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Friday, 03/23/2012, 07:56 am

FOX TV Producers Asked Joe Rogan To Tone It Down

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70 Responses to “FOX TV Producers Asked Joe Rogan To Tone It Down”

  1. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:

    Check out what @RondaRousey just said

  2. MMACRAVER says:

    Fox should not be telling anyone how to do a fucking broadcast….

    Canadian here… Your Fox broadcast music is so cheesy and fucking lame.

    And your announcers sound lame and cheesy… John Anik? is that how you spell it? omfg… Stfu honestly Fox go fuck yourselves… You really think you know what people like in a broadcast?

    Obviously not!!

    • california grown says:

      pedro (, make a new list-
      best to the worst commentators:
      joe rogan
      bas ruten – when hes not talking about himself
      kenny florian
      pat miletich
      frank trig
      frank shamrock – meh
      phil baroni (a little slow, but prolly cuz he’s into the fight & too many concussions)
      the voice – not a fighter, but entertaining sometimes
      bottom of the barrel:
      mike goldie goldberg
      jon anik
      other dude from WEC
      dudes on bellator
      bald douche with glasses on strikeforce – bas felt sorry for him and got him the job

    • Reality says:

      I wonder what aspect of his commentary they’re asking him to tone down. During the Fox broadcast I didn’t hear any profanity or anything. The man brings a hype to the fight like no other alongside his partner Goldberg. Come to think of it, I get annoyed when I can’t hear the commentary from them during a fight(unless I’m at a UFC event of course). I hope they tone it down and let the man do his thing.

      • MMACRAVER says:

        Yea I really can’t think of what they are referring to exactly…

        I know Joe gets pumped sometimes or says something that is not entirely accurate but…. He fucking loves the sport… He gets loud because he is so excited and his reaction is basically like… the reaction my buddy is having next to me.. that’s what I want to hear… Cool shit happens I want an AWWW SHIT SON!!

  3. Mitch says:

    i knew fox had a problem with him! wtf ever since the ufc went to fox the commentators suck. please put joe and mike back, fight just arent as good when other people call them

  4. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    i thought they would do with their whole new approach to televising it.
    fox try and control everything, they dont understand it.
    hope rogan is left alone or hell give them an ultimatum.
    while there are some people that would love to see the back of rogan, he is a good commentator and keeps it lively so you dont get bored when watching some of the more slow paced fights..

    fucking pricks

  5. Brit says:

    I say Joe should tell Fox to go fuck themselves.

  6. Aaron says:

    Tone in down in what way?? I think Joe Rogan does a great job being the commentator. He is educated in MMA and also adds another level of excitement to the game when something awesome happens.

    I bet they want him to remove himself from the marijuana movements and shit too so he doesn’t ruin they’re prestige as a newscast station. Lol, when will the world wake up and just smoke a joint :/

  7. DAMN! says:

    Rogan’s a beast on the commentator’s table. He’s actually very informative and entertaining at the same time. I wonder why FOX wants him to tone it down for he can surely call a fight.

  8. Sam says:

    Fuck up fox!

    Rogan brings a flare to the sport along with an amazing knowledge of what is actually happening.

  9. pthance says:

    Rogan goes and the fights get put on mute in my house.

    • MMACRAVER says:

      Whatever you think of Joe Rogan, this still doesn’t make sense….

      Fox starts there broadcast with “warning this may be the most exciting sporting event you have ever witnessed” Causing eye rolling across the country… and yet they tell Rogan to Tone it down!!!?

      YOU Tone down YOUR influence fox… your turning UFC into a fucking Nascar broadcast… Look at your ratings…

      TV executives think thinking they actually know what people like….pshh….

  10. Jay says:

    Tone it down? wtf, he’s a great commentator he’s one of the reasons I stick with the ufc because he knows wtf he’s talking about and he’s just good at it.

  11. 2 REAL says:

    i agree with everyone who commented.. fuck fox yo.. Rogan is the man and the UFC needs a strong commentator like him.. shut the fuck up fox!!!

  12. Come back NIck Diaz! says:

    Rogan is a badass hes the hype man . Its fucking awesome knowing that he is just as pumped for these fights as we are ..Anik is wack i hate to say it ..we need more Rogans to call this sport not more aniks!

  13. megamind says:

    Next they’ll be telling bruce buffer to tone it down -_-

  14. nico says:

    tbh I think the Fox productions are SEVERAL steps down in production quality when compared to the PPVs and even Spike/Versus Events

  15. IranVP says:

    Just a douchebag in FOX trying to change something to let Joe know that he’s boss… I don’t care what Rampage or this FOX guys says, Joe is the best… The guy gets so exited talking about the fights that it’s hard not to follow him on it… He may get a little crazy in the countdowns with his “This is the most exiting fight EVER in the history of MMA” HAHAHA But hey, he’s the best man for the job… 20 years from now, when we are seeing the MMA Word Cup, I expect a bald, old, and funny Joe Rogan calling the fights and explaining what a half guard is to the 2% of the world who doesn’t know what that is…

  16. Tug Magroin says:

    I liked it better when they were on Spike. And Joe is a colorful commentator. It just doesn’t feel the same when Joe and Goldberg are not commentating. Florian and the other guy does pretty well but they sound so boring most of the time.

  17. Brooksy says:

    The UFC would not be the same without Rogan he is the fucking man, fox can suck my dick!

  18. Luis says:

    Fox sucks – Announcers suck – dont know or understand crap about this sport and they’re trying to make it fit the crappy mold they do for all other sports – everything about them sucks –

    UFC should have stayed with Spike and let Joe Rogan do his thing cause no other announcer can do it.

  19. Dan the Lobstertail says:

    How can u tell joe to “tone it down” has anyone herd him talk when hes not commentating on the ufc? his mouth is like a sewer haha “fuck” this and “cunt” that, i dont think iv ever herd him swear on ufc! tone it down pffft FUCK OFF!!!

  20. Cptengineer says:

    I tried watching one time with the tv on mute, and even an exciting fight seemed boring. Then they bring in Anik, and it’s just garbage. The only reason I stomach him is because he is usually on the free fights and for background noise. Fuk FOX if they try to you’re down the anderson silva of Mma comentating.

  21. california grown says:

    rogan is the man – the show would not be the same without him or his original and authentic commentary. like stated above, fox is conservative and prolly doesn’t like his podcast, comedy, and other views.
    they could replace everyone else, including goldie (he needs to go back to commentating hockey).
    they only need commentators with hands on mma experience, like joe (bjj,tkd,m.thai) and actual mma fighters (that can speak clearly).

    hey pedro (, make a new list or poll for this…
    best to the worst commentators:
    joe rogan
    bas ruten – when hes not talking about himself
    kenny florian
    pat miletich
    frank trig
    frank shamrock – meh
    phil baroni (a little slow, but prolly cuz he’s into the fight & too many concussions)
    the voice – not a fighter, but entertaining sometimes

    bottom of the barrel:
    mike goldie goldberg
    jon anik
    other dude from WEC
    dudes on bellator
    bald douche with glasses on strikeforce – bas felt sorry for him and got him the job

  22. Attention Whore #1 says:

    Joe Rogan tone it down? BLASPHEMY!!!

  23. Lester Bookwistle says:

    If FOX replaces Rogan I rather just switch off the audio.This guy actually knows what he is talking about, a rarity amongst his peers. Now Joe how about swearing in Portuguese? You are a long time BJJ player and I am sure you are just as proficient. Besides, the FOX people cant find Brazil in a map anyway..

  24. Joe Rogan is the best. Without Joe, everything takes a serious step down. I LOVE MMA and if Rogan’s not part of it, I would seriously reconsider ALL of the PPVs a sign up for. Dana better have Joe’s back on this and not sell him out. Dana needs to step up and back him up.

  25. BX81 says:

    Normally i dont like to get in to it on this web site because it’s a fan site with kids on it. With that being said, kids stop reading…. Who in the hell told joe to tone it down? Rogan face fucks every body else in the industry when it comes to his job. I thought he was wrong as hell for calling out a ref. On live tv but other than that fox can suck joe’s dick and fondle all the viewers at home ballz. Joe keep doing what you do playa!

  26. WilltheTHrill says:

    I can see why Fox is looking for a watered down version of Joe Rogan’s epic broadcasting abilities, as they are looking to attract a new audience and really nurture them into the sport. As far as Rogan is concerned, if Fox doesnt want him the way he is, then it’s all or nothing. I like Rogan’s commentary. it’s very informative, but most importantly to me, when he’s hyping something up that im not aware of -it’s easy to accept his commentary because I know that he knows what he’s talking about. where as, other broadcasters, when they hype something up, I can only sit there and question it when I’m not in agreement with what they’re saying(since I have no idea if they really know what theyre talking about). Back to Rogan tho, such problem doesnt exist for me. Even if he were wrong about something, he can back up what he’s saying and then we can agree to disagree. But at the end of the day, Rogan needs to def. do ppv fights and if I guess someone else can do the free ones and we’ll see what ppl like.

  27. k says:

    joe exagerates sometimes, but he is one of the few guys that knows what he’s talking about



  29. BJC says:

    Frank Mir did a good job on the WEC fights

  30. dkava76 says:

    I was just watching the replay on Fuel of Nam Pham vs Leonard Garcia 2 last night. Rogan was amazing and his excitement and enthusiasm for the sport and the fighters comes through and just makes the whole thing better!!!

  31. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Joe IS THE UFC COMMENTATING. Goldie and Anik are both irritating. But I would rather have Goldie than Anik.

  32. Xaninho says:

    Ever since UFC is gone to FOX it’s gone to shit!

    Shitty gay robot intro movie( WTF is up with that? This ain’t robotwars!), shitty marching band fake rocky intro music, shitty commentators( Anik and the other fat bald guy).

    And now they want to keep Rogan from doing what he’s good at! Fuck those fucking suits.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I think Rogan knows his job and MMA real well but i do get tired of hearing his UNBELIEVABLE BIAS. You always know when Rogan has a dog in the fight. Rogans favorite (current) fighters are, Florian, Bisping, Favortism, Rashad Franklin. Rogan is a master at making his favorite fighter seem like they are winning the fight even if they are getting their asses kicked. I have always wondered if the judges have an ear piece where they listen to Rogans BIAS SPEW during the fights while tehy are suppose to be judging (impartially) cause if they are lsitening to Rogan I now get where all the BULLSHIT decsions like Hamil/Bisping and Condit/ Diaz came from

      • Xaninho says:

        lol Hamill-Bisping is a fight I can’t recall who won that, simply because i don’t really care…But Condit-Diaz was judged the right way in my opinion. Condit was the smarter fighter, it wasn’t a great fight but he did win.

  33. drew says:

    when you work with a company that only allows biracial women on there, your dancing with a close minded devil taht will eventually do whatever it can to dance the way it chooses, ufc really fucked up on this deal

  34. Jonesblowsbones says:


  35. jrog says:

    been a little dissapointed in the Fox coverage. I buy nearly all ppv events and watch almost all shows but this Fox shit (no offence ment)kinda looks like old King of the Cage vidios.

  36. alex castro says:

    Let Rogan do his thing the way he’s always done it, it’s worked so far hasn’t it? Don’t fuck with what works FOX!!!!

  37. alex castro says:

    I can honestly say i would much rather watch the fox shows without rogan on mute! Rogan’s excitement for the sport gets me excited aswel

    • Biz says:

      Are you out of your mind? Joe Rogan forgets more in a day about UFC then you could ever learn in a lifetime. The difference with Joe is he actually likes the sport and doesnt do it because he’s getting paid like some. Cut the guy a break for being pationate about a sport he loves!

  38. Nick says:

    Rogan is the best commentator the UFC has. If they had Bas and Joe, that would be a dream team.

    • Xaninho says:

      Bas is living in the past. He keeps referring to whatever situation he was in back in the day.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Sorry i can’t understand half of what Bas says most of the time and he’s alittle too in love with himself. Its obviosu Bas is BUTTHURT bigtime that he missed the bubble in MMA boomtime and he constantly trys to remind people how greta he could have been if he was still fighting. sorry Bas you are all washed up and OLD

  39. Jake balderama says:

    Joe Rogan said it all. He’s been doing this since how long? Fights aren’t the same without mike and joe. They’re part of what has made UFC what it is today. Fox has been a part of UFC for less than a year and while it is a necessary and great move for the UFC, fox shouldn’t be trying to change things that dont need to be changed. Keep doing what you do joe.

  40. magoo says:

    he’s biased at times but the man knows his shit,I honestly don’t think you could find anyone to replace him….Goldie on the other hand,now theres a tool!

  41. magoo says:

    True but listening and watching him at the Q@A’s makes you wanna slit your wrists!

  42. Chris says:

    Rogan keep doing it the way you are. I for one love it.

  43. MikeMcSizzle says:

    Joe Rogan is a large part of the UFC’s success. I can’t tell you how many people i know who look forward to the UFC events with Joe rogan. Same reason i don’t go watch the fights at a bar. Because i want to see what the guy has to say. He has educated so many fans on the sport of MMA and simply by doing his job has influenced a generation. The UFC without Joe Rogan just isn’t the same, no offense to Anik or Florian. Joe Rogan is KING. What he says is WORD. FOX needs to realize what got the UFC to the point its at today. Not stupid intros, robots and politically correct commentating. If Joe Rogan ever left the UFC i don’t know if i would ever look at it the same.

  44. MikeMcSizzle says:

    IN all honestly Joe Rogan deserves to be in the UFC Hall of Fame. He has kept many first time viewers watching, and appeased even the most hardcore MMA fan . Educating them as they go. All these fighters did alot for the UFC but Rogan takes the sport into your home. Hes the connection that gets fans coming back when they first see it. IDOL status. Let the man do his job. I don’t know anyone who can do it better.

  45. T-bone says:

    Joe Rogan is one of the best commentators across all sports bar none. I always learn something new about MMA listening to Joe commentate.

  46. dusty says:

    keep it real joe !!!

  47. LEGALIZE IT! (MMA) says:

    the ufc has definitely taken a turn for the worse since they left spike.. mistake in my opinion to leave.

  48. Radge says:

    Dont know why everybody gets so worked up about Rogan next to Goldie he sounds amazing at least he knows a lot about the subject, is clearly a fan and has a sense of humour what more do you really want? as for the bias during Bisping fights American fans clearly have a major bias against Bisping so pretty much any positive comments on him always leads to a backlash

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