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Friday, 11/30/2012, 09:31 am

For MacDonald, One Diaz Brother Isn’t Enough | UFC NEWS

“I would fight [Nick Diaz]. (He comes back ) in February, and I might be ready to fight in like March or something like that. He might be my next fight after B.J., you never know how it works… We’ll see, I’d love to fight him.”

– Rory MacDonald via this week’s UFC on FOX 5 media conference call.


8 Responses to “For MacDonald, One Diaz Brother Isn’t Enough | UFC NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    this queer is all over the place talking about “after Bj”…. im so over this clown.

    y’all know what i want to see on Dec.7th.

  2. Dragon84 says:

    Crazy how he is looking past BJ. I still think he will beat BJ although I hope not. But BJ is motivated and that is never a good thing if you are fighting him. MMA gods please give us BJ Penn winner by KO/TKO.

  3. korean jesus says:

    rory, youre going to get your ass beat if youre looking past BJ.

  4. russell rod says:

    this young man is already living off the hype of being the next great thing, big mistake, he need to keep his feet on the ground and be humble. If thats what take place in the next two years than good for you , but you have a long way to go. especially when you start talking about future matches and moving up in weight. You need to remember that only two people have won championship belts in two different weight classes and your fighting one of them.I dont think that neither you or GSP will be able to do that.Right now Rory and GSP body types are to small for that weight 185 division ,plus at that weight division theres a lot more heavy hands, i think your chin havent been tested yet. My opinion.

    • korean jesus says:


      and in regards to your last statement, i was just thinking the exact same thing.

      also, rory doesnt want none of BJ’s striking. if he does not respect BJ’s game, he will get knocked or choked out guaranteed. rory will implement a gsp style fight, because that will be his easiest route to victory. i hope BJ does to rory what people think rory will do to BJ. in other words, i hope standing up striking with rory is the last thing on his mind, and I hope that takes rory down to the mat and pounds him out or chokes um out, because people will be thinking right off the bat, BJ will primarily come out and strike standing up with rory. take that pimple mother fucker down right from the get go and finish him. BJ, you deserve to win like that, and rory deserves to be finished like that for disrespecting you. make him think otherwise inside the cage, BJ. real talk.

    • Tony says:

      You are living in the past gaybo, I bet u think Royce Gracie is one of the best mma fighters of all time , you are a pencil!

  5. ChristianW. says:

    A motivated BJ Penn with only his pride to lose is a dangerous thing. He’ll make a closing statement out of this fight Remember the last next big thing he fought? Yup his face was pretty messy!

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