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Monday, 05/21/2012, 06:50 am

Frank Mir Discusses How He Adapted To Remain A Top Contender After A Decade In The UFC

Jamie McAllister
Frank Mir in an interview with MMA Weekly.

On his first UFC fight.

“My first fight in the UFC I was like 22 years old,”

On the Heavyweight division.

“There’s not a lot of heavyweights right now that are in the UFC that are 22 years of age. I think being 32, I’m more on the average side as far as age group for heavyweights, I just got into it so early.”

On how he adapted to stay dominant in the Heavyweight division.

“I was able to avoid getting burned out because of my ability to adapt and look at things, and keep me humble and look at film and go ‘oh, I need to improve this’ and I’ve always strived to improve,”

“That’s why I don’t have the same coaches that I had 10 years ago. As coaches I’ve worked with and developed and I out grew them, I went and searched and found where I could find better training at.”


11 Responses to “Frank Mir Discusses How He Adapted To Remain A Top Contender After A Decade In The UFC”

  1. Grade-A says:

    If he gets rocked by JDS and comes back to win by submission/limb robbery, I’ll lol

  2. Night-Wind says:

    It’s Junior’s tdd whats make the difference in this fight. Mir can’t take him down -> jds wins by boxing.

  3. Beaner says:

    He will submit JDS the same way he submitted Lesnar. And to say his takedown defense is so good that he can’t be taken down is bullshit. All it takes is doing the right thing at the right time.

  4. david says:

    When did everyone start giving frank Mir so much praise for his take downs. When he submitted kongo, it was because he got rocked, and when he submitted lesnar and big nog its because they rocked him. I don’t even remember him taking down cro cop.

    • Charty suck it! says:

      +1 exactly…he’s a good fighter but no longer meant to be champion..and if you’re true fight fan you know Big Nog beat him but decided to give the fight away..anyhow he has a chance like every fighter does but I’m pretty certain JDS won’t let him anywhere near him to submit him …and Mir got rocked by Kongo, Lesnar and Big Nog but with JDS he’s gonna be rocked and then unconscious..thats the difference

  5. Clay says:

    To be honest frank didn’t look very impressive against big nog. He caught him on the ground. JDS is going to whoop that ass.

  6. Rico says:

    He adapted by somehow gaining 20 pounds of solid muscle in only 5 months between his 2nd fight with Lesnar and his fight with Kongo.

  7. eric says:

    James, Gaining 20lbs of muscle (it was actually 25) in 5 months is impossible without illegal help. Then in 4 months from Kongo to Carwin he gained another 10lbs. Pretty crazy. After Carwin beat his ass he decided to go in between and fight at a solid 260

    • James says:

      I respectfully disagree eric, for a man of Mir’s height and frame to build 20 pounds of muscle in what is nearly half a year is completely possible. Especially when you consider access to high level training facilities, methods, and nutrition. As far as PED’s go, who knows? I am not going to try to say he did or didn’t. I just don’t believe it was necessary.

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