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Wednesday, 11/02/2011, 08:29 am

Frank Mir Explains Why Overeem Will Lose To Lesnar

“I think basically it comes down to a style fight. If you look at Alistair Overeem he is one of the most decorated strikers we have in the heavyweight division. He’s won the K-1 he is a very strong and powerful striker. That being said, he has to defend the shot of Lesnar and pretty much this is about as close as you can get to a grappler vs. striker and it doesn’t workout for the striker very often. You have a few exceptions to the rule, there is Anderson Silva but if you go on a list where there is 100 strikers and 100 grapplers, 98 of the wrestlers are going to win because they control the position, they are going to get the takedown. That’s why everyone in the UFC is training our wrestling abilities because that dictates where the fight is going to happen whether you want to keep the fight on the feet or you don’t. I don’t see how Alistair is going to stop Lesnars takedown”


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