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Thursday, 08/16/2012, 09:00 am

Former Champ Edgar Believes Nate Diaz Matches Up Well With Benson Henderson | UFC NEWS

“I don’t think he’s going to have a choice with Nate. Nate comes forward. I think that’s just going to be what he has to deal with. Nate’s going to come after you. He’s going to throw a lot, a lot of punches and he’s going to try to get you to take a bad shot and try to snag up a submission that way. I just think that Nate comes forward so much. I don’t know how Ben will deal with that. Nate’s length — he’s got great, great jiu-jitsu. I feel the wrestling edge will probably go to Ben, but if you look at Nate’s last performances, he’s gotten so good everywhere. He fought Jim Miller, and Jim Miller couldn’t take him down. Jim Miller’s a pretty high-level wrestler too. I think Nate’s definitely a great matchup for Ben.”

In a recent interview with, former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar, discusses the upcoming title fight between Nate Diaz and Benson Henderson.

It’s a bit early to start casting predictions for the bout scheduled for Dec. 8, but who ya got?


16 Responses to “Former Champ Edgar Believes Nate Diaz Matches Up Well With Benson Henderson | UFC NEWS”

  1. stephen riddle says:


  2. Smileygladhands says:

    WAR DIAZ!!!!

  3. saiasaka says:

    they should train together !

    • Dylan Taylor says:

      They have trained together, that is why Nate was going for Frankie against Ben, but doesn’t want to fight Frankie. Cesar Gracie said it is too early to get into it too much, but they will probably be getting help from Frankie.

  4. CoCiO says:

    Nate is really peak right now, I don’t see Henderson’s wrestling being the issue. If he can tee off with those kicks while backing up the whole time (e.g nick vs condit) we might just see the same fight, but Nate can relax easier and would probably let Henderson come forward if that were the case.

  5. Dick Diaz says:

    rooting for diaz here but joe daddy exhibited the perfect game plan to beat Diaz’s style. we’ll just have to wait and see in December!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      that was 3 years ago, bro. Diaz is a much better fighter, so I don’t think Stevenson’s game plan would really apply today. It’s gonna be a sick scrap, tho. As much as I like Bendo, wanna see Nate take that strap

  6. derp says:

    will be a good match up. this is the defining moment in nates career. statistically once you have your shot at the belt and you dont succeed it usually goes all downhill after that. climbing your way back up unfortunately doesnt happen very often. hes been in the UFC a long time so im pretty sure this will make or break his career. hes got what it takes to win this, im a fan of both fighters, should be war.

  7. Nelsonx says:

    Diaz wins !!!!!!!


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