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Tuesday, 10/02/2012, 01:15 pm

Forrest Griffin Post UFC 101 Suspension & Fine Kept Hush Until Now | UFC News


Yesterday, reported Forrest Griffin admitting to testing positive  for Xanax at UFC 101.

Greg Sirb, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission confirms Forrest Griffin tested positive.  He was suspended for 30 days and all of the information was listed in the Association of Boxing Commissions database. Sirb states,  Griffin followed through all the necessary protocols to satisfy their requirements after the drug test and suspension and revealed to MMA Weekly

“On August 8 of 2009 he got a suspension, he had to take a re-test, he got a fine, everything was satisfied and it states specifically in the database ‘must contact PA commission before next bout’.

It’s just how we list our drug tests. We have very strong HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws here just like the (Nate) Marquardt situation.  I can’t make these public declarations, but he was clearly in the database the day he was suspended.”

Nate Marquardt tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone and was forced off a UFC card set to be held in Pittsburgh.  Marquardt was able to disclose the situation himself but the commission was unable to confirm the specifics of his case due to medical laws in some states prevent the athletic commissions from revealing sensitive information even something like drug test results.

Griffin’s suspension was lifted on Sept 7, his next scheduled bout where he faced Tito Ortiz at UFC 106 in November 2009.

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16 Responses to “Forrest Griffin Post UFC 101 Suspension & Fine Kept Hush Until Now | UFC News”

  1. Has Been says:

    Why did he pay for the medication when he could have gone to Anderson Silva’s room and asked him to put him to sleep??

  2. Texas says:

    Idiot train wreck.

  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:


  4. Not You says:

    Why is this even news? It happened three years ago.

  5. DDdddddd says:

    If Forest isn’t on xanys then I’m worried. I thought his brains had been beat out.

  6. Jc says:

    Forest still fights but his chin retired years ago

  7. Moseswhite says:

    Fuck’s Sake man… I don’t mean to sound like a grammar Nazi, but the writing of some of these articles are horrible. Run-on sentences, incorrect spelling, and improper use of certain words are a plague on BJ Whomever writes these articles should be journalists and professionals. Get a proper editor. Please! Just because you write for a bunch of meat heads doesn’t mean you should disrespect their intelligence.

  8. ya herd says:

    @Moseswhite) u must be one ugly son of a biatch

  9. Norton says:

    Does this shed some light on his erratic behavior post fight?

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