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Friday, 01/31/2014, 09:25 pm

Former UFC Fighter Involved in Fatal Shooting, Claims Self-Defense

Former UFC fighter Gerald Strebendt was involved in a fatal shooting in Springfield, Oregon Wednesday night, and reports indicate Strebendt acted in self-defense.


By Christopher Murphy | Twitter

Police in Springfield, Oregon are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred Wednesday night.  Involved in the shooting was former UFC fighter Gerald Strebendt.

Local news source KVAL reported the incident, stating that no arrests have been made.

David Paul Crofut died of apparent gunshot wounds, and according to Sgt. David Lewis, the “preliminary indication” is that Strebendt was the shooter.  Police are still investigating, but the case “remains open and uncharged at this point because there’s been a claim of self-defense.”

An earlier report states that Strebendt and Crofut were involved in a car crash, began arguing, and the shooting happened.

Strebendt fought professionally for seven years, earning a record fo 9-7.  He made it to the UFC in 2003, fighting once for the organization at UFC 44.


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  1. gabe says:

    The thing is, you get charged less with shooting someone than knowing and using your martial arts technique in self-defense.

  2. kristen says:

    The Man that you are talking about that was killed that night was my Half brother whom i had just found last year, we had not been able to meet yet, and never will because this trained fighter decided to use a firearm instead of all the training he had in the marine and in numerous types of mma. My brother did not have a weapon he was a 53 year old man. not a trained mma , and not what you would consider a large threatening type man.

  3. kristen says:

    I will never understand how or why this trained fighter , and ex marine could not think of any other option that night besides using a gun on a unarmed man. because i really dont care what anyone says even if my brother did threaten him ( im not sure what was said but news articals say that strebendt is claiming david threatend his life) he was a 53 year old man whose not a trained fighter he was a retired family man just moved to oregon recently,why did this guy have to kill him? why not use any of the numerous mma moves for gods sake how do u shoot and kill a unarmed 53 year old man when u are a 34 year old MMA fighter. below is a picture of my half brother david Paul Crofut may he Rest in Paradise I wish I could have been able to meet u bro, but im glad I found u and was able to talk to u you will forever be in my heart

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