Old age? Get this bullshit outta mma.

        • Nick says:

          But testosterone is a substance that is naturally produced in the body correct? Don’t answer anything else but that question. Don’t give me anything but a yes or no, or I’ll assume you’re retarded and incapable of performing a simple task.

        • Xaninho says:

          It’s not the substance that’s questioned, it’s the amount of it. At a certain age the levels are NATURALLY dropping. Enhancing them to UNNATURAL high levels is cheating.

          Oh I typed those two words in caps to make the point come across. Since you think your question can be answered with just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ I’ll assume you’re the retard in your family.

        • Nick says:

          Thank you for making it easier for me to read. I appreciate that. But my quarrel was not with you. And that’s the point I’ve been trying to get at.

        • matt says:


          Steroids are naturally produced in the body, so by your logic (I use the term loosely in your case) they would be legal as well?

          TRT should be banned for MMA athletes. If you can’t compete, then don’t.

        • The oft it'd says:

          Testosterone embalance in the body is known to be a reason..

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        Brad you sir are an idiot. look it up TRT is steroids palin and simple and what these CHEATERS like Sonnen and Marquardt are doing is abusing TRT by shooting them selves up with massive amounts of testosterone between fights during training which allows them to gain massive amounts of strength and recover 10 times faster from workouts than natural athletes. All it ends up being is cycling as these fighters gain all the benefits of steroids and taper off to get theri levels to under 6 to 1 which is already an insane number. Why should it be legal for fighters to have 6 times the higher amount of testosterone in their bodies than an average man. Its obvious theyw ant these guys all JUICED UP. Ask any doctor why TRT is not needed by athletes in theri 20s and 30’s. If these athletes were able to compete at a high level before then their bodies were NORMAL but if they abused steroids their whole careers like Nate “THE CHEAT” and Sonnen have then when they go off steroids they are screwed because they have ruined their bodies ability to produce their own testostrone. They should not be awarded for CHEATING all those years by being given a LEGAL CHEATER exemption like TRT. Natural athletes over 40 can start losing testosterone naturally and it doesn’t mean they were steroid abusers like Sonnen (since high school) Nate CHEAT since his days in Japan where he said it was legal to JUICE and everyone was doing it. No Nate you were doing it and because you are a coward you have to throw others under the bus to try and cover up your LIFETIME STEROID ABUSE.

        • jones says:

          i agree with the fitch hater…first mirr gets smashes by brock an decide he need workout an power train to stay compettive…now he starts juice,,,he is doing anything for an edge,.. look at mark coleman he abused roids heavy same with randleman and they stoped and still fought after…also 6 to1 is bullshit..any legit doctor who really cares about your health and is giving u trt for the right reason wont let you get near 6to1… that is a unfair advantage..a good doc will put you only where your body naturally should be…think all guys over 33 or 34 woulc qualify for this shit…but only the cowards looking for the edge are going to it,,,anderson is 37 near 38 just think if he started trt wow…he would be killer.. this trt is bullshit,,,and too my knoledge i dont think randy couture uses trt and he fought till 47..these guys are all just cheating looking for loop holes…maybe over 40 its ok,,but only up to where the body naturally should be..and if u get trt they need really reaally closely test you and be sure you dont go over the natural…they need change ths 6to1 bullshit…..i think this 6to1 shit was for actually roids for injurys not trt…any asshole knows 6to1 is crazy

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          Jones excellent post. thanks for putting it so these morons that are too stupid to realize TRT when abused (Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT IS JUICING

        • matt says:

          agreed…but dude…learn to edit your comments….you wrote a novel.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          sorry you’re right, just hard to spit it all out you know

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        Its only therapy if its done in LOW DOSES like way my doctor prescribes it to me. I’m 50 and have a testosterone level of a 90 year old and I get 50mg month and it makes me feel like superman and so you say Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” are only gettting therapy by shooting up 1600MG a month? Thats the amount they admit to but Sonnen had to have been doing 10 times tahtmuch to produce a testosterone level of 3400 in Silva fight. Don’t forget theya re only 34 and i’m 50 so you are so wrong that its crazy to me that you could be so friggen naive to these proven CHEATS. look up what nate already was busted for and he admitted he did steroids fro 8 years in Japan because it was legal. Sonnen has been JUICING since high school

    • toneloc24 says:

      I don’t have any problems with people using it if they need it. I have a problem with people cheating the system and using it when they don’t need it and abusing it. If you’ve been caught with elevated levels then you shouldn’t be allowed to use it anymore plain and simple.

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      You haven’t a clue what TRT can do for an athltete or an ol;d man for that matter. NOONE including athletes needs TRT (legit anyway) in their 30’s PERIOD. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid and that is a fact, look it up before you state stupid ass sh’it like its not JUICING. Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” have beeen busted red handed for using TRT as performance enhancing. Any fighter who has been given the TRT exemption who has been busted cheating with it should have their exemption PULLED taken away for good and every fighter who is on TRT should be tested by Commiosn regulry like Hendo has been since day 1.

      • Nick says:

        HAHAAHAHA WOW. Testosterone is a natural substance that is “naturally” produced in your body. Do some research before you come to this game. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. I do agree on the testing. I believe that in training camp a fighter should be tested at least once a month. As a matter of fact, all fighters should be tested once a month.

        • dr Kildare says:

          Jeez bunch of idiots, yes testosterone is produced by the body but in small amounts. Taking more than is neccesary and taking anything that your body isnt producing is a form of cheating so to speak.

          So if your body doesnt make enough you should be able to shoot up and get more it is like if you good enuff to fight does your opponent allow you to hit him a few extra times?

        • Nick says:

          So basically you’re saying that taking protein shakes, or any supplement for that matter is cheating? Don’t say you didn’t say that, because that’s the exact argument you just made.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          TRT is synthetic testosterone you friggen IDIOT.

        • Nick says:

          Yes, it’s the same as a person with type 1 diabetes taking insulin.

        • GET RID OF TRT says:

          Dick Nick congratulations for being the biggest IDIOT I’ve ever seen.

          Don’t even compare protein shakes and supplements to TRT.

          Taking protein shakes and shooting injections up your coward ass is like the difference between hell and heaven.

    • Drew says:

      If you are that old then you shouldnt be fighting. I’m not calling you an idiot, but come on. I’m 37 and banged up. I couldmget drugs to get me back in the game, but if i cant physically do it on my own, i won’t. That being said. Mir is the man, and i hate to see him go out like this. What a great career.

    • Avon barksdale says:

      People who say “If u need trt, then u shouldn’t be fighting” are 100% right. Nick; according to ur argument, if someone in wall street needs insider trading info (illegal btw) to make money it’s ok. Since he is not as competent or not a good worker, he should have an advantage over others.

      • Nick says:

        That’s not the argument at all. That’s like firing someone from a job because they have type 1 diabetes and need insulin shots. I’m not saying everyone should use it, but if you have a medical need for it then it’s ok. And it’s not an advantage if you’re back to average. You’re argument is invalid, but I like the point you tried to provide.

      • Nandaho says:

        I agree Avon. The argument that I keep seeing that says these guys have the right to earn a living is not valid. Yes they have a right to earn a living, but they can easily choose to earn a living in a million other different ways. If fighters need to take TRT to properly compete, then they should retire. I don’t care if they got injured, have one nut, or are just naturally “low T”. You wanna be a fighter at the highest levels, then do it NATURALLY! Not to mention that years of illegal steroid abuse will lead a person to have low levels of testosterone (CHAEL). Stop rewarding these cheaters and get them the hell out of MMA!

        • Nick says:

          So by NATURALLY you mean that they shouldn’t take anything that is performance enhancing? I believe I’m reading that right. So no Protein shakes, creatine, etc. No supplements. Got ya.

        • Nandaho says:

          You have a point there Nick, but protein shakes and creative are substances that you can buy over the counter whereas testosterone is not. Plus you can’t possibly be comparing the effects of a protein shake to that of testosterone.

        • Nick says:

          I’m not really comparing them. The only point I’m trying to make is that TRT should be allowed as long as it’s heavily monitored. I personally believe that throughout training camp EVERY fighter should be tested at least once a month. Then 30 days before and after the fight. But to be a top performer nowadays, no one is 100% natural.

        • Nandaho says:

          Ok I’ll agree with that, but we both know that’s not what’s being implemented by the UFC, so as of rIght now guys being allow to use TRT are free to abuse it, then cycle off as fight time approaches.

        • Xaninho says:

          The problem is the NSAC condones testosterone levels up to 6:1.

          1:1 is average, do you think the ones on ‘legal’ TRT are going to stop at 1:1, or maybe at 2:1 or 4:1? No they will abuse the rules and cheat their way to a ridiculous high level of 6:1. They will fight guys with normal levels of 1:1 up to athletes levels of 3:1 maybe.

          So you see 6:1 isn’t average or normal. These guys will cheat within the rules.

    • Jaedr says:

      I can totally understand why he would need this mir has taken some brutal beatings in his career look at the lesnar and carwin fights. repeated head trauma can lead to low T.

    • Shewontdoanal says:

      It is cheating. How about if somebody suffers from constant hand breaks? How about a bionic hand that wont break ever? Why stop at steroids?

      If you cannot compete with what you have then stop. Anything else is cheating.

      You have to make up for short comings as you get older with experience. Just because one loses a step, or gets a weaker chin does not mean they get to cheat. Hang it up if thats the case.

      • Nick says:

        It’s not CHEATING because it’s ALLOWED. We have people who are way more versed in this field than any of us doing the research to allow this to be legal.

        • Shewontdoanal says:

          Because it is allowed it does not make it fair. 6-1 is not normal. That is giving an advantage to the fighters who test normal.

          That is a fair statement wouldn’t you agree?

          The normal T:E ratio is 1:1. 6-1 is insane. So if a fighter has 1-1 he is normal and does not get to use TRT. But if somebody has .5-1 then they get to go all the way up to 6-1? CHEATING. I don’t care if it is “allowed”.

          That is what I am saying. How can they allow this when it goes far beyond normal? It is not even making one whole again. It is making them 5 times more what they should be.

          Make sense?

          Like I said before. Just because my foot and ankle got destroyed by a ankle lock, which has made me unable to jog for more than 20 minutes at a time, let alone train again for a full session without getting a limp for 3 days does not entitle me to compete with a bionic foot that is 6 times the strength of a normal foot bone(s). If I did I could kick for days or check kicks without fear and the other fighter could hurt themselves due to my unfair advantage.

          I wont do it. That would be cheating so I suck it up and deal with it.

          But by your logic it would be OK to have a bionic foot..It would make it fair even if it was 6 times the strenght of a normal one.

          Regardless of who is studying and doing these tests that say its safe or OK for this ratio it is still giving an unfair advantage. If they are going to do this then EVERYBODY REGARDLESS of their T:E ratio should be able to juice upto 6-1. But that is NOT the case.

        • Josey says:

          Men who age produce less T naturally, it’s a part of the ageing process in men. If the levels of each man on fight night are equal, then I don’t see a distinct advantage. However, if TRT is taken in training camp that is far above average levels, this does give the advantage to the TRT user in training camp. What I’m uncertain of, is whether the strength gained while using TRT carrys over during the fight? If the advantage in training camp due to HIGH T levels carry over on the night of the fight, then I could see the advantage going to the TRT user, but I’n unsure if it does. Is MMA a young man’s sport? TRT user should be monitored so throughout a training camp his levels are maintained at the average level or the level required on fight night, otherwise, it may give an advantage to the TRT user because he was able to gain more strength, essentially training harder due to higher T levels than his opponent while in training camp. Does anyone know if the advantages in training camp carryover to the fight, ha! yes it usually does even w/o TRT.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          I’m 50 years old and TRT makes me feel like I’m 25 and I feel 10 times stronger than I ever have so you can sit here tell me all you want how it doesn’t give 34 year olds Like CHEAT Sonnen and NATE “THE CHEAT” Marquardt and advantage because i know for a fact with the massive amounts they are shooting up in their asses weekly they must feel 10 times better than i do. I go doctor once a month and get 50mg shot and i’m 50 and have LEGIT LOW T level of 187. Those ROIDERS are 34 and are shooting up 200mg TWICE a WEEK and you say they don’t get an advanatge. TRT makes you train like an animal and strength and stamina gains are off the friggen charts. I run treadmill like an animal. I can lift massive amounts weights non-stop fro hours. Keep in mind i’m on a fraction dose compared to all the UFC/TRT/ROIDERS

    • Clay says:

      Testosterone Replacement Theropy is cheating. If you need testosterone to compete then you should NOT be fighting. I’m sure alot up peeps u supplements. But this shit isn’t fair. Anyone can go to a doc an pay them enough to say the “need” it. It’s not fair at all

    • Jab to the face says:

      You ask for,yes you are a fucking idiot too stupid to understand,is not about open mind,is about competing in a fair way, if anybody can enhance their ability to perform,than there is no need for weigh class,just let a bunch of barbarians beat each other,,,if you need peds you are too fucking old,or just trying to make up for the lack of talent,think before you make another stupid.comment like that you are ignorant.

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      Mma is to put one trained fighter against another to see whose skill set is better if your at the point where u need “medication” to improve your physical condition what’s the point of train just take drugs

    • Mike McMack says:

      The problem is that lots of the guys approved for TRT go overboard on the usage during training and then step it down to get their hormone levels where they need to be to appease the commission. If fighters used it only to even out their levels it wouldn’t be a problem but that’s not always the case. It’s cheating if fighters are training with way elevated levels of testosterone, the NSAC allows 6 to1 but it’s hard for me to believe that every fighter approved for TRT stays under that limit the whole time they train for a fight.

      The bottom line is that it’s impossible to ensure that TRT approved fighters are using the hormones as prescribed unless there are random tests done leading up to the fight. It’s really easy to get your levels down to where they need to be pre fight but having elevated levels while training for a fight the weeks leading up to it is still cheating.

    • 16v149 says:

      UFC to good to last.

    • Blah says:

      You are right but the problem with TRT is people abuse it

    • Jab to the face says:

      You are ignorant and stupid,this is about competing fair,about being athlete,if you need drugs to compete you need to find a different sporou need to quit writing to every comment dude,you don’t know what you talking about,don’t waste space in this site with you inheritance and stupidity,you may need some brain enhancing drug,

  2. stephen Riddle says:

    I dont know? But if u pass the test with flying colors than stfu

  3. is it just me or is that pic of frank creepy as hell haha

  4. A.James says:

    If you’re body won’t let you compete any more you shouldn’t be fighting. Not taking drugs to compete with those who are healthy.

  5. Joe "High Kick" Rogan says:

    Why aren’t athletes in other professional sports allowed to use this shit if it’s not an advantage? You going to tell me the NFL is less physical then MMA? Brett Favre wasn’t on TRT. If your body doesn’t produce it naturally, then your body doesn’t produce it. If that causes you to not be able to compete at a certain level well then you should be done fighting at that level. I don’t like it at all and I think it has no business in MMA. I want to see natural competitors fighting.

    • Maciej Sitko says:

      Please, educate yourself what TRT really is, its not about abusing testosterone steroid, but doing mild doses that would keep test levels in norm, to make man live a decent life, if not, you think its fine to be a crybaby all the time, getting depressed over a tiniest thing and crying? not to mention impotence and lack of libido.

      Yes i know what im talking about because i am a ‘low T guy’.

      If you fight, you wanna have your test in norm, if not, YOU will perish in this sport, period, joints will give up, strength will fall, and you will become a woman, mentally.

      You know, fighters tend to drop their T levels earlier than other people due to cortisol which is caused by yes, getting beaten up, a stress hormone activated in antiflammatory purposes. taking punches lowers testosterone and no one has to feel like shit, i mean no ONE, let people live their life in a decent way, but at the same time, test them more, to check if they abuse it or nor (above the average T norm).


      • Drew says:

        If you have a condition like that then you should hang up the gloves. Anyway youmwant to spin it. It is a steroid. I have always been a great fan of Mir. But i don’t think he should fight any longer because of this condition. That’s how you get hurt. Evenn at normal ranges, it is still steroids

      • Nick says:

        Finally. Someone with some sense.

      • Xaninho says:

        The trouble is the NSAC condones levels up to 6:1, that is nowhere near natural, or normal. But legal under their rules.

        So 6:1 is legal? yes.

        But is it fair to other fighters with natural testosterone levels? NO!

        • Maciej Sitko says:

          You kids probably never used testosterone and exaggerate its power as a steroid, testosterone is a very cosmetic steroid and works very slow, you would have to take it for a long time to yield any results, that is why most mma cheaters use other substances to acompany testosterone. Effective dose, that affects performance in any way, is way higher than 6:1 ratio, and i remind that is TESTOSTERONE to ESTRIADOL ratio, which male has already higher than for instance women. People naturally have it up to 5;1 and it doesnt enhance performance significanlty cause its not much grams of T in the bloodstream more.

          Secondly, testosterone impairs performance in ways that it makes you pump yourself like mad way faster than normal, and causes humongous calf cramps which are result of several things and even walking is painful. So, conditiioning is highly dimnished during the T use, you cant walk much with such cramps, and can’t train effectively if you can’t be flexible without the annoying pump, so you can’t fight effectively alone.

          That’s why there are other things that really make a difference in performance, and are powerful MMA PEDs: trenbolone, masterone, boldenone, oxandrolone, but Test, not really. Im on TRT for a along time, my ratio is 4:1 and 7:1 at times, i dont feel the difference, really. If you showed up such doses as 6:1 to some competent steroid specialist, you would get laught with such baby amounts.

          All in all, that is why mma fighters rather use it for joints health, as testosterone pumps fluids there to protect against joint injury, rather than in dose that highly imprais perofmance. Testosterone is not a big deal at all,

        • Maciej Sitko says:

          I meant that, Testosterone in MMA is used rather for joints health, and these are cosmetic doses which wont make a big difference in anything. Any specialist will tell you that high dose of testosterone kills training and perofrmance, and i know it from autopsy.

        • Xaninho says:

          1:1 is average for 95% of the male population. Up to 4:1 covers all the (freak) male population. 6:1 is simply ridiculous.

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        So far only UFC fighter that is tested on aregular basis for TRT and hasn’t been busted abusing it is Hendo. Nate “THE CHEAT”was busted 4 times for ELAVATED HOTT samples in 6 months. Sonnen set a world record for having highest synthetic testsoterone level ever in ahuman body. My doctor laughed when i told her about Sonnen having a3400 testosterone level and said both him and his doctor should be arrested by the DEA.

        • Maciej Sitko says:

          Xaninho could you explain from where do you have this stupid epidemiologic data? im curious if you have any proof to this BS you just posted. end of story, testosterone varies from man to man, 1:1 is a LOWER RANGE of testosterone!!!!!

        • Xaninho says:

          More exclamation marks please, you need at least 6 of them to make people believe you’re not the dumbass you clearly are.

  6. elpidio simon says:

    If Frank’s levels before the fight were normal than why does he have to replace anything? The only reason you would need to replace testosterone is because the stuff they pump back in is performance enhancing.

  7. Gryph 125 says:

    I agree. If you have low testosterone levels, you probably shouldn’t be a fighter. Not to mention that we all know it’s just a legal way to take steroids period. Anything else anyone says is smoke and mirrors.

  8. dick diaz says:

    The problem is that fighters can simply pay their doctors to say they “need it” who is to say a fighter needs it TRT is taking steroids this is only going to get out of hand pretty soon all fighters will need TRT to compete

  9. Taint says:

    If you need medical assistance for your testosterone to be at NORMAL levels then MMA is not the sport for you. I don’t care what your opinion is but i for one believe that is cheating the system.

  10. Beaner says:

    Seriously if people have a problem with TRT they should have a problem with all the supplements fighters take. That’s cheating aswell because its not natural. People back in the day just did natural labor and ate lots of meat,fruits,and veggies to get fit. Now we have protein shakes and all that mess. Otherwise peoples workouts wouldn’t go the way they normally do and they all wouldn’t be as cut as they are.

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Anyone who is stupid enough to think protein shakes or creatine or whatever bought over the counter is like shooting up testosterone is a total idiot. Testosterone injections is a million times stronger than anything you can buy over counter. Stupid to even suggest that stuff does anything at all compared to JUICE-testosterone. Unless you have been on testosterone for a LEGIT medical problem don’t even talk about it because you just made yourself sound MORE STUPID. Like i said before I am 50 years old and NEVER in my life have I ever taken any kind of steroids or even seen them for that matter (BEFORE TRT) and when i was 41 I broke my back after getting crushed by speedboat where drunk driver crashed into me while I was on a jet ski. My back was busted up 3 places, broken ribs, Femur was sticking out of my leg (compound fracture) and blown out ACL/MCL. took me 2 years to totally recover from back injuries ACL (minor injury) was fixed and was fine in 3-4 months but what I deal with to this day is nerve damage in my back and for like 6 years the doctors convinced me to have injections in my spine to relieve the nerve pain burning down my legs. Well $3000 every 6-8 weeks and never really helped but after 6 years I finally figured out what side affects were to that nasty ass poison they shot up into my spine caused which was it destroyed my testosterone which left me with a 187 testosterone level. Average male my age has about 400 and average 30 year old has maybe 500 and ALL YOUR guys’ HERO Sonnen 34 years old walks into cage against A Silva with highest testsoterone level ever recorded at 3400. FREAK body builders that look like incredible hulk have only been tested at 2500 and YOU Sonnen nuthuggers don’t think he CHEATED by lightyears in Silva fight. Anyway I started TRT year and a half ago with my doctor who is (LEGIT) and i get 50 mg once a month which is like the minimal amount prescribed even though I have the testosterone level of a 90 year old man. Ok Sonnen and nate “THE CHEAT” and Dennis Hallman who did his shot himself right on camera (MMA HEAT show) they shoot up 200 MG TWICE a week so thats 1600 mg a month and they are 34 year old men. TRUST ME that is FULL ON JUICING plain and simple. Ok now let me explain why or what just a VERY SMALL dose like I get from my doctor does. I was 48 when I started and I had lost a ll my strength even though I was in great shape before my accident and after ONE YEAR of receiving 50 lousy MG which a NOTHING compared what these TRT fighters are getting and I went from barely being able to bench 135lbs 12 months prior to 405lbs in only one year and before i was 260lbs a basically flabby from head to toe now I am 225lbs ripped. So you tell me now that TRT does nothing for you and it is same as protein powder or whatever BULLSH’T if I was even getting one -tenth of what Sonnen and nate “THE CHEAT” and Hallman I would be in better shape than all of them. They are FULL ON JUICING and I say that on my mothers grave. GOD HONEST TRUTH these TRT fighters are LEGALLY CYCLING STEROIDS.

      • Balls McGee says:

        How long before u got ripped using it? Or noticed substantial weight loss
        @real_ballsmcgee on twitter hit me up

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          When you are on TRT and kep in mind i’m 50 and onlt taking 50Mg a month and the weight just falls off and muscles start getting ripped in about 10-12 weeks. If you saw me you would not believe in a million years I’m 50 until you saw my I.D. guys i train with at gym are blown away by my results in last year and half. I only workout 2-3 times a week. i have found whne you get OLDER like me best results and gains are had by at least 2 days rest between hard workouts. I do cardio by hiking and walking besides treadmill. I can’t even fathom what I would look like if I was shooting up what Nate THE CHEAT, and Sonnen are. Do you know what the difference is of only taking 50 mg testosterone a month (at my doctors office ) compared to Sonnen, Nate CHEAT who shoot themselves up twice a week with 200 mg thats 1600 mg a month and like ai said thats what they admit to. I’m awimp ands i hate needles so i have nurse do it at doctors office. Dennis Hallman right on T.V. shoved a needle with 200 mg shot it right into his thigh. Nurse only does hip or shoulder on me. Those CHEATERS Sonnen, Nate “THE CHEAT” use more testosterone in one month than i do in a year. That is FULL ON JUICING/CHEATING

        • Balls McGee says:

          I’m 28 and take it. Got hurt in explosion so I been take opiates long time. Levels were about urs was 180. I notices I can run harder faster everytime I go and Gettin stronger

      • Maciej Sitko says:

        You sir, have absolutely no idea about Testosterone and how it works, good evening.

        Apart from this, you can buy a lot stronger substances than Testosterone which is the mildest steroid even made. You can buy them among so called


        among prohormones one might buy equivalents of for instance TRENBOLONE, a real deal substance, not testosterone which is a cosmetic drug.

        Read something first before you write bullshit.

  11. Secludedly says:

    We don’t know anyone personally but we can’t be quick to judge. Testosterone therapy is used to also heal injury by helping build the muscle for bad ligaments and bones. Knee injury and back injury are main reasons, and fighters benefit from it in a health-manner than performance enhancing, unless the levels are insanely high, then it’s obvious it’s a quicker way to bulk muscle and produce more adrenaline to be stronger.

    Chael Sonnen for example has one ball. Literally. He needs that therapy due to an actual condition, but I think he took advantage of its use to give him an edge. The commission is allowing him to fight in the rematch with Silva using testosterone.

    Frank Mir was in a horrendous motorcycle accident, and once you are seriously injured like that, the aches and pains never go away. As you get older, it gets worse, so I wouldn’t question him.

    Alistair Overeem is basically the king of clinch and knee. The wear and tear on his knees are probably bad, especially at his weight, but personally I think he was using a simple injury to get an edge, but we don’t know.

    Henderson is old… enough said there. So was Randy Couture. Definitely enough said there.

    Can you blame someone for wanting to provide for their family, win or lose? They want to do this until their bodies can’t take it anymore. They need to put food on the table for their children. Testosterone isn’t a drug, it’s a therapy; a natural chemical. It doesn’t make that much of a difference in a fight. It still depends on skill, but when someone gets angry or excited and produce an increased rise in adrenaline, it virtually has the same effect as testosterone therapy, but with a much more increased rate. Should we ban anger and excitement then?

    There was a report not long ago where a mom was so angry at her husband for talking bad about the baby that she went on a rage and lifted up a small car with him in it. Could she do it again? No. Your emotions is what creates an increase or decrease more in strength than testosterone. Plus, since when was strength a factor in fighting? Only before MMA and technique. Royce Gracie… 6’0, 178 pounds his entire life except one which he was 180. Beat men over 100-300 pounds heavier than him. If you’re a true fighter, strength is not a handicap. Technique > Strength.

    It is not a steroid or performance enhancing drug when its use is moderated properly. Stop pointing fingers saying “steroid this, steroid that!” Read up on the shit first. You’re most likely only saying the things you are because you want to give excuses in your head that he cheated and a fighter you liked better lost to the one on TRT.

    • JIm says:

      Gracie is a huge difference. People then didn’t have solid game everywhere. That’s the reason For weight classes now. Gracie fought guys who never fought jiu jitsu and didn’t have solid everywhere games. comparing fighters now to Gracie can only really be done with a grain of salt

    • riDICKulous says:

      there are many ways in which you can provide for your family. just dun cheat and take away the honest opportunity of your opponents through cheating!

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Secludley first off if testosterone is not a drug as you say then why is it REGULATED by the DEA? Because its a powerful steroid and unless you have ever tried it and felt the difference like I have then you are talking out your ass. I’m on minimum amount and i aM 50 years old and I feel like SUPERMAN so don’t sit here and tell everyone it doesn’t do anything for you. These CHEATERS Like Sonnne and NATE “THE CHEAT” are shooting up massive amounts of testosterone and cycling down asthey get closer to their fights. Do you have a clue what a 3400 testosterone level really represents? go to doctor and have your tested then ask your doctor if he has ever heard of any human being having a 3400 testosterone level and see what he is she says. Thye will say he should have been ARRESTED by the DEA

  12. JIm says:

    I understand its need in some situations, but they should be monitoring your levels through the whole process, making sure people aren’t doing what Chael did and get his levels up to a 16+ normal level. When rampage was given it, he even said he felt 5-10 years younger, and could work out longer than ever before. If you’re taking it and your levels are above that of normal allowing you to essentially work harder than normal, that’s when TRT becomes cheating. You get guys like Mir that probably got it directly added to the effects area and use it for a positive reason in small areas, and guys like Sonnen and the reem who blow some animals out of the water with inhuman levels

  13. alan says:

    funny how Frank only got this fight because Overeem was taking this shit ………UFC should kick out and fucker using this stuff !!!!!!!! regardless if they “need it” or not …..Dana sort it out dude

  14. Drew says:

    Before I go. Chael should be banned for good. I hope Anderson gets him in a Thai clinch and bust him up w some vicious knees. I might even dislike him more than Rashaad, Tito, and Koscheck.

  15. Balls McGee says:

    How is it cheating if they tested him and his levels were 1:1? Keizer said they tested him. How do u cheat and have normal levels?

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      How do you cheat on TRT? VERY SIMPLE all during training camp you shoot up massive amounts of testosterone and it allows you to recover 10 times faster and heal from injuries 100 times faster and gives you the strength of a gorilla in a very short time and you are able to keep all that strength and stamina even after cutting back to get your levels under the MASSIVE testosterone;level allowed 6 to 1. TRT is a LOOPHOLE which allows lifetime ROIDERS likke Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” to JUICE legally. All you have to do is watch a sonnen fight pre- TRT and he isn’t half teh fighter he is now.

      • Maciej Sitko says:

        You confuse testosterone with Growth Hormone if its about healing injuries.

        No, you are not able to keep the gains after you cycle off, NEVER! you wont keep the mass, and strength, its impossible to keep it all.

        I use testosterone, you dont, i know, and you DONT HAVE A CLUE WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DUDE, SO JUST SHUT UP!

  16. A.James says:

    Notice how Dana never speaks out against the stuff?

  17. B-rad says:

    high five for cheating!!!! -____- if reem couldnt fight mir shouldnt have fought jr either

  18. Dee says:

    The average mma fighter is a cheater anyway. I pulled out the business years ago because a lot of these organizations had such lax drug screening policies. I know a lot of fighters that are juicing and they justify it in many ways, which in my opinion is a travesty to the sport.

  19. So sick of hearing people talk about TRT like they really know what they are talking about. Testosterone is natural to a man because his body naturally produces it. As a man gets older his test starts to drop. What is so screwed up is that I am not a fighter and I am on TRT. Not a lot of people know, but there are so many risks in TRT and so much stuff on the market that will make a man’s test drop no matter his age. When you start to get fat, your test drops and because your test drops, you start to get fat. A double whammy. Add age to that and it’s a big problem. And for those kids that is doing all the talking, when you grow up and get married and sex drive is not what it needs to be and your wife thinks you are getting it from somewhere else or she’s sad cause you aren’t giving it as much, or you are not producing as much on your job as needed, you will be on TRT too. Lastly, if you over do it, it is cheating and what ever Dr. that gives you that amount should be put in jail. My ratio is still 1:1, and I feel like a new man.

    • Balls McGee says:

      Long term opioid use causes loss of testosterone. At a pain management denim the pain contract says u may lose t and have to take trt

      • Devaughtra says:

        In a old issue of Muscle and Fitness, it says an ingredient in different products by the name of paraben I think, will decrease a mans testosterone. It’s in lotions, shampoos, deoderant, etc. Read your ingredients. It’s usually the last ingredient.

  20. naru says:

    just being neutral. since trt is allowed and cool when within limits.

    seems like any improvement to your body and skill via injection isn’t cool. but fighters hire nutritionist, strength and conditioning coaches and mma coaches.

    why should we allow nutritionists, and strength and conditioning coaches and mma coaches. i mean bench pressing for power isn’t a “natural” thing for humans to do. but we do it to gain mass and size, plus after that post workout shake haha.

    all I hear is “natural” and what the fuck is “natural”

    natural is an ignorant person in fighting, using his instincts from past generations of evolution to fight another ignorant person in fighting. that’s natural.

    if it’s allowed, stop your bitching. it just makes you look like a girl.

  21. jdubx says:

    the whole problem with TRT is not the actual use of it, its the abuse of it. unless you test every fighter approved for TRT regularly they have the opportunity to abuse it and take in more than their body needs which in turn allows them to train more and recover faster. thats the unfair advantage of it. im sure some of the guys who take it dont abuse it, but overeem and sonnen were caught abusing it, meaning these guys are using this as a legal alternative to a PED. if TRT is to be allowed they need to regulate the fighters VERY closely so they dont have an unfair advantage, but that’s not happening so…

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Don’t forget NATE “THE CHEAT” Marquardt who has been a STEROID ABUSER his entire career including getting busted in 2005 or 2007 for DECA/nandroline. Nate “THE CHEAT just like dana said has been given 4 chances and fought with very elevated testosterone levels in dan miller fight and then was give anotehr chance by commissions and he provided HOTTT samples 2 more times and taht is what SCREWED him for the Story fight and why dana fired his cheating ass

  22. Shewontdoanal says:

    If you cannot compete with what you naturally have then it is time to hang it up. Plain and simple. That is what fighting is about.

    Why stop at this steroid usage? How about implants in your hands so your fists become like steel? It is not cheating is it? I mean, if you break your fingers too many times that you cannot punch its fair game right?

    No its not. It is cheating just like TRT.

    As for these idiotic comments about them needing to fight for a living. That is bogus. They can get jobs doing what other people do. Factory work, teaching, whatever.

    Fighting is a short career and they know this. But cheating is cheating. If you cannot compete without cheating then gtfo and get a new job.

    • Jaminion says:

      Why are so many people here including you making absurd statements like bionic hands and shit , what if they were to just repair the fighters hands to their original condition? would that be cheating?

      • qwerty says:

        That would be fine to go back to normal. But these guys are not going back to norma. T:E is 1:1 normally. They are going to 6:1 just because they are low. The guys who test normal cannot go to 6:1 so there is an unfair advantage. That’s what the issue is. Normal testing guys are not allowed to touch it. Not even to even the playing field.

        • Jaminion says:

          Your right, the fault lies in the sparsely controlled administration of the T virus.

        • Maciej Sitko says:

          THis is not normally you dumbass, read more, 1:1 is not Testosterone to Testosterone ratio but Testosterone/Estriadol ratio and males have it up to 5:1 naturally.

          Jesus, such incompetent children.

        • Xaninho says:

          Males DO NOT have it up to 5:1 naturally. You are talking about a freak 2% of the male population that might reach 4:1-5:1.

          Average is 1:1, the World Anti-Doping Agency allows up to 4:1 cause there is a rare group of males that naturally have more testosterone than average. The 4:1 is only to protect athletes naturally born with higher levels from being accused for cheating.

          Now hold that condescending tone for the rare occassion you actually have something meaningful to say.

        • Maciej Sitko says:

          XANINHO, again, show me the data, instead of telling us BULLSHIT, 1:1 ratio is a very low testosterone ratio.

        • Xaninho says:

          Where’s your data? Because you’re the one spewing bullshit on here.

        • Shewontdoanal says:

          I would tell you but somebody already did. Either way you got told. I bet you feel really smart now, don’t you…

          Nobody said anything about Testosterone to testosterone in the first place. READ MORE DUMBASS I wrote “T:E” Not “T:T”…

          Such an incompetent adult.

  23. koolg says:


  24. Jaminion says:

    I agree with the use of trt, i think they should raise the acceptable limit to 10-1. and force every fighter to undergoe the theropy. That way nobody has an advantage and the fights will be more exciting.

  25. B-rad says:

    people who say “oh its because low t” bla bla bla 80% of the fighter who have low t is because of prior steriod abuse the only fighter who should have a legitimate need for trt is danny hendo another than that its a loophole for cheating

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      B-rad excellent post and very accurate. NOONE under 40 should need TRT unless they were like Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” and have been ROIDING their entire careers.

  26. Zack says:

    So frank was juiced up and still got the shit beat out of him? And he outweighed jds. Embarrassing

    • jbeamazing says:

      so that means the better fighter wins no matter what right……..look at all the real roid users they are not winning titles muscle mass does not win fights.It makes me laugh when people talk about how sonnon is so roided out but overeem is cool because he is there heros lol.Look at overeems body and look at skinny chael

  27. GET RID OF 6:1 BULLSHIT says:


  28. Michael hamlin says:

    Bottom fucking line is its fucking not natural so it’s cheating you fucking stupid ass people!!!

  29. jbeamazing says:

    I have no problem with trt’s if it is done right.I also think they should be tested 2 times a month by the ufc if they take trt’s that would make it ok to me but I can’t talk for the haters

  30. Mike McMack says:

    The problem is that lots of the guys approved for TRT go overboard on the usage during training and then step it down to get their hormone levels where they need to be to appease the commission. If fighters used it only to even out their levels it wouldn’t be a problem but that’s not always the case. It’s cheating if fighters are training with way elevated levels of testosterone, the NSAC allows 6 to1 but it’s hard for me to believe that every fighter approved for TRT stays under that limit the whole time they train for a fight.

    The bottom line is that it’s impossible to ensure that TRT approved fighters are using the hormones as prescribed unless there are random tests done leading up to the fight. It’s really easy to get your levels down to where they need to be pre fight but having elevated levels while training for a fight the weeks leading up to it is still cheating.

  31. DMAC says:

    And all you dumb fucks were trying to bash me for saying Mir was on the sause in the jds vs Mir thread, lol love to prove noobs wrong.

    Anyway wtf is going on with this “sport”. They should provide a list of all fighters on trt because I know there has to be way more. I would’ve never thought martial arts and trt would be mentioned in the same sentence. But I guess this is prize fighting so they got to do what they got to do, what a shame!

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