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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 09:29 am

Forrest Reacts To Jones vs. Sonnen: “Why fight when you can talk your way to the top” | UFC News

It was announced Tuesday that former UFC middleweight title challenger and king of smack talk, Chael Sonnen, has talked his way into a title shot against current light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. The two fighters will serve as the coaches of the Ultimate Fighter Season 17 series and will square off for the belt in April of 2013.

In the wake of Tuesday’s news, many fighters and fans have voiced their displeasure with Chael’s abrupt entry into title contention. However, former light heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin, doesn’t blame Sonnen for taking the fight.

Although never officially announced, Sonnen was expected to rematch Forrest at UFC 155 this December. However, that fight is no longer part of the plan, as Sonnen will begin taping The Ultimate Fighter on October 29, 2012, and then remain sidelined until his April 27th title fight with Jon Jones.

Griffin, whose status on the year-end UFC 155 card is now unclear, offered his response to the TUF 17 announcement to Ariel Helwani on UFC Tonight:


“I’m not mad at him, why fight your way to the top when you can talk your way to the top?”  Forrest stated. He continued by saying “I’m actually glad that I’m not fighting him now, because watching his fights was so boring and tedious.”


You can call it ‘sour grapes,’ but Griffin is saying what a lot of other fans and pundits are thinking. Regardless, the Sonnen vs Jones fight is happening, and fans will be treated to a season of TUF that should almost undoubtedly boost ratings and possibly even save the TUF series as a whole.

As for Griffin, reports have been made that he does, in fact, have a new opponent, however, that opponent and the event at which they will be fighting have not been exposed by UFC officials.





34 Responses to “Forrest Reacts To Jones vs. Sonnen: “Why fight when you can talk your way to the top” | UFC News”

  1. drew says:

    fuck off u classless ex-cop

    • jon says:

      Classless? Lol. Chael fanboy much?

      • Joseph says:

        I know right. Dude is probably all over Fail Sonnen’s nuts and wants to talk class.

        The dude is the trifecta of fail.

        A cheat.

        A money launderer.

        And a snitch (and yes, that is the ONLY reason he did no jail time…he rolled over on those involved with his scheme).

        Good news for Chael = at least Jones isn’t another Brazilian who’ll finish him.

        Bad news for Chael = Jones morning toilet bowl “deposits” have more skill than him.

  2. Rich says:

    Im not a big fan of Forrest but I love his point! Chael is a scrub, go to the WWE..

  3. JoeDaddy says:

    I would take his comments more seriously if he didn’t run out of the octogan like a little bitch when he loses or ( thinks he lost ) But he does make a good point.

    • 757 says:

      Drew and BigBoss you two guys are fuck ups….you don’t know shit about anything that your talking about….ha ha make a solid comment about the fight you tools

  4. T.DADDY says:

    Sonnen woulda kicked ur azz anyway.. Forrest woulda ran back to the locker room again

    • gouldx87 says:

      Woulda kicked his ass? except he didnt when they fought last time but awesome logic dip shit

    • 757 says:

      Forrest is right. Chael talked his way into yet another fight that he will lose. Fools talking shit here about Forrest running out of the ring…shut up that doesn’t even fit in the conversation. Chael took the fight because he might as well lose to JBJ and make more than losing to Forrest which he would have done. Say what you want but Forrest contributed to the UFC far more than Chaels losing as did….BTW nice UFC record Chael! yeah that sure is a record in the UFC that really earned a fight with the champ.

  5. furiousball says:

    I bet Forrest makes a surprise visit to the house during TUF filming to stir the pot

  6. Callum says:

    Ive heard rumours that his opponent is bonnar?

  7. GauteBigboy says:

    Sup with all the sonnenfanboys?
    Chael is on a 2(3) fightlosingstreak, and he would not have a chance against Griffin.

  8. jay says:

    Forrest Griffin vs Glover Texteira.

  9. halfway says:

    Its sour grapes but its true too.

    Good for Sonnen, he’s creating opportunities for himself despite losing. Its a fight people want to see for two reasons: People want to see Sonnen get beat up or possibly beat JBJ.

    But if I was a LHW contender I’d definitely be pissed about that.

  10. BigBossMalaka says:

    This fight makes complete business sense . TUF is on life support and this will certainly give it a ratings boost. The PPVs will also get a huge boost. It’s all about money and givIng the fans what they want always makes the most money. Maybe if Forrest wasn’t a washed up semi has been then the UFC would have been compelled to keep his fight with Chael

  11. MC1 says:

    T.Daddy your a moron. Forrest already subbed Chael once by triangle, a sub he cant defend. Go watch more WWE goof.

  12. Biggmac04 says:

    Having them as coaches on TUF will probably save the series. So from a business stand point it’s a good move. Having said that, Cael is definitely not the next in line for a title shot. But nobody would turn down the opportunity so we can’t be mad at him.

  13. Billy says:

    Anyone else think Hendo is the one getting most fucked by this? A tuf season with Jones and Hendo would be entertaininng imo, I wouldn’t be so put off by thos if Sonnen at least had to win a fight at LHW before he got a shot at the title but it is what it is I guess

  14. whatever says:

    Cheal does talk his way into fights. And to be honest he doesn’t even back it up. He lost the bisping fight in my opinion. He had an awfull perfomance against silva. Now he gets jones just for talking smack. Perfect example why this isn’t a sport but a company… Not hating on MMA though

  15. 123 says:

    exactly, where is michael bispings title shot? in MY opinion he beat chael sonnen, hes won 5 in a row… akiyama, rivera, miller, sonnen & stann… chael sonnen has just lost, but gets another title fight.. the ufc is a joke.

  16. 2lowtoe says:

    this fight make sence 2 me…we seen who did what 2 who… if sonnen can win rounds but not fight… i say anderson can beat bones… sonnen the only man 2 beat him five 5 rounds he is next 2 the baddest man in the world how many rounds did anyone else win.. hopefully sonnen puts the beatdown on him… bones needs to beat sonnen like silva beat forest… if sonnen wins is silva gonna stay 185 or let his buddys from his camp fight seems silva wants gsp first i dont blame him… that fight dont make sence if he beats bones first these guys want 2 fight let them fight

  17. Bawlls says:

    Listen to all you fuckwits who actually think they know ANYTHING about what is going on with any of this shit, you all think your points are so valid and are running on self righteousness of your own bullshit. Half of you say “Oh, sonnen would totally kick Forrests ass” HAHAHAHAH is all i can say.

  18. 123 says:

    They are giving their opinion u slagg

  19. Make me Crazy says:

    Antonio Andres Otalora 1st of all… Yeah JBJ is too Young to coach anyone… 2nd Yeah Sonnen is the only 1 who lose a Titel Fight & can gain anotherone in a other W. Clas… & you know why..? Its all about the Money $$$$ yeah THATS why JBJ did Not wanted to do it with D. Cormir… THATS the sad side of the UFC.. Talk about the Sport & all 4 the Sport but this is & so are other Things/ decision made just becouse Off $$ & Not 4 the Sport… How ever… Fuck that… In my eys this stupid ppl should have done JBJ Fight Dan H. Next becouse he Fucking IS in line & Couse Lyoto Would be After… & Sonnen have to go trouth F.G. First & than against Alexsander G. Or Shogun or stuff like that.. To get a tittel shot… But know he gets 1 b4 he evan Fight F.G. Or evan won a Fight… I mean 4 Real..? What a Fucking bullshit… Its always the same… $ destroys the Sport.. & it will go on as Long as there are stupid Sonnen Fans… Im Sorry.. Its the truth..!!!

  20. Ja tony says:

    Mang, after watching chael fight anderson i know he has the stones to compete with the best in the world. I know he’s up there in the top 10 with the greatest in MMA history even though the sh!t he talks pisses a lot of y’all off. Cheers to another entertaining presser, weigh in, fight and post presser! Wait whut ? yea he rakes in the cash that

  21. Dick Diaz says:

    i’m kind of sad this fight is no longer… it’ll would’ve been real interesting and I think a very gritty MMA fight with a very balanced mix of all aspects of the game.

  22. Welterking says:

    Why retire when you can talk your way back into MMA. I thought he retired not just from fighting, but from MMA. How about Griffin vs Lombard?

  23. moe says:

    why do people always say that chapel beat anderson for rive rounds. There is SO MUCH wrong with that logic. First he lost the rematch horribly, second i can’t think of any sport where rounds are worth more than a ko. Not in boxing, not in wrestling, kick boxing, hell even ball sports the rounds don’t matter only the score at the end of the game….. I say all this but sadly i may tune in to see jones beat the bricks off sonnen.

  24. Kjtrlt says:

    Forrest is right, but that’s life. Sonnen has made himself a successful brand. He’s entertaining enough that people pay attention. Not taking him seriously, but just watching. That’s all that counts. Plus, any event involving conflict needs villains, and Sonnen plays that role well. Similar to how Koscheck used to. If they (the UFC) wants Jones to be a hero (which they obviously still do), then he must fight a villain. Who better than Sonnen?

  25. CombatRusse says:

    As a fan, I’m disgusted by these match ups. So I can imagine how fighters are upset!
    All I hope is that Jones catches Sonnen in a wicked leg or shoulder lock and that he fucks up this dude. Or that he breaks his eye bone with an elbow. Anything to send this criminal mother fucker into retirement

  26. Shane Mead (@Shaneoo88) says:

    Rename the UFC to the UTC…Ultimate Talking Championship. The guy is famous for losing and his fights are always boring, lay n prey at it’s best. If Chael showed he could beat some 205ér then I would care to see him fight Jones, but there really is no point spending $50 to watch this fight.

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