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Tuesday, 02/05/2013, 10:15 am

For The First Time Ever UFC Officials Release Fighter Rankings | UFC NEWS

The UFC has never set in place a rankings system to classify their fighters as top 10 caliber.

Until recently, the media and fans and commentators were all pretty much left to speculate on who was top 10 worthy.

While all opinion based, the UFC took to some key members of the media to come up with their first ever fighter rankings list and here it is.

Pound for pound:

1. Anderson Silva
2. Jon Jones
3. Georges St. Pierre
4. Jose Aldo
5. Ben Henderson
6. Cain Velasquez
7. Dominick Cruz
8. Demetrious Johnson
9. Frankie Edgar
10. Dan Henderson


Champ: Demetrious Johnson
1. Joseph Benavidez
2. John Dodson
3. Ian McCall
4. John Moraga
5. Jussier da Silva
6. Louis Gaudinot
7. Chris Cariaso
8. John Lineker
9. Darren Uyenoyama
10. Ulysses Gomez


Champ: Dominick Cruz
1. Renan Barao (Interim Champ)
2. Michael McDonald
3. Urijah Faber
4. Eddie Wineland
5. Brad Pickett
6. Brian Bowles
7. Rafael Assuncao
8. Scott Jorgensen
9. Mike Easton
10. Ivan Menjivar


Champ: Jose Aldo
1. Chad Mendes
2. Ricardo Lamas
3. Chan Sung Jung
4. Frankie Edgar
5. Dennis Siver
6. Cub Swanson
7. Dustin Poirier
8. Nik Lentz
9. Erik Koch
10. Clay Guida


Champ: Ben Henderson
1. Gilbert Melendez
2. Anthony Pettis
3. Gray Maynard
4. Nate Diaz
5. Jim Miller
6. Donald Cerrone
7. T.J. Grant
8. Rafael dos Anjos
9. Joe Lauzon
10. Khabib Nurmagomedov


Champ: Georges St. Pierre
1. Johny Hendricks
2. Carlos Condit
3. Nick Diaz
4. Rory MacDonald
5. Demian Maia
6. Jake Ellenberger
7. Martin Kampmann
8. Josh Koscheck
9. Jon Fitch
10. Tarec Saffiedine


Champ: Anderson Silva
1. Chris Weidman
2. Vitor Belfort
3. Michael Bisping
4. Yushin Okami
5. Mark Munoz
6. Constantinos Philippou
7. Luke Rockhold
8. Hector Lombard
9. Alan Belcher
10. Tim Boetsch

Light Heavyweight:

Champ: Jon Jones
1. Dan Henderson
2. Lyoto Machida
3. Alexander Gustafsson
4. Glover Teixeira
5. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
6. Rashad Evans
7. Mauricio Rua
8. Phil Davis
9. Ryan Bader
10. Gegard Mousasi


Champ: Cain Velasquez
1. Junior dos Santos
2. Fabricio Werdum
3. Daniel Cormier
4. Antonio Silva
5. Frank Mir
6. Alistair Overeem
7. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
8. Roy Nelson
9. Stefan Struve
10. Shane Carwin


9 Responses to “For The First Time Ever UFC Officials Release Fighter Rankings | UFC NEWS”

  1. Brocolli Lesbo says:

    Sonnen not on the list?

    • tj says:

      right, yet he ran his mouth so he gets a title shot? bad job on this by ufc.

    • trolligans says:

      Sonnen was top 3 MW. He left the MW division to do TUF at LHW. He hasn’t fought at LHW in years. He can’t be ranked in a division he abandoned and he can’t be ranked in his current division without competing there.

      If Rashad Evans drops to MW, he’ll no longer have LHW ranking but won’t have MW either until he wins some fights.

      • JulesJordan says:

        Nope, trolligans you’re wrong. Frankie Edgar was fighting at Lightweight, and he dropped down to Featherweight to challenge for the title.

        Sonnen is just not respected as a fighter because he hasn’t earned it.

        “You don’t get into the Hall of Fame by talking a good game; you get in by playing many of them.”

        -The Champion

        • Alex says:

          Nope, JulesJordan you’re wrong and trolligans is right. Frankie Edgar only gets into the Featherweight division, because he does have a fight there. If this raking was assembled last Friday, he would be in the same situation Chael Sonnen is and Rashad Evans would be.

        • jdeebz says:

          Actually trolligans is correct you ass clown

          Sonnen earned his title shot at anderson and deserved a rematch for what he did in the first fight!
          he was the number one contender at mw.

          Also he admits he talked his way into the jones fight, but the only words he used to get the fight were “Yes I will fight jon jones”

          You are a douchebag

      • matalotz says:

        Then why is Frankie Edgar ranked at both FW and LW?

  2. Nuitari X says:

    Wow, Werdum and Mir are ranked above Overeem now. That’s gotta hurt. Sonnen isn’t even listed and he’s fighting for the title. Lol. I can’t believe Weidman is probably gonna get the next shot at Silva. What a waste. That’s just my opinion.

    • matalotz says:

      You’ll eat those words when Weidman put Silva to sleep.

      • Derrick says:

        Please. People said the same thing about Sonnen beating Silva. Weidman will not do any better. LOL.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        Another Anderson hater to be proven wrong yet AGAIN. maybe when he turns 45 you idiots will hit it right and than you can say I told you so. In the meantime, watch Anderson mop the floor with an unproven, and VERY not ready Weidman. Another 1st/or 2nd round KO.

        • Quazzi says:

          I will believe someone can beat silva when they actually do it. The only fighter i think has a decent chance is jon jones at 205. Nobody at 185 is even close. Sonnen got snuffed. No doubt he should have at least been ranked at mw. Love hendo at number 2 in lhw. Too bad the ufc loves to screw him over

  3. li says:

    How they dnt have chung lee as # 3 middle weight

    • danielrchargers says:

      he got knocked out by Wanderlei.

    • Evan says:

      Because Cung Le hasn’t beaten anyone respectable. He beat Rich ‘glassjaw’ Franklin who was in semi-retirement, and previously beat Patrick Cote who is essentially a punching bag. On the flip-side, Le was KOd by Scott Smith, a very average fighter, and Wanderlei Silva, who is long past his prime, but still dangerous nonetheless.

      I’d put Le (maybe) in front of Tim Boetsch at #10; he’d make an excellent gateway fighter for the Middleweight division.

      • ChampionTeam says:

        Yeah!!!I’m upset about the list. What’s garbage list and who made this list anyway?. This must be the one never step into the ring & have a real fight!.You are suck, Cung Le should be on the list.

      • Sylvain says:

        Rich “Glassjaw” Franklin? He had only gotten knocked out twice before in his 36 fight career, Lyoto Machida and Vitor Belfort. Don’t get me wrong, I am agreeing with most of what you are saying, but he isn’t a “glassjaw”.

  4. Twayne says:

    WTF! Mark Hunt is not on the hw list? Also I can’t believe edgar is on the pfp list. Thas jus unz brah!


    • xhoochiex says:

      I agree why is edgar still on the list?
      he’s 0-3 and say what you want about him “really” winning against benson point is he didn’t win. plain and simple. aside from that he only fought 2 other people so how does that make him p4p compared to jones, silva, and GSP?

      • Dude says:

        Dude I am actually suprised that Edgar is not higher up in the list. Do you even watch mma or how he fights? He demolished (who at that time was considered one of the best p4p fighters) B.J. Penn, has wins over Miller, Maynard, Sherk, Fitcher, Griffin…… Plus not to mention he whuped Benson’s ass in the second fight and had laser close fight (which many, including me, thought he won) with Aldo (whose number 4 in the list). Enough with the haters man. Get of Edgar’s sack.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        I agree with you @Dude; Edgar’s had what…something like 7 consecutive title fights?! you don’t get those b/c you’re mediocre. Maybe he’s not tops on list on the list, but he definitely deserves to be there.

  5. the champ is here says:

    Lol… Sonnen not good enough to make top ten, but good enough to fight for the title in the UFCs eyes…

    What a joke…

  6. Zach says:

    Cung Le should be in top 8, an old age fighter still can catch up with those new guys.

  7. Jeff says:

    What a garbage list!

  8. Dee says:

    This list is sh#$ I would have preferred they didn’t even put it out. How the hell Chad Mendes get ranked over the Zombie and Edgar is # 4. How did Weidman get so high on the list? UFC is garbage.

  9. Marshall says:

    How is Edgar ahead of guys on p4p that are ahead of him in his own class

  10. Matt says:

    Kind of a funny heavy weight list. It wasn’t so long ago that Overeem beat Werdum. Frank Mirr above Overeem is funny too. How isn’t DC above JDS? These list seem more like a popularity contest then who’s really best. I’d like to see some sort of computer generated list. Ranks all your wins in the UFC along with the date of the win. Then add them to the writers list to weed out some of funniness. Edger p4p with three straight loses? Really?

    • Anomie says:

      Fabricio Werdum has wins over Roy Nelson, Fedor, Bigfoot Silva and Mike Kyle – His only losses: JDS, and a decision loss to roiled Overeem. Pretty sure he deserves his spot.

      As for Edgar… Two close and controversial losses to number 5 on the p4p list, and the most recent close loss to the number 4 p4p. He deserves his spot.

      Honestly, the amount of people bitching about these lists.. Post yours and let everyone else pull it apart. These were compiled with the assistance of the MMA media… It’s not just the UFC opinion.

  11. dustin says:

    How is febrio werdum reanked #2! wow I dont see it…

  12. dustin says:

    Must be because he beat fedor. Has He even done anything but fight in the M-1 tournament?

  13. ChampionTeam says:

    Who made this garbage list!!. Where is Cung Le?. He should be on the list based on his mixed martial art abilities, not how many times he has fighting in the UFC. Dumb list..

  14. james says:

    Everyone needs to get off their periods about Sonnen getting a title shot…. Face facts when the UFC came calling on the LHW devison to replace Henderson no one from at 205 would step up, either they got offered the fight and refused or didn’t step up. It took Sonnen a 185lber to step up, he tried to save the event…. FOR YOU SO CALLED FANS

    • Nick says:

      He was already going to fight at LHW against Forrest Griffin so he was a LHW when he took the fight plus Machida just wanted a little time to prepare.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      you sound like DW had his hand up your ass for that comment. use your own mind guy – of course Sonnen would step up for that fight. He was heading into middle rank obscurity after Anderson slapped him up. (where he’d lose, like he did to Bisping – Belfort would destroy him) He and EVERYONE knows Jones is going to absolutely spank the shit out of him, so what did he have to lose? all he wants is the limelight and money, and that’s what he got. The other contenders didn’t step up as you say b/c they might actually have a chance at beating him and need time to strategize and prepare. & what do they get for taking their careers seriously & behaving like professionals? Shit on by DW (and boners like you)for not being puppet show clowns like Sonnen. So face the facts then buddy.

  15. NoBetta says:

    Typical BS complaining comments! I do think Sonnen should be ranked but only as a middleweight and not a light heavyweight so maybe that’s why he isn’t on this list.

  16. Jon Jizzy says:

    Where is Mr. Showtime Pettis?

  17. repairman jack says:

    funny how they rank hendricks as no1 contender but give the shot to diaz who they rank lower!!
    also melendez ranks as no1 contender without even fighting in UFC, i know he’s a great fighter and all but he’s proved nothing (yet) in the UFC

  18. Wowzers says:

    Lol @ Edgar. Stop losing fights then I might say you’re back up in the P4P best. As of now… GTFO. And I love how some of these fighters haven’t even FOUGHT in the UFC yet lol. Don’t get me wrong though.. Daniel Cormier and Gilbert Melendez are solid fighters and have already made a name for themselves. But they’ve never fought in the UFC. How can they be ranked… When they’ve never fought?

  19. J says:

    Frankie Edgar is on the pound for pound list but Junior Dos Santos isn’t? Before JDS lost he was on a 9 fight win streak. Frankie Edgar just lost three in a row, his ass should be on the chopping block soon.

  20. What? says:

    How is Frankie Edgar rated as the #9 pound for pound when he is only ranked as the #4 Feather weight? By definition then shouldn’t Mendes, Lamas and Jung all be ranked ahead of him on the PFP? Come on man! UFC can do better than this!

  21. WesCoastWangsta says:

    Why is everyone hatin on Weidman? He’s a legit, well rounded guy who has dominated everyone they’ve put in his path so far

  22. Matt allen says:

    Frankie Edgar #9 pfp, but only #4 featherweight. He’s not near top 10 pfp!

  23. KJ says:

    The LHW division is weak as fuck.

  24. MMACRAVER says:

    Why would Shane Carwin be on the heavyweight rankings? He’s retired…

  25. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Why is Gilbert Melendez #1 LW contender? And don’t give me the ‘he’s the Strikeforce champ’ thing. Because he lost to Thomson and he faked an injury to get out of his last titledefense. Furthermore, Tarec Saffiedine is the Strikeforce welterweight champ and he’s ranked #10 on the UFC WW ranking.

  26. charlee says:

    rankings suck. wats alan B. doing on there, fights like once a year. jones should be at 7-8 P4P. why is there P4P ANYWAY, this is still an young,growing sport, most of the champs only have like 20plus W’s.or under 20. cain V. should not even be on there.he only has one legit win over a true elite fight an dats JDS. cain is the new tito and JDS is chuck. 135 interm champ renan would have been better then cain. luke who?! and no sonnen. too much BS man, must be the ufc judges who did these ranks.

  27. Jinxyjones says:

    and where is eddie alvarez? in court? michael chandler is prob better than some of them lw fighters on the list. trujillo and khabilov are promising climbers

  28. Nick says:

    Cormier should be number 2 right behind Cain

  29. Sasquatch says:

    Haha.. well I quess we know who’s fighting Andy now!

  30. Brad says:

    Frankie is ranked 4th in the FW divison yet ranked top 10 p4p lmao.

  31. anonymous says:

    LOL! Michael Bisping does not deserve a place in the Middleweight division. He sucks!

  32. SimplyPhy says:

    This is awesome, I hope the UFC keeps doing this.

  33. wee says:

    what’s Clay Guida doing on the list? LAME!!!

  34. Anti-Zuffa says:

    This is a perfect example in a long line of examples why the UFC is a self dictating cancer in the sport. This is not that young of a sport. Might be young to some of you bandwagon jumpers. Neither Weidman nor Hendricks deserve to be No1 contenders, in fact, they aren’t even but maybe No5. This is a prime example of why so many great fighters have refused the UFC. They are only in it for money, not sport. This ranking system only shows the obvious, then the rest are placed in rankings which will help the UFC sell tickets. Its quite disgusting. . and Phil Davis ahead of Mousasi? Seriously? Magalhaes is going to route Davis. So sick of what the UFC has done to this sport. Spread it worldwide? NO! It was already worldwide, it just became US Market Driven. Are they paying the fighters more money. . ehh, some. Many promotions have actually paid more. They just didn’t have the major pop culture market of the US to keep afloat. The UFC has banked by selling the soul of MMA.

  35. Wtf is wrong with this picture. says:

    Agree with anti-zuffa and most of the people in here. Whoof the haters and half time fans that just talk shit because they can. Yet they don’t realize how their comments look so stupid to real fans. But for the most part everybody has a point here. I can honestly say that aside from all the bullshit and putting aside my favorite fighters. I could’ve made a better list, more honest and realistic. It’s just annoying because its like they are picking fighters based on the last few months performances. Or at least that’s what it looks like. Not overall. And the thing with hating on weidman. Well look at his record. Yeah he’s undefeated. But it’s not like he has like twenty fights. Or even look at his contenders. How many of those really stand out. And weidman has no chance with silva. C’mon people. It looks like people are forgetting how great silva is. And I can kinda understand because he fights twice a year and when he does it only lasts one round. So we don’t really get to see much of him anymore. But don’t forget what he’s done to his opponents. Example… Bonnar vs JonJones. Jones couldn’t finish Bonnar, Now silva vs Bonnar. Bonnar looked like a toy. And he was on steroids.. It’s not luck or anything. He’s just that great of a fighter. Think about that.

  36. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Why is Weidman #1? Who has he beaten? His most notable wins were Damian Maia a natural 170 fighter by a controversial decision after one of the most boring LnP fests everand a pudgy out-of-shape Mark Munoz who just came off an injury.

    The other three aren’t even worth mentioning.

  37. Josh says:

    The P4P List is Bull shit in my eyes. The # 2 and 3 guy on the list have never fought outside of there weight class yet so how are they on the list…Guys like hendo and mighty mouse should be on top. Or other guys who have dominated at diffrent weight classes…

  38. Sonnenisgod says:

    Cain should’ve been number 1 I honestly think he can beat anyone in the ufc including Anderson Silva.

  39. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    This ranking looks like it was thrown together over a half hour lunch.

  40. Youngblood says:

    got to love my man korean zombie making the list.

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