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Saturday, 05/25/2013, 11:26 pm

Forrest Griffin Officially Retires

The UFC 160 post-fight press conference opened with UFC President Dana White giving a heart-felt speech about a man who help make the UFC, a man who helped make the sport a household brand, Forrest Griffin. White began the post-fight presser with praise of Griffin, stating, “His charisma, his personality, his fighting style, has helped elevate the world of mixed martial arts and the UFC to where we are today. He is one of the building blocks in this sport and in this company, and tonight, we are going to announce his retirement.”

A well-edited montage of Forrest Griffin’s career was played on the big screen. Dana went on to introduce the former UFC light-heavyweight champ and Forrest addressed the media in usual comedic tone. Forrest stated, “I’ve had a good eight years I guess, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that if Dana White says you should retire, you should retire, otherwise you will blow your knee out before your next fight.” Dana White went on to say, “Everything we have ever asked of Forrest Griffin, he has done. Every time Forrest Griffin has stepped inside the octagon, he has given everything he has. He will stay with the UFC, he will have some role and some title. Hopefully he will work more than Chuck Liddell does. But yes, he will stay here and be with this company at least for the rest of my life.”

When asked about the statement of blowing his knee out, Forrest Griffin told reporters that is was repeat injuries that forced him to pull out of fights that helped him make the decision ultimately. Forrest stated, “How many fights can you pull out of before you become an insecure investment?”  Griffin went on to say, “It was weird for me. I saw the Brian Stann Vs. Wanderlei (Silva) fight, and I thought if I dont have another one of those in me, there is no point doing this anymore.”  Regardless of reason, salutes Forrest Griffin for his memorable battles in the cage, and his lively humor outside the cage.


99 Responses to “Forrest Griffin Officially Retires”

  1. Bobbies Bigboy says:

    Thanks for everything Forrest. You have provided fans with some of the best UFC memories. Your charisma, talent, and heart made it easy to root for you every time you stepped in the cage. Good luck in your future endeavors and Thank You for making many of us fans.

  2. Drew says:

    Good riddance , he had 2 good fights. Bonnar 1 and shogun fight, he thinks he owns the place disrespecting Ortiz’s retirement speech

    • Thom says:

      To be fair Tito’s an even bigger douchebag with like 1 or 2 good wins himself. His title run was a joke he literally only defended the belt against cans. So thanks Forrest for sparing us for that 20 minute speech Tito had no doubt been preparing. Forrest is a douchebag too but nowhere near as bad as Tito.

  3. 757 says:

    Agreed!!! awesome fighter

  4. rickypbarnes says:

    forrest thanks for the years of excitement of watching you fight, as a fan of yours from day one ,i’m going to miss u buddy. you will never be forgotten. good luck in what god has planed for you next.. and when you settle down and get time to relax , how can i get maybe glove and picture signed buddy. thank you and god bless .

  5. Slim Charles says:

    yeah it was the right time… i met him once and he was pretty polite to me haha

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