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Wednesday, 10/10/2012, 11:40 am

Forrest Griffin: Bonnar Is Going To Surprise People This Weekend | UFC NEWS

“I actually think Stephan’s going to surprise some people. I don’t know if he’ll win, but he’ll do well. He’s a big guy, he’s never been, I’ve never seen him be hurt by a punch, let alone knocked out. I don’t think Anderson’s going to want to get too close because Stephan’s a big guy with good jiu jitsu, you don’t want to be under him, you know. He’s been working his wrestling a lot the last couple years, you’ve seen that in his fights. He’s kind of evolved as a fighter so, I think it’ll be a better fight than people think.”

While talking to The MMA Fight Corner, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin discussed this weekends main event between Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar.

Probably the only man in existence to face both competitors, Griffin has a rare insight into both athletes inside the cage.

While he stops short of predicting that Bonnar will win, he is definitely giving him a chance!!

Anyone think Bonnar can pull the upset in Brazil this Saturday?


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