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Friday, 07/13/2012, 10:11 am

Former WWE wrestler Batista making MMA debut

Former WWE wrestler and actor Dave Batista is following in Brock Lesnar’s footsteps. He promised a big announcement and delivered on his promise.

Batista’s big announcement that he has been hyping is his MMA debut. TMZ reports that Batista will debut on October 6th in Providence, Rhode Island at the Dunkin’ Donuts Theater for the CES MMA promotion. TMZ adds that the fight will be televised but there is no word yet on which provider will broadcast the event.

Batista will be facing Rashid Evans, not to be confused with UFC star Rashad Evans. Rashid is a 33 year old, 6-2, 210 lb. heavyweight who has a 3-1 amateur wrestling record with no professional MMA fights.

Batista wrote on Twitter that the fight will air on pay-per-view:

“I’m making my MMA debut oct 6th live on PPV check it! BOOOOM there’s the announcement. Sorry haters!”


68 Responses to “Former WWE wrestler Batista making MMA debut”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    lets see what he’s got.
    Come down to the octagon and lets see if you are a legit athlete and not an actor.

    • Axeholes says:

      Just like the rest of them, he’s got too much “weight-lifting” muscle.
      If Lesnar VS Overeem was any indication, he should stay away from MMA.

      • hmmmright says:

        well Lesner made it and was the heavyweight champ, so not sure he makes your argument

        • Some Guy says:

          Brock won the Heavyweight title? He lost to Mir in his debut, beat Herring and then beat Couture for the title. Like, a 46 year old Couture. Lesnar outweighed him by at least 60lbs (after weigh-in). That’s not all impressive. Then he beat the shit out of Mir, But let’s be serious.. Mir hasn’t been all that impressive over the past couple of years. Then he had the shit beaten out of him by Carwin and got in a submission win. Then got smashed by Cain with ease and got dropped by Overeem. Please don’t use Brock as an example as to why some other WWE guy could with a title.

        • Brock says:

          Lol you kidding yourself if you think Brock’s run in the UFC was nothing he beat randy enough said there regardless of Randy’s age.. And Mir is a sic fighter . Brock is a perfect example you noob

        • jbeamazing says:

          some guy your brain is a turd

        • jbeamazing says:

          im sorry but are you not really paying that much attention or are you just that stupid, “Mir hasnt been that impressive the past couple years”…knocked out big Nog, broke Big Nog’s arm, knocked out cro-cop, and decisioned Big Country. first of all, if you make big Nog tap…you’re doing something right. second, if you beat big country you’re a fucking stud because that dude is BEAST. 3rd, i just think you’re a moron.

        • KaosKickboxer says:

          Mir hasn’t been impressive over last two years? So how does he get a shot at the UFC Heavyweight title? Pulling out a submission as Mir did against Carwin is a high level skill so that’s a load of bull. Also you can’t coach a chin, Brock didn’t have a great one which is why he didn’t succeed as he could’ve in MMA with his skill set. Brock is a great athlete, moves like a man half his size and is a world class wrestler not to mention heavy hands, unfortunately he couldn’t take a hit too well. He beat good heavyweights but never recovered from the operation for the Overeem fight, but then again Overeem was on Steds. Brock’s a great example.

      • Totally agree! I hate to be one of those haters thats wrong if this guy DOES succeed..I just dont see it happening..Bully Beatdown??

      • KaosKickboxer says:

        Yeah ‘weightlifting muscle’, i reckon he will look alot different photo as he cant take steroids for MMA. Brock is meant to be 265Ibs with his frame Batista and Overeem aren’t supposed to be that size, they will have had slighter frames to begin with. I think he should be given a fair crack if he’s clean.

        • Evan says:

          Can’t take steroids in wwe do to there wellness policy either. Any other uneducated remarks?

    • yawn says:

      “Let’s see if you are a legit athlete and not an actor”

      Those words show just how elitist mma has become nowadays. To assume that professional wrestlers aren’t athletes is ridiculous when you look at wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, and any of the “high-flyers.” Not to say that they’re all athletes, there are a lot of actors i.e. Hulk Hogan. However, generalizations are the fool’s crutch in criticisms. What do I mean? Well, couldn’t one say that any mma fighter who says that they’re “preparing for war” or “this going to be true combat” is just pretending? Fighting a few times a year in a refereed fight isn’t the same as the life lived by an infantryman. I believed Tim Kennedy echoed similar sentiments about that situation. Anyway, I hope that any who enter this profession please you because I just can’t guess how awful they would feel if you didn’t find them to be legit.

  2. Bob says:

    Nice but ppv on your first event? GTFO

  3. OLSI says:

    HAHA, RASHIE EVANS almost thought they put him against RASHAD. Guys like him or not, Batista is a beast, he’s a Ceaser Gracie student. Hope to see him in UFC before his time is gone

  4. Q says:

    Hell yeah I live in rhode island im amped for this !!!

  5. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Batista is gonna gas out and eventually roll over and his opponent is gonna choke him out. I predict batista will lose by rear naked choke.

  6. B-rad says:

    Didnt this joke get his ass beat by Booker T, like for real?? He was suppose to start fighting like 5 years ago or somethin like that.. qwuur

  7. roids says:

    hes def on roids

  8. AJ says:

    I hope he cycles properly. Look at all those roid veins.

  9. Jacob Kindt says:

    6-2 210lbs… he should fight light heavyweight. 5 lbs, C`mon. take a piss before weigh ins, save your skull from Cabbage Carrera type guys.

  10. Me says:

    Can’t wait to see this fight but it may be too late for Batista he’s like 42 now :/

  11. Tre Dunx says:

    DUDE!!! ……*EPIC*
    YOU got CRAAAZY Athleticism, agility, charisma and strength…

  12. Tre Dunx says:


  13. LMFAO! says:

    Idiotic WWE fan boys. This 43-44 year old dude isn’t a fighter. He’s a roided out goof trying to salvage what’s left of his athletic career. Might as well fight Canseco. Freak show.

  14. Zen Within says:

    Guys are you serious? So much take about PED’s and now this? Shonnen 16:1, Overeem 14:1, wtf do you think Batista will be, 20:1? All I see is the UFC turning into a fucking circus!!! So far has this fallen from its original conception…it so fucking sad. This was supposed to be the real live “BloodSport”. Where fighters from all over the world, with every style imaginable would come test themselves against each other. Now all you have is wrestlers and grapplers doing the same shit over and over again!! Why doesn’t the UFC just merge with WWE and call it a day. It’s fucking sad to say this because I used to love the UFC, I never missed an event until now. It’s become a mess. Take off the gloves, go back to no holds barred, and then we’ll really see who has the balls to stay standing in the end. Anyone remember the first years of the UFC?

    • B-rad says:

      Hes not, and never will be in the UFC… Dont tell me your one of those too when someone says mma you say “Oh you mean UFC??? -___-

    • david says:

      are you a fucking retard or are you just illiterate? hes not in the UFC you fucking stupid piece of shit they said hes fighting in CES mma promotion, just cause someone is going into mma doesnt mean they are automatically in the ufc you stupid fucking retarded piece of fagget shit.

      on another note , LOL his first opponent is “rashid evans” hahahahahaha they prolly gonna use that guys name to make it sound like batista has a real opponent infront of him, RASHID EVANS

    • Fist of the Filipino says:

      Tell that to the athletic commission. It wasn’t UFC’s fault that they had to put all these rules. In order to progress they had to reach wider audience which means bigger venues, network television, etc.., unfortunately, that comes with its own set of baggage…censorship…

  15. John O'Leary says:

    Check him for steroids

  16. Tony Murphy says:

    id like to see how he gets down from a ripped 300 to 265 but think hes a bit over the hill being in his mid 40s to be any form of contender

    wish him all the best rather it was him than lasner anyday :)

    • gxgfg says:

      he’ll probably have to put in a lot of work to cut weight for the weigh in plus he’ll probably lose a fair bit of muscle mass in his MMA training

  17. Tony Murphy says:

    i think he will do well but passing a pisstest and cutting down from a ripped 300ilbs to 265 for a lets be honest old man in his mid 40s isnt gonna be easy lol

    wish him all the best of luck, hope to see him get pummeled in the ufc with real punches lol

  18. B-rad says:

    Give him someone legit and watch him crumble… In the article it says his opponent has an ametuer wrestling record of 3-1? i think they meant ammy MMA

  19. rlm says:

    I’ll still watch it to see how he’d do. Who knows, he might win a few consecutive fights.

  20. Mike says:

    I train with Batista out of Gracie Fighter Tampa. He’s had Cung Le come in and train. They have a Cesar Gracie black belt teaching there and the Diaz bros and Rich Franklin stop by every once in a while.
    He’s off the juice and not a half bad fighter. You all are ignorant elitists.
    Someone’s not in the UFC? Ohp, he sucks!
    Muscular? Ohp, he juices/PEDs
    He’s a wrestler? LnP fighter!
    He uses footwork? Marathon runner!

    You all are pathetic

  21. Mike cannon jr. says:

    If u have seen this guy wrestle… U are a complete waste of oxygen… You are what’s wrong with mma… Go the fuq back to the wwe… U fuqn morons… Cause I don’t wanna sit by your dumbass.. At the UFC…. U ignorant meth junked out trash suck ass… And your mma knowledge …lmao.. Is laced with chromosomal damage… From your parents being related before they got married… Fuq the WWE ….

  22. Gor says:

    ((closes eyes and holds hand up to forehead))

    I’m going to predict…. hold on a second… it’s becoming clear…


  23. David Schreiner says:

    This obvious over the top drug abuser is in store for a huge surprise when he finds out that the UFC is in fact, REAL, unlike the FAKE crap he’s been playing in for years called WWE….

    • david says:

      yeah except he ISNT IN THE UFC DUMBASS

      • David Schreiner says:

        I suppose it’s easy for some coward, such as yourself, to talk shit on an public form, where you’re able to hide behind your fake name. And the article clearly states that he’s making he’s official MMA debut, which inevitably leads to being in the UFC. I guess that makes you the dumbass after all…

        • David says:

          You fucking idiot this is my real name, heres a newsflash point dexter, not every fighter is in the UFC, only MOST OF THE BEST make it there, jus cause batista is goin into mma doesnt mean he will make it to the ufc you stupid fuck

        • brian says:

          MMA doesnt mean hes in the UFC………….god get some good sense and read….hes fighting for a small promotion,not UFC

  24. Unbelievable tekkers says:

    @ Zen within

    Dude if there was no rules people would die end off. Your obviously a muppet to not see that?? Also you refer to seeing people who have the balls to keep it standing and then ask who remembers the early years? As I recall a small skinny guy from brazil who took all his fights to the ground won. Next time just don’t comment. Dave has been doing jits for quite a while but in all honesty I think Batista will tap to strikes,

  25. koolg says:

    drug test this big turd.

  26. Tyler says:

    Holy dog balls… can this guy even turn to wipe his own bum?

  27. Miles says:

    Wait the UFC made a big mistake… They forgot to tell Flex he couldnt dump a bottle of baby oil all over himself… Cmon Dana! YOU NEED TO LET HIM KNOW!…sheesh

  28. jbeamazing says:

    he is never going to the ufc but there will be a lot of athletes in the future doing fights like this in there 40’s look at herschel walker I think he was 50 lol but professional athletes train mma on the daily most huge nfl players train mma not to fight necessarily but to stay in shape does anybody on here know where most of the heavyweight boxers went before boxing?The NFL now they will be going to mma instead of boxing.

  29. Wrestler66 says:

    This guy said In an interview he wanted to fight and be known as a legit fighter ….. Guys on here should stop talking shit and saying he’s gonna be horrible in the cage give him a chance …… Win or lose competing in MMA is a thing that anyone can do and not be excluded from because they were successful in other areas

  30. roids says:

    look at him theres no way hes not on roids idc what you say nobody can look like that without it

  31. Ryan Walsh says:

    I think hes to old for a legit UFC tittle run 43 but I’m pretty sure he will beat the guy hes facing. There is this snobby view MMA has of pro wrestling. But I see traits in pro wrestling working in MMA such as athletic ability, toughness, and general size. Also bad in the pride days, MMA fighters would do pro wrestling and pro wrestlers would do MMA. So I defiantly see the connection as much as people want to hate.

  32. Sceptic says:

    Ordinarily I’d say always bet on the wrestler. The real wrestler that is. Not that I doubt he did wrestling, I just doubt his level of skill. Most MMA fighters nowadays have been training in several different facets of the sport for years, then take up actual MMA training. I think he’s a big, scary looking dude, but that doesn’t mean anything in the octagon! It takes a lot of oxygen to feed all that muscle. My prediction is that he does well the 1st round, then gets gassed and loses.

  33. Reece says:

    Brock was all about using his size and fair enough he did it to great affect but skills wise he was awful. Imagine someone with that size and the skills of a BJ Penn! Batista will be something along the lines of Brock but with less skill so fortunately his MMA appearance won’t last long!

  34. Give me a break. Dude’s old.

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