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Wednesday, 04/25/2012, 07:30 am

Frank Mir Believes Overeem Defense | "It Seems Like A Viable Reason"

While on FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight Frank Mir talks about a variety of subjects such as Alistair Overeem failing in his drugs test, Cain Velasquez & Junior Dos Santos.

On Alistair Overeem

“I think this is the first time that he’s ever come up positive at tests, as far as I’m aware of. It seems like he had a viable explanation for what happened.

“Everybody makes mistakes. We all do things that we’re not proud of. We’ve all made mistakes professionally or in our personal life that are not our greatest moments in life.

“To sit there and ostracize somebody and never allow them to redeem themselves, I think would be very against humanity and our overall impression that I try to carry as a person.

“You know, he goes out there and he follows all the stringent testing the athletic commission is probably going to put ahead of him and all the hoops he’s going to have to jump through. As long as he does those things, then yeah, I’ll see him back in there. He’s a fierce competitor. We’ve seen what he did with Brock. I’d hate to lose him and not have him in the Octagon or as a competitor in the heavyweight division, due to something outside the Octagon.”

On fighting Dos Santos oppose to Velasquez.

“I thought that I’d have to go through Cain first. Being given this opportunity right now, I just feel ecstatic. Everything it means to me and my family, it’s been nothing but a positive thing.”

“In reality, dos Santos is a much better boxer. Obviously, he’s probably the best boxer in the division. But that’s all he really comes at you with is just the hands.

“Cain also poses a lot of problems. I also think Cain’s a very decent boxer himself. His one mark on him was in his last fight. He got caught by dos Santos, and everybody seems to have a real short memory. They forget about all the other knockouts and all the other things he’s done on his feet, prior to that fight. But at the same time, when you’re fighting with Cain, while you’re worrying about getting kicked and punched, he can shoot and take you down.

“So, dos Santos is more of a single threat, even though that single threat is much larger itself, but he doesn’t have the multiple areas of offence that Velasquez has.”

On if retribution will be on the mind of Junior Dos Santos after Mir broke his coaches arm.

“I can’t imagine that he has outside sources that are focusing him in that manner where he’s trying to avenge his master. There’s not going to be a theme on the night of the 26th. I think he wants to go out there and defend his title and prove that he’s the best in the world.”

“I do think though that if it hits the ground, that has to weigh in his head a little bit. The guy who he’s rolled around with who’s far more superior to him in jiu-jitsu is a guy that I submitted last.”


19 Responses to “Frank Mir Believes Overeem Defense | "It Seems Like A Viable Reason"”

  1. Liam says:

    Mir is an honest dude in media ! Hope he does well

  2. Pijan says:

    While I don’t quite see Mir as a title contender, he has been here for a while and out of all the options Dana had the only thing smarter would have been pulling JDS from the card completely. I definitely think he should have fought Cain first to really test if he was ready. That said, JDS was preparing for what we all wanted to see; a stand up war. Mir isn’t going to stand with him, I would say just by skill set and training camp, Mir is more prepared for this fight than Dos Santos will be. If Mir wins the title, I won’t care too much, I’d still rather see Dos Santos hold on to it though.

  3. m says:

    There isn’t anyone at HW more deserving of a title shot than Frank Mir.
    3 Wins in a row including a huge comeback submission where he broke Nog’s arm.

    Wondering if Shane Carwin will ever return to HW.

  4. David K says:

    Does anyone actually know where Shane Carwin is lol ? He is prob just doing his day – day in his engineer job and enjoying himself would sure love to see him back !

    • bbbj says:

      last i heard shane was getting surgery for his back problem and he was expected to be out for a long time and it wasnt 100% that he would be back but he said his last fight with jds his back locked up on him abd surgery was his last hope

  5. Slammin' says:

    Mir is a roider himself so no wonder he is sticking up for Overeem, whose flimsy excuses convinced no-one.

    • Jonesy says:

      I missed the Mir failed test fiasco myself. Thanks for the info.

      • Slammin' says:

        Oh yeah, those Primetime episodes showed him deadlifting a few times, that probably counts for the 20 pounds of muscle he added in under a year, as well as the bloated, almost Overeem-esque face he acquired at around the same time.

    • rg bowen says:

      I am so tired of people claiming everyone is a roider cuz they put in work and get bigger. If you knew anything about exercise and conditioning you would know what he did was actually lean up. He added muscle the right way. Ive seen his training regime its insane. Your a misinformed idiot talking out your ass.

  6. Andyk says:

    I personally feel that Mir shud fight Cain for a chance at the title Cain is a better competitor and has a better chance if taking the title Mir will always be top competition but he’s too up and down for a shot at the title Cain has only lost to JDS and deserves his rematch

  7. DMac says:

    Mir will be broken by the single thing JDS does well. And thats land devastating punches.

  8. Rookies…. Mir is with out a doubt the best ALL ROUNDED HW in the world, people say he won’t stand with JDS but Mir likes the challenge, he stood with Mirco, I know JDS is more dangerous the Mirco, but Mir is legit, and along with Alistar there the only 2 HW capable of beating JDS, and maybe Bigfoot on his day…

  9. Flex monkey juice says:

    Mir is well rounded, but he has absolutely no chance. Junior will ko Mir with a jab. Cain will ko Mir with his jab. Mir has the weakest chin of any heavyweight. He is no longer a contender because of it. It’s pretty funny watching him stagger around after getting touched…but he’s done a la chucky ladle.

  10. ............... says:

    Anyone notice that viable doesn’t mean plausible? Or just me?

  11. Flex monkey juice says:


  12. Vernon McElhaney says:

    Look, Mir is an awesome fighter, but one thing Mir doesn’t like is getting hit. Dos Santos will, with 90% probability, ktfo Mir.

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