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Tuesday, 07/10/2012, 03:58 pm

Frank Mir Believes Overeem Is The Rightful Number One Contender | UFC NEWS

Many believe Alistair Overem should prove himself first or fight at least one more time to re-earn his number one statues due to his steroid debacle.  UFC President Dana White confirmed that Alistair will be the number one contender post Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos.

Frank Mir gives his opinion to mmamania stating

“I think that’s fair. What we base number one contenders on is what happens inside the Octagon. As far as a popularity contest, we can look at everybody as a whole and see what they do outside of the cage, if a fighter is good or he isn’t. I don’t care what he does in his extracurricular activities, it’s what he is able to do inside of the Octagon. He was number one contender before the incident. Once he is available again, I don’t see why he doesn’t automatically skyrocket back up.”

The Reem comes back early 2013, giving plenty of time for the victor of Dos Santos vs Velasquez to recover and prepare for Alistair Overeem’s return.

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27 Responses to “Frank Mir Believes Overeem Is The Rightful Number One Contender | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    You have to admit all those JUICERS like Mir and Overeem sure stick together.

    MIR was JUICING bigtime for a year after getting embarresed by Brock and he trained with one of the biggest JUICERS ever from the 1990’s mark Philipi (strongman competitor) who body fell apart from SERIAL abusing ROIDS fro 20 years. Yep Mir was JUICING up bigtime and now he suddenly needs TRT. GEE what a coicidence another ROIDER jumping on the “LEGAL ROIDERS BANDWAGON” with all the otehr JUICERS like Nate :THE CHEAT marquardt, Todd “ROIDS” Duffee, CHEAT Sonnen and many more. If they don’t outlaw TRT withing 2 years the entire UFC roster will be on it

    • Upppp and away butch says:

      Go suck ya mom ya dumb prick- Frank Mir doesn’t and did not juice. Your just a fuckin hater who don’t know shit so fuck off

      • ant says:

        Actually mir does trt which is producing more testosterones in which case does give u more energy muscel mass n allows u more time to heal which does bring an unfair advantage but u still need skills to fight so they can all “juice up” but at the end of the day it also about skill mir is a gd fighter on the ground all trt did was allow him to heal faster n give him more energy to train although i do agree it needs to be taken out of the sport

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      This jackass is soooo annoying he accuses all the fighters he doesnt like to be on steroids. Maybe he is the one who juiced up and fucked up his own life so he sits behind the pc and accuses other fighters.

      • I hate get rid of Fitch says:

        You r a fucking idiot ..ur probably a fat piece of shit that does nothing but sit on ur computer and wack off all day ….go kill yourself

        • Irie nation says:

          He’s gonna reply that his moms sisters cousins friend is close with Mir and they used to train together and beat up little elementary school kids then they would jack their marbles and act like they are a set of balls and put them in their mouth

    • Anomie says:

      It’s not up to the UFC to ban…

      Unfortunately that is controlled by the state athletic commissions…

    • krafty11 says:

      Philippi was a World Champion at the WDFPF ( World Drug Free Power Lifting) Championships. He has always been against using steroids. Even Bill Kazmaier ( ex World Strongman competitor) says Mark never used them. Kaz admitted to using them, but calls Philippi “a purist”. So your theory is simply flawed. Go figure out another excuse.

  2. Milkman says:

    They should have an all steroid league of massive dudes beating the shit out of each other. Any drug, roids, weed, coke, you name it man. Shoot it up, snort it, smoke it, whatever it’s all legal in freak mma league.

  3. Greatest ever says:

    I agree with keep Fitch …he’s probably a fat piece of shit that does nothing but jerk off to his won comments

  4. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I would smash anyone your faggot asses. Mir put on 30lbs muscle in 6 months and everyon eknew he was JUICING. PHLLIPI is a ROIDER and was a roider to this day

    • stephen riddle says:

      I wish i knew who u were i would smash your old ass if u are old this week u bitch! I fucking hate u!

    • stephen riddle says:

      Bitch u dont train on a professional level and mir was not carved of stone like overeem so shut the fuck up!

    • Jay says:

      dude your theory is massively flawed. Mir when he was fighting before the brock lesnar fight as you have said had a much smaller frame. that was do to his lack of motivation to train on the highest level as most atheletes in the ufc do. Mir’s skill was untouchable inside the octagon for years because of his outstanding jiu jitsu and when he lost to brock it was a wake up call that he needed to train to be stronger and faster insteads of just rely on a technical base. When he origionally got injured from his motorcycle accident he did drugs and he did drink but he never took steroids of any kind. He has stated all of this many times leading up to fights. his wife, and trainers have both stepped up to say that he has changed his entire work program to include a much higher volume of strength and conditioning workouts do to his losses in the ufc. Mir is an incredible fighter and id love to see you step up to him and make these wild accusations to his face

    • shogunbyKNOCKOUT says:

      He only Gained like 12-15 pounds. thts not roids. At mir vs nog 1 he weighed 253.

  5. Anderson>chael says:

    The fact that your on here saying you an smash people instantly means your a bitch ,

  6. Scotty says:

    Dont see why not, remember when Sean Sherk got caught taking shit and he got to fight BJ for the title.. Even though Sherk got stripped of the title but basically same scenario.. Also who would Overeem fight? Cain is fighting JDS again.. And only person who is up in title contention is Werdum.. I mean they could do a rubber match and winner gets a title shot after Cain vs. JDS, only way i see it!

  7. larris says:

    Get the Reem back in the octagon asap.He is one of the mot exiting fighters in the ufc,the man is a beast.

  8. Guss says:

    Right on Mir. As soon as all the WWE fan boys…I mean UFC “fans” edjumacate themselves, they’d understand what he is talking about. Too many bandwagon jumpers when it comes to UFC ‘fans’. By comparison, there are actually much fewer REAL MMA fans amongst the mainstream. I don’t condone cheating, and taking PEDs is one of them. But many fighters take one form or another, they are just smart enough to make sure they aren’t caught with them in their system. Yes, your favorite fighter(s) are “enhancing”. Don’t kid yourself. But with rules and regulations that permit such things as TRT, and other supplements that technically do enhance performance, it becomes a very grey area to regulate and enforce. I also agree, that too many ‘fans’ put stock in a fighter ONLY if he is in the UFC. News flash, most fighters (including current champions) weren’t in the UFC at the beginning of their career. But they proved themselves outside of the organization, which made the UFC take notice and bring them in. And they have been smoking other fighters left, right and center. Winning fights in the UFC solidifies them as good or even great fighters, but that just means they were that good to begin with. Don’t count MMA veterans out for being newbs in the octagon.

  9. Justin says:

    i dont think overeem deserves anything in the ufc. he packed on 20 lbs of muscle probably on roids the whole time. i dont know how mir can say what reem does outside the octagon doesnt matter when it comes to taking roids. its an obvious unfair advantage to the fighters that arent using them to reach there gains

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